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What a wonderful afternoon Father enabled today. We were able (by God’s grace to go out again and minister to and among the nations.

The message for the day was Blow Ye the Trumpet in Zion (see Joel) but the Lord weaved his word to meet the individual needs of the men and women that passed by or stood on the street listening.

At a certain point a young boy call Nathaniel wanted to debate the ‘many roads’ that leads to God. We ministered the truth. For the first time in street ministry I gave my testimony of finding the door and also why today I witness to the wonderful working power of our God through his blessed Holy Spirit. At one point Nathaniel said he was a good person and didn’t think he would lose out if he didn’t do anything else. I found myself sharing the story of Cornelius who was a good man and whose alms prayers had come up to God as a remembrance but that he too needed to be born again.

It’s amazing how the Holy Spirt works and we are just vessels in his hands. As Peter declared all those years ago and we declare today ‘God is no respecter of persons; But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him. Acts 10:35

That is the message we take to the streets and what a blessing it is and has been to be able to take thisto the people and nations of the world.

Pray for Nathaniel . Pray for us. Pray for the Church of Jesus Christ.

Evangelist Linda J


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