A word …….

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the kings horses and all the kings men

Couldn’t put Humpty back together again.

I had this word from the Holy Spirit as I was sitting in my settee last night 20/8/2020. It is not the first time the Holy Spirit has used nursery rhyme to give me a word.

This one popped up in the spirit, with a nudge to write it. I didn’t write it last night but It rang through the night in my spirit and was held there …..

I thought I would get up and research what Father might be saying. This is how he speaks to me.

It may be a personal word, a local word or a generic word. It may speak of political or national situations. Sending to a few across the Body and the nations – the word will locate and speak to those it needs to.

What I currently see:

Humpty is vulnerable because of his makeup – he is a shell. The body is not proportionate – too much going on at the top and not enough substance at the bottom -. The legs of Humpty are very spindly – I see that he cannot hold its own weight . He certainly needs to come down from offa the wall. He may need to exercise – put all things to practice so that there is an evening out – some balance.

I see Humpty as someone overgrown , gorged , large and sitting on what we would say ‘on a fence’ ( – sitting on a fence is a common English idiom – it means not being able to make a decision- a lack of courage because of a need to please both sides). This neutral position in terms of spirituality, can lead to apathy, ambivalence and the stymying of what God wants to do in this hour.

In all the depictions of this nursery rhyme that I have seen since a child – Humpty is well dressed and sitting prominently. In some pictorial depictions, there is Alice (a child – from wonderland fame ) at the foot lending him a hand to help him down. It could speak of a spirit of pride – trying to save face – preferring the dictates of men rather than listening to Jehovah God. The Bible talks about pride coming before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. The rhyme tells us that Humpty Dumpty was heading for a fall. Humpty does come down.

The Bible says – a little child shall lead them and with children and things ‘childlike and innocent ‘ that is where the kingdom can be seen, in all its humility. That is where we need to be. Father help us.

On this particular word, I am open to constructive comments from other seers, watchmen or prophets and because we can only see in part. Praying against any spirit of offense and rejection. This one was/is a hard one to crack for me, but it may be that it is quite simple and the picture of Humpty speaks loudly for itself.

Praying against the spirit of apathy, compromise, inertia . Praying against the spirit of pride and self aggrandizement in the Body which has caused it to be puffed up, overweight, out of balance and out sync, with what it was created to do .

If there is more, I suspect it will unfold over the coming days.

God bless

Linda J UK


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