Ye fools and blind

It has been an interesting couple of days. The Lord has opened my eyes to see a number of situations through the ministry of dreams and revelation, but which I wont necessarily reveal here.

I haven’t written for a couple of days, my pens have not been flowing correctly – they will have to go. I prefer to type in any event.

This morning I wake and I am waiting on Him to see what He will say.

I am rejoicing to see a new day and the sun is streaming through my front door glass panel.

I hear and see that He is enthroned on the praises of his people and oh I love to praise him. I hear the song ‘your love amazes me, your love , it lifted me, higher than I could possibly be, your love amazes me’ . The song has been impressed in my spirit.

I know, read and reflect from Psalms 22, ie His faithfulness endures from generation to generation and He remains God. When the arms of flesh fail, He remains strong. He lifts me up from the dung hill and has set me amongst princes. I will forever praise his Holy Name in the great congregation and be counted amongst those that do, not fearing the faces or dictates of men.

I will be a fool for Him.

As I lie on my pillow, I hear him nudging my heart and my hand to write.

I write as I listen.

I hear “Some people don’t have a fear of God in their heart that is why they respond to you the way they do. That is why they are negligent towards you. They think God doesn’t see. But He sees. He knows and He reveals the hidden things, yea the deep and hidden things.

I hear “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, but fools despise wisdom”. I hear “fools make a mock of sin”.

What to do Lord ?

He says, ours is to pray and ask for mercy. Let mercy triumph over judgement and against that awful day that is coming up on our world.

I hear : Can you not feel it? Can you not see it?

I look and see and perceive : Men’s heart failing because of fear. Because of the situation that has come upon them. As I look, I see the face of my accuser in peril too, running for cover.

I hear: The world will never again be as we have known it. We have stepped into the final stage of the battle of the ages – the enemy knows his time is short and he is doing all he can to sweep away as many as he can. There is no regard for the young or old. The death angel stalks the corridors of time, wards and homes, taking people out. One by one they fall like zombied pieces, in a crazed bored (sic) game.


There is no respecter of persons. As with the maid, so with the mistress. As with the doctor, so with the patient. None can help the other. The politicians lie, the diviners are mad. Many soothsay and prophesy from their own armholes.

He turns my mind to institutional and personal abuses against children and our youth.

The little children exposed to the noise, the sound of the dulcimer, exposed to the hand and schemes of murderers and mischief makers – their innocence taken, pilfered. They know things and see things they should not see. Mind altering theories, ideologies, medicines and medical intervention, put before them that are not of God. They have been (and are) in serious jeopardy. Children, young men and women trapped in regions of captivity. Families destroyed through self pride and control.

Some of the glorying and rejoicing we see and say is of God (and in the Body) is not so, and is not good.

These are the last days and anything goes and everything has gone.

We are still too comfortable. We don’t yet understand. We are complacent, pusillanimous, placid, proud and posh.

Perilous times are here!!!

What to do ?

We need to wail, we need to cry, we need to push past the point in prayer, further than we have gone before. Now is the Time.

Surface ‘Sofa’ prayers won’t cut it – stilted muted, screen prayers, wont cut it. We need to go to ‘knee city’. We need to shift, to move to take off the masks: my bowels my bowels, we need to bow before our maker, breathe , cry out and ask for mercy.

He knows our frame that we are often fickle and like dust, but he will abundantly pardon, if we seek his forgiveness and return fully to him, the Shepherd and Bishop of our souls.

Now is the Time and there is much work to do.

Word that came by inspiration 6am-7am


Evangelist Linda J

writing as scribe and under prophetic unction

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