Prayer against abuse and oppression

Abuse is perpetrated in a number of forms, physical, sexual, neglect, spiritual. It’s where one person or an institution dominates and crushes the voice, rights, livelihood and life chances of another base on the usurping power.

There are many known and unknown victims and the issue is likely to spiral when there is a global pandemic as we see across our world and nations. Each vying for their own, discriminatory practices raises its ugly head with the associated stigma because of difference, disease and infection.

As a Body instituted by God. We have to pray and be praying against the atrocities we see even on the public stage . We know our fight is not against flesh or blood, another nation, organisation or the police, but against spiritual wickedness in high places, rulers of the darkness (not many can see) .

Today the plight of Madagascar and the knock on effect of the pandemic, the domestic helpers in Saudi Arabia was brought to my attention in our early morning prayers and intercession . This week I heard the anguished cry of of a man, a wanderer lost and crying out in our town centre, symbolic of those locked in spiritual Gehenna.

We have prayed and will continue to pray as the Lord enables us.

My prayer today is:

Spare your people Lord.
Set captives free in Madagascar, in Ethiopia , Mesopotamia, Brazil. In Saudi, Lord hear the cries of those in chains. Life giver … bring back life. Restore everything that has been broken down.

Covenant keeping God. You said, if your people who are called by your name, shall humble them selves and seek your face THEN you will hear from heaven and heal our land . Lord we are imploring you. Help . Fight for us. We can’t do it . Send help from your sanctuary .

You who are not a manipulator, abuser or trafficker of men. You don’t merchandise your heritage nor cover truth with a lie. Men trick and abuse us when we don’t bow down to the stock of trees , worship them or conform to their fleshy dictates . But you Lord, You no deh use me play oh… You are a God who metes out just weights and balances . Your sentencing of an evil work is not quick so men set their hearts to continue to do wickedness, but there is coming a day.

Already you are shaking the foundations of our confidences and in your mercy you are holding back the hand of judgement giving us time to turn and repent . Lord, we all have missed the mark and we ask for your forgiveness .

Remain true and honorable to your word which you have set above your own name.

Linda J UK

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