RE Joyce : It’s Good News –

What a wonderful afternoon Father enabled today. We were able (by God’s grace to go out again and minister to and among the nations.

The message for the day was Blow Ye the Trumpet in Zion (see Joel) but the Lord weaved his word to meet the individual needs of the men and women that passed by or stood on the street listening.

At a certain point a young boy call Nathaniel wanted to debate the ‘many roads’ that leads to God. We ministered the truth. For the first time in street ministry I gave my testimony of finding the door and also why today I witness to the wonderful working power of our God through his blessed Holy Spirit. At one point Nathaniel said he was a good person and didn’t think he would lose out if he didn’t do anything else. I found myself sharing the story of Cornelius who was a good man and whose alms prayers had come up to God as a remembrance but that he too needed to be born again.

It’s amazing how the Holy Spirt works and we are just vessels in his hands. As Peter declared all those years ago and we declare today ‘God is no respecter of persons; But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him. Acts 10:35

That is the message we take to the streets and what a blessing it is and has been to be able to take thisto the people and nations of the world.

Pray for Nathaniel . Pray for us. Pray for the Church of Jesus Christ.

Evangelist Linda J



I had a word coming through the night and at different points of the week. The Bible says precept upon precept, line upon line here a little there a little.

First my daughter had a dream about vessels in a large house. I made note of the revelation and pondered some more. I always say of the things of God let nothing be wasted and we must strive to have a teachable spirit. So I continued to listen to see what He would say about the vessels.

I was reading last night ‘The Master’s indwelling’ by Andrew Murray and once again the Lord brought the issue of vessels to my attention. I started to hear a word being formed. This then below is it :-

In chapter one of his book Murray draws attention to the carnal Christian and the things that keeps such a one in infancy despite being fed with the word for 10, 20 or 30 years. Using Ephesians, Murray admonishes that the carnal mind is enmity towards God and God wants us to be filled with the spirit and not drunk with wine.

Using the analogy of an empty cup, at a tea table waiting to be filled, Murray admonishes that in the natural we wait earnestly for the tea to be poured and the plate to be filled when we sit waiting for a meal. He says and so it is with the Christian in terms of the infilling of the spirit and enlightenment. Significantly… (and this is where the revelation came for me marrying the bits received over the week) … we wouldn’t want a new meal on a dirty plate. Not ever.

A vessel has to be washed, to be set apart to receive and that is where one starts as a Christian. Murray was writing to our shame that many Christians try to do the things of God without holiness. They are unclean. He raised a multiplicity of issues that need to be dealt with before the vessel – selfishness, envying, strife and division, rage and temper tantrums , pride, jealousy , bitterness, cold hearted , lovelessness , to name a few. These things mar the vessel of God and inhibits the free flow of the gift. Murray also raises the issue of the inability for many to perceive and receive spiritual truths quoting Paul’s anguish in the book of Corinthians when he wanted to feed with meat but the brethren could not bear it. The carnal Christian was present in Corinth and is alive and kicking in the Body today causing ineptitude, immaturity , and significant delays in getting the House ready for our King’s return.

The final link today was being led led to review what Isaiah 28 : 9. Interestingly it is also a rebuke to the whole Body and about cleanliness and I summarize here what it says.

It says :

Many have erred through wine and strong drink and are out of the way,the priest and the prophet err through strong drink and are swallowed up of wine and are out of the way – they err in vision and stumble in judgement and all the tables are full of vomit and filthiness so that there is no place clean.

It goes onto say :

Whom shall he teach knowledge ?

And whom shall he make to understand doctrine ?

Them that are weaned from the milk and drawn from the breasts. For precepts must be upon precepts, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little and there a little . Note to repetition …

We have been called to grow up and unto holiness. We major on so many frilly ear-tickling subjects, bar cleanliness and holiness. We strain at gnats and swallow camels. As Murray points out , we hold grudges and unforgiveness and a whole manner of flesh issues. How to do right we know not. Our hearts are hard and impenetrable and we cant receive.

We are still in a period of mercy before the door is closed and it is a time for all of us to consider out ways and examine ourselves. Father would rather us to be spiritual – sons of God, than carnal – mere men.

