Father’s Big Scissors – A visionary Tale

So the one sitting on the cloud swung his sickle over the whole earth and the whole earth was harvested”Rev 14: 15

I am in contemplation today and as I go about listening I sit and prune a large topiary bush in my front garden with my garden shears.

As I snip I see a small snail hiding under one of them but he/she falls off as I go about pruning the bush which has become unwieldy in places and overgrown – I smell a lovely lemony fragrance given off as the pruned leaves fall away.

I hear/see many things. I can see that some of the leaves have dried up but are still hanging on…I hear something in my spirit about father’s sickle ie that he is putting it in and all that needs to fall will fall away. I say to myself I will finish the manual task and then go dig deeper for the spiritual issues and contrast further.

Here is what I believe the word is for today ie words hidden deep in the prophetic and revelatory books of the Holy Bible.

In answering Job about his complaint, the Lord reminded him how frail humanity was. Human life, short, but full of trouble and like a flower fades the away. How often have we heard that at the passing of our loved ones at a funeral? But have we explored further ? Right in the same chapter, Job had asked God poignant questions in the depths of his despair. He said “must you keep an account of such a frail creature and demand an account from me? The resounding answer was and is ‘Yes’ .

Writing as an evangelist today, the Bible says when we think it not (like the little snail hiding under the leaf), judgement day will come. Father is the master harvester/farmer and he is sharpening his shears. Can you not see the signs? The Bible is replete with warnings, but even to the 3rd and 4th generation He has extended grace and through his son Jesus Christ. Two thousand years ago Jesus came and walked amongst men and will be coming back; At that time , anything that is out of place (hanging onto sin and the fickleness and frailness of life) will not be able to stand. Sin is a transgression of God’s Holy law.

The Bible says, “Who will abide in the day of his coming who shall stand when he appears? For He will be like a refiners fire and like fullers soap” Malachi 3:2 (paraphrased). Now he continues to woo and to wait, but there will be a day when it will be snip, snap.

As the mountains fall and crumble and the rocks and waters wear and fall away , so the fleshy hope of a man will be destroyed . Death (the disfiguring agent) await us all (that is) if Father doesn’t intervene soon and take us to a better place. A man is given three score years and ten by reason of strength, but there are no guarantees and some lives are cut short especially in times of war, accident, plague or disease – or simply because it is your time.

For the unsaved out there, where will you spend eternity? There is an eternal destination for us all. For the saved : How are your roots? How are your branches ? Where are you planted? Where is the fruit?

Harvest time is coming (nay is here) where the reaper is putting in the sickle – the sheep are being separated from the goats, the chaff from the wheat. Father is looking for fruit and substance. He desires to make all things beautiful, in its time. Be a sweet smelling fragrance to his nostrils and not a stench. If He cant bend you now into a goodly plant, you will eventually become diseased break, or worst, need to be broken off. May our Father have mercy. May we not leave it too late.


If you are reading this piece today and do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior , let me say : . Today is the day of salvation. Consider it an acceptable time to trim those lamps, to tidy those weeds, to get ready for the great inspection day.

Those of you who are in Christ. Let us not slumber or sleep. Let us Get rid of every thing that is dormant and foul hanging on or impeding our way. The spirit’s imperative is blow the trumpet and to tell the people to return and consider their ways. Not too long from now the master gardener will return, but just right now while the door is open, He is willing and able, to forgive us of our sins and all our errant ways and to accept us as one of his own.

If you have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and want to receive Him now . It is a simple prayer:


“Lord , I believe . Lord I want to receive. Lord forgive me of my sins and lead me from this day forward. I want to be ready when you come to call me home”

If you have said that prayer you have been accepted into the family of God. For with the heart man believes to righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Do find a bible believing church and let the pastor and leader know you have given your heart to the Lord and want to know about the next steps.

Evangelist Linda J UK

24th June 2020

Please feel free to forward to your loved ones ❤️

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