Ye fools and blind

It has been an interesting couple of days. The Lord has opened my eyes to see a number of situations through the ministry of dreams and revelation, but which I wont necessarily reveal here.

I haven’t written for a couple of days, my pens have not been flowing correctly – they will have to go. I prefer to type in any event.

This morning I wake and I am waiting on Him to see what He will say.

I am rejoicing to see a new day and the sun is streaming through my front door glass panel.

I hear and see that He is enthroned on the praises of his people and oh I love to praise him. I hear the song ‘your love amazes me, your love , it lifted me, higher than I could possibly be, your love amazes me’ . The song has been impressed in my spirit.

I know, read and reflect from Psalms 22, ie His faithfulness endures from generation to generation and He remains God. When the arms of flesh fail, He remains strong. He lifts me up from the dung hill and has set me amongst princes. I will forever praise his Holy Name in the great congregation and be counted amongst those that do, not fearing the faces or dictates of men.

I will be a fool for Him.

As I lie on my pillow, I hear him nudging my heart and my hand to write.

I write as I listen.

I hear “Some people don’t have a fear of God in their heart that is why they respond to you the way they do. That is why they are negligent towards you. They think God doesn’t see. But He sees. He knows and He reveals the hidden things, yea the deep and hidden things.

I hear “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, but fools despise wisdom”. I hear “fools make a mock of sin”.

What to do Lord ?

He says, ours is to pray and ask for mercy. Let mercy triumph over judgement and against that awful day that is coming up on our world.

I hear : Can you not feel it? Can you not see it?

I look and see and perceive : Men’s heart failing because of fear. Because of the situation that has come upon them. As I look, I see the face of my accuser in peril too, running for cover.

I hear: The world will never again be as we have known it. We have stepped into the final stage of the battle of the ages – the enemy knows his time is short and he is doing all he can to sweep away as many as he can. There is no regard for the young or old. The death angel stalks the corridors of time, wards and homes, taking people out. One by one they fall like zombied pieces, in a crazed bored (sic) game.


There is no respecter of persons. As with the maid, so with the mistress. As with the doctor, so with the patient. None can help the other. The politicians lie, the diviners are mad. Many soothsay and prophesy from their own armholes.

He turns my mind to institutional and personal abuses against children and our youth.

The little children exposed to the noise, the sound of the dulcimer, exposed to the hand and schemes of murderers and mischief makers – their innocence taken, pilfered. They know things and see things they should not see. Mind altering theories, ideologies, medicines and medical intervention, put before them that are not of God. They have been (and are) in serious jeopardy. Children, young men and women trapped in regions of captivity. Families destroyed through self pride and control.

Some of the glorying and rejoicing we see and say is of God (and in the Body) is not so, and is not good.

These are the last days and anything goes and everything has gone.

We are still too comfortable. We don’t yet understand. We are complacent, pusillanimous, placid, proud and posh.

Perilous times are here!!!

What to do ?

We need to wail, we need to cry, we need to push past the point in prayer, further than we have gone before. Now is the Time.

Surface ‘Sofa’ prayers won’t cut it – stilted muted, screen prayers, wont cut it. We need to go to ‘knee city’. We need to shift, to move to take off the masks: my bowels my bowels, we need to bow before our maker, breathe , cry out and ask for mercy.

He knows our frame that we are often fickle and like dust, but he will abundantly pardon, if we seek his forgiveness and return fully to him, the Shepherd and Bishop of our souls.

Now is the Time and there is much work to do.

Word that came by inspiration 6am-7am


Evangelist Linda J

writing as scribe and under prophetic unction

The Measure of a Man

The Lord has dropped two words in my spirit by the ministry of dreams, revelation and understanding . The words are measure and metron. Let me see if I can break it – at least in part.

In terms of the word measure , I saw in a dream a character that I thought was dead but was still alive. He was well known in his day and highly admired, but because of age he looked half the man that he used to be. What i subsequently realized was that He was alive but his deeds were not right. I saw him inveigle an individual to follow suit but it was dead works. Neither of them were going anywhere. I foresaw the road to destruction.

