A prayer for our times

Evangelist Linda J 2/5/2020

So father, I come in your sons name to pray for these issues that face us the situation in China, in Russia, the USA and generally our world. The issues that are fiscal, spiritual and political . The issues that are national and global . Lord, I don’t pretend to know anything about politics or money matters but I know you. You said in your word that if your people who are called by your name, should humble themselves and pray, then you would hear from heaven and you would heal our land.

Lord I first bring the recent draconian measures being taken in China and the impact on freedoms and liberty and the knock on effect that this will have on your seed and your remnant in that place. Lord I first pray for the underground church and those already incarcerated because of your Holy Name. I pray for those being held in camps being forcibly indoctrinated, dehumanized, castrated and sterilized. Lord forget not your heritage.

Lord, revive your work in the midst of our years and in the midst of our years, make yourself known. Lord some of what we see and are perceiving are as a result of our own personal and collective failures, where we as a people and a country (UK) have watered down and traded our divine inheritance and calling, to be a christian nation. Now we want to interfere into the affairs of other nations, but our own house lies in ruins . We want to make a stand (because essentially we have a spirit of compassion and care) but I fear we have lost our ability to be seen as a separated called out nation and there may be too much in the mix to make a difference. It is for this reason we pray today , to revive your works in us Lord and the wells that have been dug over the centuries to protect our shores and our interests.

May be continue to be a haven of rest for nations and people fleeing peril and storm. May we return to you first and then be energized and equip to stand and fight in your name. Bring us back to your heart.

Lord we know we have bartered and marketed and merchandise your very heritage for a morsel of bread , our own fleshy advancements and under the name of charitable service, but some of what we have done and do, are dead works and has no eternal value. Readjust us from the character of the age, to a renowned city whose maker and founder is accepted as Jehovah God. May all we do be done in the honor of yours sons name , the son and the name you have given us which is above every other name.

May the church of Jesus Christ standing in our nation rise and stand out as the divine entity you created her to be.

Lord may we see you, in the midst of her and know the immovable power of your love to do all that you require in this hour and the way you would chose us to do it.

Lord may your church, your people not co-operate or give silent assent to sin but may the voice of God peal out in this nation, in the market place, in the court rooms, in the church houses, across the zoom rooms and in every institution where your creation interfaces.

Lord we place Russia, USA in your hands – the very hairs on the heads of those current leaders are numbered. You know what is in the dark and in the light and the plans that are afoot to bring in a new or final solution. Lord, men make plans to do this or that, but You also number their days and you are able to make every threat and situation turn around for the good of your advancing Kingdom.

Lord , you will do all your pleasure in those nations – Your precepts are right and just and holy. Your ways are past finding out. You set Pharaoh up to bring your people to their proper destination and you continue to be in control. What can we pray Lord, but your will be done on earth as it is in heaven and save your remnant within these shores. Lord we are not people who are anxious or afraid but a people that will withstand all the wiles and marks of the enemy – that we will lay down our lives for the cause of your kingdom and be prepared to resist even unto the shedding of our own blood.

Thank you for the spirit of prayer and that you continue to teach us how to use the weapons you have placed in our hands. We declare that the weapons you have given us are not carnal, but are mighty through you and we see strongholds being broken even now as we unite in prayer and agree for divine change.

Your kingdom is here Lord , You are at the door. Your will is being done on earth, as it is in heaven.

Your daughter

Linda J


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