Nunc est Bibendum

The Lord gave me this word in a revelation a week ago. It means ‘now is the time to drink’. It was a strange vision of the Michelin man. I almost put the message in the garbage can, until it kept coming back to me and yesterday I had confirmation to ‘write it’.

Mine is to pass on to save and at least win some. I am writing it as I will have to give an account.

I am dreaming and writing in the March 2020 during a period of a pandemic which has affected the world globally. The church is examining itself as needs must and so am I. The Lord is speaking to his people and those who have an ear to ear will hear what the spirit is saying to the churches. This revelation came in April 2020.

If we look at the Michelin man we see that it is a ghastly white form and significantly the body is bigger than the head. In the things of the kingdom, this is not a good look in any way shape or form. Christ is the head of the church and the Body therefore the church, (the Body) needs to come under his leading and be in sync.

The Michelin man is also a figure with no hair. I heard in my spirit this morning, this is because the glory has departed, even though the image was built to show case and represent excellence – the glory has departed. Read 1 Samuel Chapter 1 particularly verses 21-22.

The colour of the image is significant. I believe the Lord is speaking about anaemia and the blood. The Body is anaemic and we need to apply the blood of Jesus, so that life will return. There are certain things that will run and without the blood but they have their end date.

The size of the figure is interesting as it looks like an obese figure. I feel it points to the over gorging and over indulgence which we can all be guilty of , as church. The Lord brought three points this week about gorging and greed and I believe it is a consistent and necessary warning for our time and this hour. We need to be careful on what we are feeding. God knows there is so much on the table right now, some is of God and some is not ; only those with spiritual discernment will be able to distinguish the difference. The children of the kingdom cannot be fooled.

The Bible pointed out to the scribes and Pharisees who took pride in learning and knowledge and becoming puffed up, but their hearts were far from Him. It warns us that there is a danger of ‘ever learning and never being able to come to the knowledge of truth’. I Timothy 3 is worthy of review particularly verses 7 on this point. We are all full of stuff. We seek to endorse man made, self made/ordained rather than God given. We have made ourselves monstrosities – forms of godliness … things that look like….. but are not. We have made idols and images to mark our own prowess and abilities, but which are things that don’t have any eternal value ie wont stand the test of time and will eventually topple over. God knows I include myself , if there is any rebuke.

The Bible says there is none that doeth good. We are not above the Word. May the Lord help us to examine ourselves and consider our ways.

I see two imperatives in the message ‘nunc est bibendum’ that is one of woe and one of mercy. Each one of us have to examine ourselves whether it is a cup of wrath or a cup of blessings.

The Bible says there is nothing new under the sun . I have searched the scriptures this morning to see what else He reveals. These scriptures are worthy of note and further meditation Isaiah Chapter 21 and where we read how the glory departed from Israel . Jeremiah Chapter 8 ; Amos 3 ; St. John 4; and Revelation 16 are also scriptures which are worthy of review.

Inherent in the message (and I see the man made picture and forms strongly in the spirit even as I write a week later), is the need for us to move away from man made forms back to the true worship of God. On the blessing side (and our God is merciful rathering not the death of a sinner) but that all who are thirsty to come to the waters and drink without money or without price. See also 1 Corinthians 10:4.

God is the Head of all things and we need to put him at the centre of all that we do and are doing and ensure that there is a balance in diet and we are building on firm foundations.

The Lord has called the church to consecrate a fast (we were late before Covid with both fasting and prayers and the calling solemn assemblies) and many lacking substance. I believe we should continue to help our people to see how important this is as a lifestyle to prevent gorging and over surfeiting.

I don’t pretend to have all there is to say on this particular image or revelation, but I give you what has been laid on my heart up to this point 27/4/2020. Please feel free to comment knowing that the Lord is watching and listening to all we say and do.

There is a song I want to interject on review which is a song from my childhood and which has just come to mind . It goes :

There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel’s vein

And sinners plunge beneath the flood

Loose all their guilty stains

Loose all their guilty stains

Loose all thier guilty stains

And sinners plunge beneath that flood

Loose all their guilty stains

Nunc est bibendum

May God bless you and keep you and cause his loving face to shine on you and give you peace in all your endeavors and in all your ways.

Linda J UK

Writing today as watchman & prophet


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