The Bible says at Matthew 7:14 strait is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life but few there be that find it.

The Psalmist wrote , “Lord make me to know mine end, and the measure of my days, what it is , that I may know how frail I am. When will my end be? Behold thou hast made my days as an hand-breath and mine age is as nothing before thee: verily every man at his best state is altogether vanity”.

Surely every man walketh in a vain shew : surely they are disquieted in vain: they heap up richest and know not who shall gather them. Psalms 39:6

And so let us ponder in Covid time, what is our true measure and worth in the eyes of God. What is the number of our days and what is our measure? Where will we spend eternity.

Job says, we brought nothing in and shall take nothing out. Job 1:21. It is appointed unto all men to die but after death the judgement. This is not scaremongering, nor doom or gloom but truth and we best not avoid it.

The invitation to measure up is there. To examine ourselves. There is only one way whether we like it or not our Creator determined that. We are admonished that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. It is not just an empty rhetoric or mantra but is learning for the wise. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Only fools despise wisdom.

For those already inside, we are admonished to let all our striving be done lawfully, walking worthy of the vocation where we have been called. In all lowliness and meekness with long suffering, forbearing one another in love. Endeavoring to keep the unity of the spirt in the bond of peace. Ephesians 4:1

The question for both those in and outside Christ : What is your measure? We cant get away from it. If you were weighed in the balance would you be found wanting? It is time for all of us (as the prophet Haggai said ) to consider our ways.

Every one of us have been given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ and those gifts he has left principally the free gift of Salvation – made available to each and everyone of us ie whosoever will and of which all other things flow.

None of us know the day or the hour when that knock on the door shall come. In the meantime how might we prepare? What wait we for?

The Bible says believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins. Whether we like it or not the creator of this universe already determined how he intended for a man or woman to live. We either obey or forbear. Today, if we hear his voice harden not your heart.

For those already in the faith. We are waiting to wit the redemption in our body. To be clothe with his righteousness and to lose this body of death.

As the scripture says we wait ‘…Till we come in the unity of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.

Not having our own righteousness ( I do this, but dont do that ) which is of the law . But having his righteousness which is of faith.

How does the scripture put it ? Like this: But to him that worketh not but believeth on him, that justified the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness. Romans 4:5 . That is, it is not of works that anyone should boast.

This then our measure and our metron – the tick tock – the weight and measure. It is his righteousness not ours. We could never do it. And we thank Him for his grace. In Him the fullness of the godhead dwelt bodily. And so it should be so in us.

This is the true measure, our metron : his right arm of righteousness. Christ in us the hope of glory . This is the reason for which he died and rose again. To bring many sons and daughters to glory.

The world is waiting.

Linda J UK


Challenging the Shibboleths

“Then said they unto him: say now Shibboleth: and he said Sibboleth: for he could not frame to pronounce it right. Then they took him and slew him at the passage of Jordan : and there fell at that time of the Ephraimites forty and two thousand”

Judges 12:5-6

One of my prayer leaders sent a piece this morning written by Ian Stackhouse from Guildford , Baptist Church, commenting on the need for ‘modern day Jeremiahs with courage to speak the Truth’.

The article is well worthy of review and was like music to my ears.

For years and from being a little bitty girl in church , I saw what the Bible describes ‘thieves creeping in unawares’ (see Jude 1:4).

In Judges 12:5 (above) the Israelites under Jephthah were able to distinguish the ephraimite enemy in the camp (sent to kill and annihilate them) from those who were with them, by the way they pronounced the word Shibboleth. Essentially it was clear by the way they said the word that they were not from the ancient tribe.

For me the piece highlights how even modern church can become complicit in sin because it doesn’t hear well, it has no standard or principles – no one is using the ancient landmarks and anything goes. We see churches built on friendship groups (and who particular leaders might like) people placed in pivotal position, not necessarily chosen on the basis of call or anointing of God, but because their face fits and they don’t ruffle feathers.

If you call sin out, then you become a pariah. But call out we must.

