Crows Die As I Fly High

The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run in and are saved.

Thanking God for this brand new day – another day to pray , praise and worship. I woke with a flatness in my spirit and early so the skies were dark. What did I do ? I encouraged myself in the Lord. As I sat under the shadow of his wings. He brought his word for me.

For a number of years , I have held dear the picture of Habakkuk standing on his rampart wondering what the Lord would say to Him. Well already… praise God, the Lord has spoken.

It is about perseverance and faith and also looking above towards the mark of the higher calling and to the author and finisher of our faith. The analogy of the crow who is a predator that attacks eagles was brought to my attention. The crow will grab hold of and attack the neck of the eagle and bite it as it soars, trying to bring it down. First, I am reminded of Sanballat and Tobiah who tried to deride and pull down the vision that God had given Nehemiah. In terms of the crow, what it doesn’t know is that the eagle is a strategist and as the eagle flies higher into its zone of comfort, the crow is ignorant, that this is to its own peril . You see (and I learned) the crow was not made to fly at the same altitude as the eagle and so eventually drops off.

Hallelujah to the most high God.

This picture of the crow and the eagle has triggered a flow in me of the prophetic. I hear the words ‘crows die, as I fly high’. I repeat, ‘crows die as I fly high’. It is a mantra you can use when you are under attack too.

I declare for you today that the Lord will deliver you from evil sleight of men. For every crow that is hanging on and seeking to pull you down that they drop off now. Our God will disappoint the devices of the crafty that their hands, their teeth, their tongue, their bite cannot perform their enterprise.

It is well for the child of God and all things are working out for our good. Oppressed on every side, but not cast down.

We are flying high , we are going somewhere, more than conquerors in Holy Name.

God bless you

Evangelist Linda J UK


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