We are called to put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness Ephesians 4:24 . We are called to follow peace with all men, and holiness, for without which, the bible says, no man shall see the Lord. Hebrews 12:14

Let’s teach the children to mature and come up to the mark of the high calling without spot or blemish. Father is coming back for a spotless church. He says ‘Be holy for I am holy’. The word is for all of us. All …..have sinned and come short.

Don’t give me that…

No more excuses…

Clean out the Cup …

There is an urgent need for all of us to examine ourselves, because the Lord is on his way. He has told me to say.

Yours in His Name

Evangelist Linda J


Crows Die As I Fly High

The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run in and are saved.

Thanking God for this brand new day – another day to pray , praise and worship. I woke with a flatness in my spirit and early so the skies were dark. What did I do ? I encouraged myself in the Lord. As I sat under the shadow of his wings. He brought his word for me.

For a number of years , I have held dear the picture of Habakkuk standing on his rampart wondering what the Lord would say to Him. Well already… praise God, the Lord has spoken.

It is about perseverance and faith and also looking above towards the mark of the higher calling and to the author and finisher of our faith. The analogy of the crow who is a predator that attacks eagles was brought to my attention. The crow will grab hold of and attack the neck of the eagle and bite it as it soars, trying to bring it down. First, I am reminded of Sanballat and Tobiah who tried to deride and pull down the vision that God had given Nehemiah. In terms of the crow, what it doesn’t know is that the eagle is a strategist and as the eagle flies higher into its zone of comfort, the crow is ignorant, that this is to its own peril . You see (and I learned) the crow was not made to fly at the same altitude as the eagle and so eventually drops off.

Hallelujah to the most high God.

This picture of the crow and the eagle has triggered a flow in me of the prophetic. I hear the words ‘crows die, as I fly high’. I repeat, ‘crows die as I fly high’. It is a mantra you can use when you are under attack too.

I declare for you today that the Lord will deliver you from evil sleight of men. For every crow that is hanging on and seeking to pull you down that they drop off now. Our God will disappoint the devices of the crafty that their hands, their teeth, their tongue, their bite cannot perform their enterprise.

It is well for the child of God and all things are working out for our good. Oppressed on every side, but not cast down.

We are flying high , we are going somewhere, more than conquerors in Holy Name.

God bless you

Evangelist Linda J UK



Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the kings horses and all the kings men

Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

The Lord has been revealing more about Humpty Dumpty. For sure is word says , precept upon precepts, line upon line, here a little there a little. This is part II of the earlier piece.

He is using the picture of Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall in his checked trousers all suited and booted ….. to raise a number of issues including that of freemasonry and the mixture that is in and has come into the Body.

The term egghead as an idiom would be considered an insult – it is not a good look. It is a term used to describe an individual or individuals who are out of touch with ordinary people.

In terms of the church and the Body, Father is asking the questions are the things we are devising from our high places, relevant for the culture, we are now living in?

He is wanting us to get down, to humble ourselves to go back to a place of power and wonderment of who He is and what He can do and to become as little children.

We are using our own head knowledge and intellect to bring things about. We have been bewitched and there is a malaise hanging over us causing ineptitude and chaos. We need to fast and pray more and invoke proper spiritual discipline and protocols.

What is the true fast ?- to deal bread to the hungry, bring the poor to thy house, cover the naked and not to hide from people.

Being half egg and half human is not a good look – we were made in his image but have become stuck due to our own sense of self and pride and achievements. There is a spirit of deception at work , things purporting to be something which are not. He has allowed this to run for a time and because sentence of an evil work is not executed speedily, our minds have been set to continue to do wickedly. But He is revealing and it is now time for change.

It is now time for metamorphosis and the sons of God to arise. Men and women who have the mind of Christ, who have not become yoked again with the yoke of bondage. There are to be no eggs ruling or hatching in Father’s house, in his nations or kingdom. We wont be walled or fenced in. The yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing.

His plans for us are good plans and to bring us to a desired end, not a crash or a fall. The revelation is a fore warning because he says when thou art spoilt what will thou do …? No one can put Humpty together again when he falls and a mighty crash is coming which will affect many.

Father needs people on the ground and is looking for soldiers, his runners, to take the gospel and to run the race. There is need for deployment and movement. Get offa that fence.

There is a need for strong meat, so that our spindly legs will have the power and dexterity to run the race that has been set before us. We need to mature .