Growing up in Christendom, I watched (and watch…) as so called men of God rule with a iron fist on the pulpit and behind closed doors devour the flock. No one sees – the blind leading the blind, stargazing, naval watching, waiting for the next pat on the back. Father is not pleased.

Like the author, I say bring back the Jeremiahs in our day, men and women of God, that are not afraid of the faces of men. Men and women of God not afraid to challenge political dogma or religious dictates. Those whose only true allegiance is with Jehovah God, creator of the universe.

The church needs to stand up and stand out – men and woman called of God need to speak up and speak out when they see wrong doing. As the author wrote ‘passivity in the face of injustice is not only cowardice, but complicity in the crime’ Father is depending on us to rout out the enemy and call a spade a spade.

I didn’t plan a life in safeguarding, but that is where the Lord has placed me . All too often I hear the painful accounts of survivors who were left at the mercies of men (and in some instances women) of the cloth. Then, abusive men got into positions of power with no screening and abused that trust. Many chose (nay choose) the role because of the easy access. For years, no one challenged their activities or movements. No one saw the deterioration of their vulnerable victims, or heard their cries. If the victims spoke out, they were silenced and vilified.

But God will have his Jeremiahs , his mouth piece in every generation – those who stand for Truth and say enough is enough. It is time for the Church of Jesus Christ to arise and take her place.

Too often (and I’ve already written a piece about this) we see the Emperor standing there stark naked, but no one has the gumption to say so.

There is too much purporting to be God from our altars, in our churches, men’s ideas, men’s knowledge – everyone lapping it up becoming gross, fat even, but no one being filled.

There has been such a mixture that not many can distinguish the evil stream from the godly stream.

No one challenges the word or sound that they hear – there is a non distinct identity that has come into the house, into the Body.

We need to unveil and unmask the enemy and rout him out. We need to listen carefully to what the spirit is saying to the churches and challenge the Shibboleth, by godly wisdom and by the word of God.

Let God arise and the enemy be scattered.

Linda J UK

19th July 2020

The three friends

Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity of stepping again out of my Covid comfort zone and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in a local city, and at a socially acceptable distance with mask in hand. I reasoned, I am either going to die of old age, some other sickness, ailment or Covid but preach the gospel I must. Father knows my name and is in control of my times. Both my coming into this world and going out is ordained by him.

Father was gracious and stayed the rain. People were out and were in need. We saw peoples of every nation and tongue and led two souls to the Lord in a prayer of salvation.

This morning, I am sitting at my desk preparing for work, my heart is breaking as I recall the faces we met and the needs of the hour. I recall three young girls between 15 and 16 years of age sitting on a bench . As I spoke to them on a 1-1 about their soul state and eternal destination, one was listening, one laughing and the other cold and indifferent. I shared as if they were my own teenaged daughters and ministered the gospel of the lord Jesus Christ through my mask…. but one laughed. I remember too when I was at school when the school mam said something serious, I would invariably laugh. I realise full well it is a nervous laugh, but the picture of the three sitting on a bench this morning is stark in my mind.

One of the things I said to them was that at the final judgement seat (no pun intended), they won’t have each other to depend upon, each man will have to give an account for what he or she did whilst on earth and how they received the good news or not. The listening girl said she knew the Lord but wasn’t sure if she had received him. She wanted to receive him and with her permission, I led her through the prayer of salvation. The others didn’t accept. I left her with the responsibility of ensuring she at least shares again with her friends or with someone what happened today. Before leaving I counselled the other two not to leave it too late.

One listening, one laughing, one cold and indifferent. Is this not the picture of the world we see as we go out sharing the good news. The bible tells us that “Today” (the day you hear the gospel message) is the day of salvation. It also says that it is appointed unto man once to die, but after death the judgement.

Those young girls could have been my daughters. I preached and ministered to them with love and as if I was their own mother. One listened, one laughed the other was indifferent.

The bible says that a good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth good things and an evil man out of the evil treasures bringing forth evil. Every idle word that men speak, they shall give account on the day of judgement. By our words and actions we shall be justified and by our words and actions we shall be condemned. Matthew Chapter 12. As evangelist we will experience different levels of reception but still we do of his good pleasure and set our faces like flints.

