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It has been an interesting few weeks where I feel the Lord has been revealing hidden things and bringing things to the surface. You know how you sometimes shuffle on your bed to find the right position to settle for the night? It is the same way I have found that I am positioning my spirit man to nestle in and hear what our Father has to say. Sometimes I can’t pray out loud – I pray and worship from my heart . I just lay and wait and He speaks.

The Lord has spoken and is speaking through the circumstances of our lives and in this hour. There have been a number of revelations. I don’t intend to share all here. He has instructed me to write, so I write and I will have to give an account for all He has placed in my hands.

On the 6/5/2020 at the start of my day , He spoke into my heart. He says this is a time of Pruning, Proving , Processing , but be careful that we don’t miss it….He says we can miss it by papering over the cracks or continuing business as usual, without real self examination. It is not about a quick fix and continuing to build our own monuments, but waiting on Him, drawing from and growing in Him. He is showing that there is still a lot of jostling for position and ways we continue to neglect, crush and hurt each other for our own fame. We forget the most important things – love, and doing as He would do.

He is saying we can become expert at establishing our own forms and ways of being and doing …. that we miss (in this unprecedented time) , the necessity of brokenness and review. Some of us can’t even blush or cry – we have become hard and calloused. How we go about ministry and treat each other and our relationship with Him (the two most important commandments) – we need to review. We need to stay with the brokenness, before we begin to repair or heal or remedy, we must learn to forgive.

He is speaking expressly about a time where the tares are being separated from the wheat, not from the masses, but from our own hearts – he is looking at the hearts of us as individuals and as we make up the whole – His Body. He is talking about the the landscape of our hearts and what that looks like. It is a time to smooth out the lumps and bumps of that landscape and to ensure irrigation, proper draining and rest takes place. I see this as happening through prayer, fasting and taking our sabbath rest ie time out with Him. I see this as forgiving each other and forgetting the past. We need to be careful how we communicate in these new forms that have come in. He is speaking about the need for genuiness and unfeigned love. The old and bad stuff has to go, or there will remain infection dis ease and in the Body. We must speak the Truth and in Love. He has said and is saying it is a time of refining and recalibration – the old skin has to go. He has said we need to stop listening to the bells and whistles, the performances, the things that titillate, distract and to seek him more ie listen to and for his heart.

End of revelation

This morning as the sun rose, I found myself worshipping and spending some time reviewing the book of Luke, the very many parables which spoke to the hearts of men and still speak today in terms of self examination and self reflection ie whether we are just hearers of the word, or are we doing the word. The Bible tells us our fruit and our actions belie the conditions of our hearts and the word is for all of us.

I continue to speak expressly about the Body and ministry and the word above is for all of us. I also interject here with my own personal and family situation.

My daughter and I had a very special time last evening and I see and hear growth and change in a number of our young people – the next generation . I have been able to bring my own distant family (across several countries) and loved ones around the table via zoom and to host his presence in so many different ways. We have seen some breakthrough and increased unity on many levels. I thank God for his grace and his leading in this hour. There has been so much brought to the fore and one has to have wisdom to know how to stand. I have had to remove myself from a number of distractions or things that are simply not convenient for my spirit and we are not ignorant of the enemy’s many devices.

I continue to see myself as a watchman, praying across a few platforms and part of a few prayer initiatives, in the nation and for nations, (including our own) and for our leaders. Father is healing and wants to heal our lands. We need to fast and pray so much more and in unity.

This week (7/6/2020) I wrote a prayer (for Brazil in particular) and from the heart. It has already been sent but I share it here with you and to close and as we go into another week.


We declare that the sound of worship and your voice will continue to permeate in Brazil and in other lands. The enemy has tried to mask and silence your voice and the rightful worship which belongs to you by disease, peril and storm. Let the church rise up lord in the highways and byways of our lives and in our societies. Topple every high tower that has been built in opposition to your rule and law. Lord station your saints on the wall , back to back , side to side and in unity. As nations discuss lifting up from lock down help us to stay shut in with you thus keeping the enemy out. Close the gates of wrath and open the gates of praise. Thank you for this pregnant pause , for stopping our factories and man made systems so that we can look in and up and towards you as you prepare to return in your fullness and your glory .

Father, we are not ashamed to bow the knee and to proclaim your majesty – we will be counted among the number and there will be a remnant from every nation and people group – we stand together with our brothers and sisters across the nations and for Israel, your first born.

Lord as we continue to hold things in tension , over airways, screens, zoom rooms and WhatsApp groups in this next week and next hour .. may you be at the centre .

To you is the glory,the honour and praise.

Let everything that has breath praise your holy Name.

Linda J UK

9th May 2020

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