We need to pray all kinds of prayers, but particularly praying in the spirit. We are a people who have been robbed and spoiled, blinded because of self rule and our own self righteousness. Too much going on up top, not enough activities on the bottom.

We have become ignorant of what is happening in the house, at the gate. We have forgotten the real need of the people.

August 22/8/2020


A word …….

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the kings horses and all the kings men

Couldn’t put Humpty back together again.

I had this word from the Holy Spirit as I was sitting in my settee last night 20/8/2020. It is not the first time the Holy Spirit has used nursery rhyme to give me a word.

This one popped up in the spirit, with a nudge to write it. I didn’t write it last night but It rang through the night in my spirit and was held there …..

I thought I would get up and research what Father might be saying. This is how he speaks to me.

It may be a personal word, a local word or a generic word. It may speak of political or national situations. Sending to a few across the Body and the nations – the word will locate and speak to those it needs to.

What I currently see:

Humpty is vulnerable because of his makeup – he is a shell. The body is not proportionate – too much going on at the top and not enough substance at the bottom -. The legs of Humpty are very spindly – I see that he cannot hold its own weight . He certainly needs to come down from offa the wall. He may need to exercise – put all things to practice so that there is an evening out – some balance.

I see Humpty as someone overgrown , gorged , large and sitting on what we would say ‘on a fence’ ( – sitting on a fence is a common English idiom – it means not being able to make a decision- a lack of courage because of a need to please both sides). This neutral position in terms of spirituality, can lead to apathy, ambivalence and the stymying of what God wants to do in this hour.

In all the depictions of this nursery rhyme that I have seen since a child – Humpty is well dressed and sitting prominently. In some pictorial depictions, there is Alice (a child – from wonderland fame ) at the foot lending him a hand to help him down. It could speak of a spirit of pride – trying to save face – preferring the dictates of men rather than listening to Jehovah God. The Bible talks about pride coming before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. The rhyme tells us that Humpty Dumpty was heading for a fall. Humpty does come down.

The Bible says – a little child shall lead them and with children and things ‘childlike and innocent ‘ that is where the kingdom can be seen, in all its humility. That is where we need to be. Father help us.

On this particular word, I am open to constructive comments from other seers, watchmen or prophets and because we can only see in part. Praying against any spirit of offense and rejection. This one was/is a hard one to crack for me, but it may be that it is quite simple and the picture of Humpty speaks loudly for itself.

Praying against the spirit of apathy, compromise, inertia . Praying against the spirit of pride and self aggrandizement in the Body which has caused it to be puffed up, overweight, out of balance and out sync, with what it was created to do .

If there is more, I suspect it will unfold over the coming days.

God bless

Linda J UK


Father of the Penguin

Last night myself and my daughter watched Paul Ogrady’s documentary about animal orphans . Here, animals who have been abandoned in the wild are rescued and then nurtured back to life so that they can then be returned to their habitat.

There were interesting accounts about abandoned baby elephants and a group of lion siblings.

What however caught me and my daughters oeye was a group of penguins.

Amongst this group one of the penguins appeared to be walking around in circles. He was also being bullied by the other penguins. When the vet examined him closer it was clear that the penguin had lost its sight , either through trauma, disease or genetic malfunctioning.

The tragedy was that the vet did not think there was anything that could be done, apart from the penguin being put to sleep.

To return him to the pen would be cruel as he would continue to be pecked to death and he would never survive in the wild.

As my daughter and I watched and listened, we were saddened by the penguin’s plight and we spent some time discussing what the options could have been. We both had differing views.

As I woke the next day, the Lord showed me a couple of things from this and for us as humans. I write as an evangelist and soul winner.

The Holy Spirit would want us to understand the importance of the gift of sight and the importance of seeing.

There is a seeing and a seeing ie people can be physically blind, as well as spiritually blind.

Some levels of physical blindness , can be rectified by aids or adaptions such as glasses or even an operation , but the spiritual blindness is dependent on He who is the Light coming in and dispelling the darkness.

The Lord showed me the analogy of people walking around in darkness also searching for the light . He said they are like the little penguin going round and round, sensing, seeking but not finding it.

We have a role to play as Christian as leaders in directing people to the light who is Jesus. Jesus is the light of the world and he wants all of us to be partakers of the light and come out of darkness. God sent his son , Jesus to earth to go the way of the cross to bring back the light because when Adam and Eve sinned darkness came into the world.