May God have mercy on our generation. Jesus said the men of Nineveh shall rise in judgment with this generation and shall condemn it because they repented at the preaching of Jonas .

Jesus is the word of God and is the message of hope and salvation that we preach on the streets. We preach not ourselves. There will always be the one that listens, the one that laughs and the one who is indifferent nay even hostile.

Continue to go and preach the word, instant in season and out of season (ie even in Covid climate) at a legal and acceptable distance and with love.

Evangelist Linda J

Shining A Light into the Darkness

souls ; intercession; deliverance;

This word came about by a picture I had in the night of a black background with a rainbow painted over it.  It is a picture of hope and the promise of God to overrule and overlay all that is in darkness. The word came about by listening to a man of God who spoke about using prayer and intercession in the night to shine light onto the(ir) darkness.

I have a passion for souls and intercession. It is my ministry call . My purpose for writing is to encourage up and coming prayer warriors, intercessors and soul winners to understand what is at work and to pray and intercede with understanding.

The bible says that the God of this word has blinded the eyes of the people so that they cannot believe (2 Corinthians 4:4) without the light of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ shining on them, which is the commission we as saints have to ‘go’.

Jesus has said he is the light of the world and those that follow him would not walk in darkness but have the light of life. St John 8:12

As I write this, the whole Body of Christ is on its knees in prayer and intercession.  Many (though prophetic and seemingly close to God) did not see, hear or anticipate the pandemic  that has come into our world, crippling nations and taking many out – many to eternal damnation.  We have to pray and there is much work to do. Time is running out.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is not just about salvation for souls, but it includes deliverance ministry.  The people, nations need loosing and setting free.  There are many examples of the Lord doing  this area of ministry in the bible and it needs to be brought back to the fore. We can’t shy away from it or sanitise areas of ministry . Sometimes ministry is messy and painful but the objective to snatch back from peril. The people cannot see or receive unless they are first delivered and we do this through prayer and on our knees. We need to be shining a light on the dark places of the earth and the places where souls are being held captive.

This very week (July 2020), I was walking through my local town centre and I heard an almighty  scream.  The sound was coming from  a grown man but the scream was one of utter despair and distress.  He walked aimlessly through town and up past the Cathedral. Had it not been insensitive , I would have recorded the noise as he walked.  I don’t think I have  heard anything like it (and I say this having worked in mental hospitals as a nurse) at least not in the day time…  I felt the Holy Spirit speak and say,  Linda this is the cry of those entrapped in regions of captivity.

We have to do something, but my time was not yet on this particular day .

We pray and intercede and act from a place of knowing and understanding. Isaiah 11 said that the spirit of wisdom and understanding will rest upon Him ie our Lord and so we pray for this for us too.   

As He is, so are we in this world.

We need the manifold wisdom of God to be able to wrestle with the spiritual entities that keeps people caged, trapped and wandering around in darkness.

I speak for the UK when I say it was raised as a Christian nation and a city of refuge for many.  It was one of the reasons my parents came.  I was born here. However over the years we have seen darkness and gross darkness creeping into the policy laws and precepts – changing the nature that the Creator intended for us into what can be altered and created by a mere man.  It is painful to see and to watch the  fall out, the disfigurement of many  minds and bodies, as people seek to overrule and destroy what God had intended.

Social order is at its worst and there is much chaos and confusion.

Let me highlight a few things.

From time immoral the enemy of soul has tried to destroy the constitution of the union of a man and a woman and family life, even mass destruction of babies and it continues.

The welfare and wellbeing of the minds of our children is severely threatened.   

It is time for the Church to Arise and to say enough is enough. We need to fight for the babe in the womb, for our children, for our spiritual and physical health, and for the family.

Sin is a transgression of God laws and sin comes in when there is darkness.

The essence of God’s plan was and is, around family and righteous seed, but delusion has come into the foundation – into the very fabric of our society and has caused confusion.

