Linda J UK May 2020

Those of you close to me or that have taken time to get to know me , will know I waited over 10 years for an answer to prayer. It is not that i didn’t have the answer both on a faith and a personal level ie I knew that (a) if we ask anything of him according to his will he hears ( St John 5:14 ) and that he will give you the desires of your heart(St John 5:15 ) . Further , he had personally shown me the answered prayers in many dreams and revelations, and yet it took 10 years to see the fulfillment of same. When the answer finally came it came as ‘a suddenly’ and no man or machine could have averted the promises of God. The Bible says what he closes no man opens and what he opens no man closes and that is my testimony of the prevailing jurisdiction of the kingdom of heaven, his grace , awesomeness and righteousness . I could finish this piece here as it is sufficient to encourage you in your own walk I believe. Afternoon , there is nothing special about me but God spoke and answered my prayer in a miraculous way. But I am writing during a period of a pandemic in 2020 and the whole world is on its knees waiting for an answer to their prayers. Everyone wants to get off this train but we have to wait.

There were times in my life and in my waiting, that I couldn’t even pray, all I could do was look up. I became like King David said ‘as a weaned child’ (Psalms 131:2) eg contented with the basic answer of food and warmth and a place to sleep for the day.

Now in May 2020 , I am back there with a silent heart cry, seeking no doubt (with many others) the answer and restoration from this perilous virus. Seeking an answer of deliverance from this silent assailant, that is taking so many out.

Many days now, I look up to the clouds and I say (for this and that) ‘when lord? when? ’ Each day it is clear that the answer is still awaited and I sense my Father saying Not Just Yet.

I am reminded by my own reading early this morning , that Jesus himself implored the Father just before the peril of the cross ie that if it was Father’s will to remove the cup, he should (Matthew 26:39). We see that even at this pivotal point and the heavens seemed closed to Him , Jesus continued to be willing to surrender to the will of the Father and to whatever pain or peril was planned for him, in that hour – and so must we.

We must continue to hold things in tension, betwixt and between the prayer and the answer. We must continue to take courage and heart, in our own personal and collective situations and particularly in these ‘Covid-19 times’ when we perceive the Father’s “No” or “Not just Yet”. We must stay true to the call of God on our lives in whatever form that has come.

I close with, “Our God is faithful” and a simple prayer : May you like me, see an answer to your written, spoken and unspoken prayers.

Linda J UK

Writing today as He instructs and as minister of reconciliation

13th May 2020

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