As ambassadors for Christ we become little lights if you like, the light of the world and we need to let that light shine, rather than putting it under a bushel.

Light is important without it we would become depressed, diseased and deficient. Our quest as evangelists or as people of God is to help people to see.

Seeing is incremental and so it is with the process of the new birth.

When we are little babies, we see differently until the shapes become more clear and distinct and more latterly we can put a name to what we see.

As Christian men and women of God, not only are we to help people to see, but we need to ask the Lord to help us see clearer.

There was a time in the book of Job and Isaiah where these men of God spoke about the tragedy of people groping about in the darkness when light was available and trying to break through. We are our own worst enemies when we refuse to move forward to the light. We will be judged if we block and prevent others from coming to the light.

Job admonished that ‘affliction does not come out of the dust neither does trouble spring out of the ground, but because of sin nature, it is in man to do wickedness’ and we need a savior.

If we ask for light and revelation , He will give it.

The Bible says, our Lord saves the poor from the sword and from the hand of those mightier than he, we trust him in this.

The little penguin was being pecked to death because he couldn’t see or defend himself – he would bump into things and fall over. What a miserable situation it was. He was eventually put to sleep which was considered the greater kindness.

Thanks be to God, He has shone his light though Jesus Christ on our dark and dreary world and on our dark understanding. We are not men that sleep but we are alive to righteousness. If we want to see and much more clearer , we only need to ask and he will answer.

Sometimes there are spots in our feast and things that obscure our vision, but we ask our Father to be the healer of our eyes and so that our eyes may be better than we did yesterday.

Unlike the little penguin, we are not people who have been abandoned. We are not mother less or fatherless . We have a Savior who has prayed and who is pleading in glory for us this very day.

We are not orphans, we have been adopted in the beloved and our Father is tenderly caring for our wounds. We can come every day for a cuddle, for our wings and feathers to be smooth. He will dry our tears and heal our broken hearts.


Father we pray and know that affliction cometh not forth of the dust, neither doth trouble spring out of the ground; Yet man is born unto trouble,as the sparks fly upward. We would seek unto you our eternal papa and Father and unto you we commit each and every cause. You do great things, things that are unsearchable and without number. You know each and everyone of our plights , those that stumble in the dark , including the plight of the little penguin.

Father, You are a faithful God and we trust you that everything has been turned around for our good. You are able to open blind eyes and to set captives free. You give seed to the sower and send waters to water the ground. You lift up those whose hands hang down. You set up on high those who have been low and exalt those who mourn. You are a God of the living but you can restore dead things.

We know if we seek you we will find you . If we seek you with a whole heart. Yours is a way that is the true way that leads to light and life everlasting and today we ask you to remove all the spots from our eyes and our feast. Let us see . Let us see you.

Linda J Clifford-Hayes


He opened not his mouth

Yesterday I watched a clip on Facebook of the verbal attack on a young evangelist ministering in a town square. I didn’t see or hear what the evangelist preached as the clip didnt start from there. So I cant comment on whether what he had said was within the realms of what is permissible in the spirit and the local laws, but I saw his response. As the attacker rained down those verbal blows (and in his face). I saw a quiet and gentle spirit. He opened not his mouth. I heard (just out of shot) a woman who had clearly come with the evangelist. She was interjecting and trying to take on the attacker, but the evangelist under attack said nothing. He indicated with his hand to her to be quiet and she heeded.

The attacker continued. He didn’t swear but he was extremely agitated. He neared his face to the evangelist’s own and you could see the evangelist being sprayed by what was coming out of his mouth. The attacker was lurching forward, he was so angry. You could see He was just waiting for a peep to come out of the evangelist.

The evangelist said nothing.
The clip ended.

This morning, I am reviewing this and the Lord is reminding me of the scripture where it says ‘he opened not his mouth’ ( Isaiah 53:7; Acts 8:32). There were however times in Jesus’ life when he did challenge (see where he overturned the tables in the temple- Matthew 21:13) but on other occasions he used wisdom and ‘opened not his mouth’.