The church of Jesus Christ need to cry out and rise up and make a stand. The very foundation of our faith, who we are and what we believe,  is being shaken.  We are in serious jeopardy if we remain silent. If the foundation be destroyed, if we allow the building blocks of life to be removed, what indeed will we do?

God’s intention was for us to put him first. The first commandment. He is our glorified Father. We are made in his image.  Male and female, created He him.  We are not a circumstantial happening, we were created by Him and we are not going to morph into another earthly being.

He tells us that the very hairs of our heads, has been numbered. I believe it..!! I believe if a man can work out my DNA strand, then the eternal God has and can, count the hairs on my head and I know he knows my name.!!

God’s intention is for a man to leave his mother and to be joined to his wife, to procreate lawfully and within the boundaries that he instituted and dictated, and He did this for our welfare and protection. For our good.

The plan of God was for the man and woman to pour into their offspring (nourish and build up) and to work together for good and for the furtherance of the kingdom.  That plan has not changed.  However , what we see now in our societies is ever changing marital partnerships and covenants and vows repeatedly broken.

What we see is attempts to modify and circumvent the plans of God to suit our own fleshy desires.   There is no respect for the sanctity of marriage and we keep changing the heads on the pillow and to our detriment. What happens is that we create confusion in the spirit realm, eternal soul ties jar and vie for position warring against each other bring disease and dis ease (sic).  Children are caught up in the destructive behaviours that men and women bring into the marital relationship.  A child can have three or four fathers in a life time and as many mothers – not because a parent has died,  but as sin runs rampant in homes, across bedrooms and intimate (nay now public spaces) with no checks or balances.  Anyone in the 21st century knows that anything with more than one head, is a monster… and this type of re-ordering, reclassification of gender and sanctity of family life (sadly endorsed by our law courts) is a monstrous depiction of the  purposes and plans of God. The bible says that because sentence of an evil work is not executed speedily the hearts of men is set to do evil (Ecclesiastes 8:11). We are deluded if we think we wont pay the price.

Delusion is when someone is separated from reality – Aleithea is the Greek word for reality, kingdom reality.  As intercessors , prayer warriors and soul winners, this is what we need to pray for – for kingdom reality to come in, in our own and our ministry affairs

Delusion is different from sickness and ill health and Father expects us to pray for healing deliverance for those who are genuinely diseased or unwell. What we  are praying for are for people who are functionally deluded  ie those that are holding down jobs, are intelligent and competent, they are suited and booted and look like they are doing okay on the surface, but they have traded the truth for a lie (Romans 1:25) and as a result are in jeopardy.

The further we seek to move away  from the knowledge, the  image and glory of God we become more esconsced in darkness, disorientated and disorganised.  This, is the  tragedy of the UKselling its birthright and destiny in God,  for  a bowl of soup … and that which can never profit.

The spirit of Aeon has blinded the eyes of our leaders and the people – principalities and powers that govern different nations need to be understood including those hovering over churches. I believe the spirit hovering over UK is the spirit of nabal, spirit of slavery and oppression and the spirit of confusion, – I see it  and personified in our current political  leader(s) what we see in the physical is what is operative in the spiritual. The spirit hovering over the church is the spirit of the antichrist, and the spirt of Jezebel and many more lower echelon entities which time won’t allow me to go into here.

We remain on the subject of prayer and intercession and working in concert with our God. We are the bride of Christ and as depicted in the vision that John saw in the book of Revelation. (Revelation 21:2)

Marriage is a covenant. It is symbolic of God’s intention for the church of Jesus Christ. Intimate, enduring and eternal and full of love and compassion.   When a man and woman come together,  it is a process. Before they can move out and bless others they have to work together in agreement,  and I speak this with regards to ministry and ministering to others. Where unity is, there the Lord commands the blessing.

Some pointers then for the intercesor, prayer warrior and soul winner


There has to be intimacy with the Father before we can bless others and beget seed and build kingdom.


God cannot operate where sin exist but He is not slack concerning his promises.  He says to ask of him and he will give us the nation for our possession.  He  is with us on this journey , with us in our prayers and intercession, helping us to dispel regions of  gross darkness into areas of marvellous light.

