Praise Ye the Lord Jesus Christ. As we were praying at our night prayers on the last Friday night in June 2020 , a prayer came about gagging orders ie . I had a sense of righteous indignation about the multiple masks on the faces of God’s creation and I saw the enemy at work. In my spirit a prayer came, imploring the lord to put gagging orders back on the mouth of the enemy. The enemy who has been working hard to prevent the breath and voice of God in the church , in the community. The opposing spirit that has been speaking against the child of God or the Body of Christ.

Those of us who have done law will know the remedies that can be applied for when an individual wants to place injunctive measures against a spouse or individual or institution. The meaning of the word restrain is to hold back from action, to deprive of liberties, to prevent an individual from doing a thing . It is the same measure , measures or application, we make to Jehovah God as we stand in the throne room in prayer. We do this not by monetary means, but by application of the blood of Jesus.

Know this that in matters of prayer and intercession we already have Father’s ear. The Bible tells us we are seated together with him in heavenly places. Ephesians 2:6 . So with that knowledge and foresight, we can speak down to the things happening here on the earth and we know it will be done.

God has a restraining order against Satan but he has been given some leeway. At the moment his hand is being held back from really unleashing the evil that he wants to release on the children of men as he knows his time is short. We can see even now that he is straining at the lease like a wild dog to take people out. But for the mercies of God, we would all be consumed. Whether this virus was deliberate or accidental, the force behind it, has all the all marks of Hades and its ruler. We know that as a Body we have not just been grappling against the surge of physical sickness and disease but spiritual sicknesses and all its forms of deception and deviousness that has distorted what God had intended for men and women , our children and has clouded the minds of God’s heritage on numerous levels.

As prayer minsters and intercessors , we need to do our bit to work with God to ensure that these restraining orders are invoked and are not breached by the opposing party. Let us then pray.


So Father we come in your sons Name. We thank you that you have given us delegated authority to work with you and whilst it is day. Father the hour is coming , indeed is upon us, when no man can work. Father we your children look to you for injunctive measures against the enemy of our souls. We know our wrestle is not against flesh or blood or even disease, but against an opponent who seeks to batter down our resolve and take some of us out before our time.

We thank you and we give you praise for you have created us in your image, a beautiful work of art – the human race. You have set the bound of our country and borders , the functioning of our bodies and how we ought to be. In the Name that is above every other Name, Jesus we restrain and bind a all opposing spirits, spirits of confusion, racism, slavery ,division, hatred and lies. We make application to revoke the gagging order from our people and we ask for a placing and a binding gagging order on all opposing spirits. Spirits that work against your holy Name and the work of your kingdom

We speak release of your spirit of liberty, spirit of peace, spirit of reconciliation. Spirit of Truth come forth in every situation. Spirit of Love for our neighbors, brothers and sisters the family of God increase. We are free to love, free to laugh, free to give of ourselves for your service. Free from condemnation and free from the snare. Let hearts be fixed on you and be modeled on you , We declare that we will be over-comers of evil with the good name of the Lord Jesus Christ on our lips.

Prayer Evangelist Linda J

June 28th 2020

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