As I think about the clip, I see the accuser of the brethren, who the Bible tells us accuses us to God day and night. Revelation 12:10

Our fight is not against flesh and blood. One could see the spirit at work in the attacker. It was fierce with his veins standing out. Like this attacker, the accuser is just waiting for an opportunity for us to slip up, for us to try to defend ourselves, but we must use and exercise wisdom.

The enemy of soul, is the loud voice screaming and shouting at us when we seek to do right and stand on the word of God. We dont see it with our physical eyes, but rest assured, this is what him and his cohorts, his legions are doing right in our faces, right under our noses. They are mincing and menacing . The Bible says prowling around seeking whom they might devour (1 Peter5:8). They are goading, just waiting to put the boot in, just waiting to slap and spit in our faces.

The Bible tells us also that many will be the afflictions of the righteous but he will deliver us from them all. Ours is to strive lawfully (2 Timothy 2:5) and fight ‘manfully’ onwards and as the old hymnal goes.

There are many dichotomies in the bible such as hold your peace, open your mouths , ours is to know which one and when and to use wisdom to pull down strongholds.

Do the work of an evangelist and make full proof your ministries. Our Father instructs that ‘great peace have they who love his law and nothing shall offend them’ . Psalms 119:165

We are overcomers in Jesus’ name.
Evangelist Linda J UK


Also in audio version for the visually impaired.

Towards effective spiritual leadership

I saw a wonderful picture of Fatherhood on Sunday morning as my pastor, Otoyo Henry Ita, streamed the service from the building and at the end , seeing his young daughter sitting on his knee with her arms around his neck . I know for many fatherhood has not been a good experience. How much this manifestation of approachable , loving Fatherhood needs to be seen in our homes and in our churches and across leadership. I know there are other good examples amongst us, but this one caught my eye, particularly in this hour and is a preach in itself.

I am a reflective leader and this morning , I am thinking about the events of the week and the weekend . The above picture leads me to review images of both fatherhood and leadership. Some attributes are synonymous of the other and there are overlaps . Today, I want to concentrate on leadership as a role and as there is much work to do in this hour in the Body.

I am drawing from the life of Samuel who was a pivotal credible and influential leader in his day (see 1 Samuel 12-13). What were the attributes/ qualities that stood out?

When we explore the life of Samuel , we see a number of things. I want to highlight those here :


That he was a good shepherd and made time for quality relationship with the sheep and got to know them . He knew them and because of that he was able to lead them and they looked up to him because they knew that he genuinely cared. We can see examples of good shepherding in the farm industry – a good shepherd looks after and tends the wounds of the sheep. A good shepherd is both tender, tough, but also compassionate.


I have written previously about stewarding the gift (see a good steward is not carrying out actions on his own behalf, but on behalf of his owner – he or she is an overseer and has been given delegated responsibility to manage the things of the house. In the story of Samuel we see how he personified good stewardship – he was able to take on kings and queens – people of high or low social status and for the good of the kingdom. He was compassionate, able to be moved about the state of affairs and was connected and accountable to God, not to man.


Samuel could see. He was blessed with revelation knowledge. As leaders we not only have to be able to see, but also be able to articulate what we see for the good of the whole. We need to look into the perfect law and liberty of life (given through Jesus Christ – ie without condemnation) and translate it so that it speaks to and addresses current issues. We need to be able to see with the eyes of the heart essentially see things as God sees and address issues, without compromise. We walk and do, out of the seeing that God shows and when we do so , we cant go wrong and the house is built on sure foundations. We build on divine experience, going from glory to glory and towards that perfect day.


Jesus was the New Testament example of servant hood – kneeling and washing his disciples feet, but before that leaving his high status and home in glory to seek and save the lost. He got off his high horse/ high chair and sought out the lost. Leaders have to be sacrificial to give up their areas of comfort (and sometimes their right) to win some. Our main area of standing and sacrifice should be at the altar -praying and interceding and crying out for the good of the people. A good servant is not motivated by position , power or platform, but by service – wanting to do of Fathers good pleasure.

May Father help us.

Praying then for spiritual leaders, shepherds and pastors after Father’s own heart. Leaders that not just say and theorise, but do. Praying for leaders called and equipped to stand in this challenging hour. Leaders who speak the truth in love and wont fear the faces of men, kings queens or politicians. Praying for leaders who will stand up for righteousness sake and be counted.

Linda J Uk
Striving towards effective spiritual leadership