The opposite of darkness is discernment – pray for discernment  to shatter the darkness. The devil needs darkness to work his plans when we come up against opposition we are dealing with the darkness that the enemy has placed over or the darkness that shrouds that person.


Pray in and stay in, the glory.  When we come to Father, there is a process of glorification.  But we you can’t handle glory all at once  – glory comes incrementally as does the strength and power in our prayer life and it starts with intimacy.   Simply put, God will put different levels of light in us , on us and around us, dependant on our intimacy . We need his light and his glory so we can pray in power and receive  and take what we receive to  the nations.


Isaiah Chapter 11:2-5 talks about the 7 spirits of God and we need to pray for the multifaceted aspects of his divine nature to do of his good pleasure (ie the spirit of the lord, spirit of wisdom and understanding, spirit of counsel and might , spirit of knowledge and the fear of the lord) and most importantly to work together in unity because it is only then and there will he command the blessings.

We pray then for the spirit of lordship for ourselves to be in our families and our church.  Praying for fathers to stay in role and for mothers to stay in role and work respectively together to have and bless children and dare I say it, to send the children out to take ground.


The Holy spirit has no liberty where there is confusion and the power will not be activated where there is no counsel, fear or lordship.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. We need a sense of fear and reverence and respect for the working and presence of the Holy Spirit.


We need to take ground on our knees and actual because there is a veil over the minds of the people, they cannot see or believe the purposes of God on this earth.  It is up to us to shatter those areas of darkness.  Through intercession we can lift the veil that continues to obscures eye and proper vision. We need to intercede on our knees through our watches and at night.  This is because when an individual is  delusional you can’t talk to  them in the day time – they are pre-offended – their hearts are fixed and set, like Lot’s wife and as our old UK prime minister said ‘this lady is not for turning’ The spirit of Jezebel and the spirit of the antichrist is at work and we need not to concentrate on toppling human statues but toppling these spiritual entities from our position in the throne room.  We pray on the peoples behalf as the Lord instructed Ezekiel to admonish the people ‘Repent , turn your from your idols and turn away your faces from your abomination’  (Ezekiel 14:6) Righteous exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.


As intercessors, our Prayers have to change to include declaration – take the individual’s name, their family their identity to the throne room of God and use the power and authority he has given us by using the rod and sceptre like Moses .

Declare that  delusions is shifted and the darkness  moved over that loved one in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Praying against the spirit of chaos and confusion, is the thrust for our prayers as we pray for the removal of the many obstacles and opposing spirits and do that our Father can fully operate.

May Father help us.

Yours in His Name

Linda J UK










Prayer against abuse and oppression

Abuse is perpetrated in a number of forms, physical, sexual, neglect, spiritual. It’s where one person or an institution dominates and crushes the voice, rights, livelihood and life chances of another base on the usurping power.

There are many known and unknown victims and the issue is likely to spiral when there is a global pandemic as we see across our world and nations. Each vying for their own, discriminatory practices raises its ugly head with the associated stigma because of difference, disease and infection.

As a Body instituted by God. We have to pray and be praying against the atrocities we see even on the public stage . We know our fight is not against flesh or blood, another nation, organisation or the police, but against spiritual wickedness in high places, rulers of the darkness (not many can see) .

Today the plight of Madagascar and the knock on effect of the pandemic, the domestic helpers in Saudi Arabia was brought to my attention in our early morning prayers and intercession . This week I heard the anguished cry of of a man, a wanderer lost and crying out in our town centre, symbolic of those locked in spiritual Gehenna.

We have prayed and will continue to pray as the Lord enables us.

My prayer today is:

Spare your people Lord.
Set captives free in Madagascar, in Ethiopia , Mesopotamia, Brazil. In Saudi, Lord hear the cries of those in chains. Life giver … bring back life. Restore everything that has been broken down.

Covenant keeping God. You said, if your people who are called by your name, shall humble them selves and seek your face THEN you will hear from heaven and heal our land . Lord we are imploring you. Help . Fight for us. We can’t do it . Send help from your sanctuary .

