He continues to give me songs in the night. I woke this morning with a word on my heart about my own expression of a need to grow closer – so much closer – I went from living room to kitchen , the dustbin and back and within a short space of time , He brought me a word of comfort and that is about Restoration and who He had called Me to Be . I am going to capture what he sent, said/says here – may it help someone as I am writing I am listening three dimensionally and to a word of worship.

Restoration – causes new life to spring into places of decay

Restoring – the loss that you have suffered because you didn’t realize that thing belonged to you

Restoration – he will restore relationships because we have not understood the purpose or function of those relationships which were ‘intricate to your destiny’

Restoration – taking things out of the box which were originally intended to help you -you may have missed the way or misunderstood that link or relationship

Restoration ….

Restoration …..

Restoration is coming to me and to you

Speaking life, restoration and identity over you – not settling into identities and labels that are way beneath – God is saying to arise and take your place, son , daughter of Zion . It’s time to come to the table , to the plate. God will restore the original intent of who you are – be who you are, not what people say you are, but what God has said you are. He will restore the years the palmer worm and canker worm has eaten. Even if you have gone off track, He will fill those lost years and put you right at the place you were meant to be – He is a Father and is a merciful God.

Thank you for that balm of Gilead Lord. Before we ask you are answering the call of our hearts. By your mercy , Restore.

As I write , I slip in and out of time drawing from the divine and what he has shown and is showing me – he speaks here a little, there a little .

I prayed with someone earlier this morning who was in need (in between the Lord ministering to me as above and now ). I found myself praying the joy of the Lord for this loved one and to ‘rejoice in the Lord always’ . So again, I say “ Rejoice”. dear reader as I believe Father does not want us to be anxious for anything. He is in control.

Leave the dark days of yesterday and shine for the light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. May the ever present , ever living God, be known to you today in greater ways.

May He clean out our cup so that we can take in more and more of Him. More and more of him , so much more. I hear a song and am singing now… as i write. It is the way he has made me. Let his melody flow in the very fibre of your being. Let His word come out.

We want more so much more …

Oh God, we want so much more. Bring back the glory, the Shekinah Glory to break yokes to set captives free. Restoration for us to help us and others and to run our grace. Give us kingdom Grace to run our race..

Let us be oh so more conscious of who we are in you and what you have called us to be – bring back a greater knowledge of you – the things we have laid down to fit in with others, that has brought us back to base, rolling in the mud … help us to get off the dirt track and to stay in our own lane -we realize you speak , here a little , there a little – you are our song. There have been bumps in the road, knocks to our right senses, but let us get back, take control of our own wheel and do what you a have called ‘us’ to do.

You have positioned us for greatness – our name is written – you have called us to do this or that and not another – gifts that you have bestowed on us that we have put on the shelf, delegated , or that we have allowed others to mash down to the ground – to fit in to be accepted. But you made us unique. We are not merchandise, chattel or fodder, but your anointed arrows. Break that spirit of control, remove the usurpers. You called us and not another.

Help us to forgive and to love like you love. Let there be no partiality or respecter of person, but to treat all as you do higher than we hold ourselves.

Forgive us for messages that we have treated like junk mail and oil which we have wasted. Forgive us and try us again – even in this pregnant pause , this time of reset , let us not miss it .

It cannot be business as usual Lord – No……not after this.

Reset us,

Restore us.

Revive us again

Your daughter Linda J

Last day of April in the year of our Lord 2020

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