You who are not a manipulator, abuser or trafficker of men. You don’t merchandise your heritage nor cover truth with a lie. Men trick and abuse us when we don’t bow down to the stock of trees , worship them or conform to their fleshy dictates . But you Lord, You no deh use me play oh… You are a God who metes out just weights and balances . Your sentencing of an evil work is not quick so men set their hearts to continue to do wickedness, but there is coming a day.

Already you are shaking the foundations of our confidences and in your mercy you are holding back the hand of judgement giving us time to turn and repent . Lord, we all have missed the mark and we ask for your forgiveness .

Remain true and honorable to your word which you have set above your own name.

Linda J UK

A prayer for our times

Evangelist Linda J 2/5/2020

So father, I come in your sons name to pray for these issues that face us the situation in China, in Russia, the USA and generally our world. The issues that are fiscal, spiritual and political . The issues that are national and global . Lord, I don’t pretend to know anything about politics or money matters but I know you. You said in your word that if your people who are called by your name, should humble themselves and pray, then you would hear from heaven and you would heal our land.

Lord I first bring the recent draconian measures being taken in China and the impact on freedoms and liberty and the knock on effect that this will have on your seed and your remnant in that place. Lord I first pray for the underground church and those already incarcerated because of your Holy Name. I pray for those being held in camps being forcibly indoctrinated, dehumanized, castrated and sterilized. Lord forget not your heritage.

Lord, revive your work in the midst of our years and in the midst of our years, make yourself known. Lord some of what we see and are perceiving are as a result of our own personal and collective failures, where we as a people and a country (UK) have watered down and traded our divine inheritance and calling, to be a christian nation. Now we want to interfere into the affairs of other nations, but our own house lies in ruins . We want to make a stand (because essentially we have a spirit of compassion and care) but I fear we have lost our ability to be seen as a separated called out nation and there may be too much in the mix to make a difference. It is for this reason we pray today , to revive your works in us Lord and the wells that have been dug over the centuries to protect our shores and our interests.

May be continue to be a haven of rest for nations and people fleeing peril and storm. May we return to you first and then be energized and equip to stand and fight in your name. Bring us back to your heart.

Lord we know we have bartered and marketed and merchandise your very heritage for a morsel of bread , our own fleshy advancements and under the name of charitable service, but some of what we have done and do, are dead works and has no eternal value. Readjust us from the character of the age, to a renowned city whose maker and founder is accepted as Jehovah God. May all we do be done in the honor of yours sons name , the son and the name you have given us which is above every other name.

May the church of Jesus Christ standing in our nation rise and stand out as the divine entity you created her to be.

Lord may we see you, in the midst of her and know the immovable power of your love to do all that you require in this hour and the way you would chose us to do it.

Lord may your church, your people not co-operate or give silent assent to sin but may the voice of God peal out in this nation, in the market place, in the court rooms, in the church houses, across the zoom rooms and in every institution where your creation interfaces.

Lord we place Russia, USA in your hands – the very hairs on the heads of those current leaders are numbered. You know what is in the dark and in the light and the plans that are afoot to bring in a new or final solution. Lord, men make plans to do this or that, but You also number their days and you are able to make every threat and situation turn around for the good of your advancing Kingdom.

Lord , you will do all your pleasure in those nations – Your precepts are right and just and holy. Your ways are past finding out. You set Pharaoh up to bring your people to their proper destination and you continue to be in control. What can we pray Lord, but your will be done on earth as it is in heaven and save your remnant within these shores. Lord we are not people who are anxious or afraid but a people that will withstand all the wiles and marks of the enemy – that we will lay down our lives for the cause of your kingdom and be prepared to resist even unto the shedding of our own blood.

Thank you for the spirit of prayer and that you continue to teach us how to use the weapons you have placed in our hands. We declare that the weapons you have given us are not carnal, but are mighty through you and we see strongholds being broken even now as we unite in prayer and agree for divine change.

Your kingdom is here Lord , You are at the door. Your will is being done on earth, as it is in heaven.

Your daughter

Linda J