A stitch in time saves nine

It is the 23rd September 2020. Last night the British prime minister gave an urgent briefing regarding the pandemic and the necessary measures that are again having to be taken. He gave the ratio decidendi (the reason behind the decision) and used the above term. As he said the words ‘a stitch in time …saves nine’. I felt the unction of the Holy Spirit and a word began to form. This is it :-

I am not sure how many people who are not originally from the UK would have fully understood the phrase but I remember it from my childhood. It simply means if you have a hole in a sock, if you quickly mend it , it will save the whole thing unraveling.

Well as a evangelist (called of God) I always see the soul element in much of what I say and do. I saw that Jesus was the stitch in time (so to speak and reverently) whose purpose was to save the whole human race. The Bible confirms and records it at John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth on him should not perish but have everlasting life”.

As He is , so are we in this world.

There is much work to do to save the one, the nine, the ninety and nine. Action is required now, before the whole garment unravels and before the bottom falls out.

Let me draw things together and as follows:

I had the wonderful opportunity of leading a childhood friend to the Lord last night over the telephone . It was after Boris’ message. I didn’t link the two, I was just doing what I know I was called to do, the Holy Spirit did what he does, and she said Yes. All Glory goes to God.

As I shared my joy with others, the Lord showed me that she has a number of unsaved family members, loved ones that will come in because of the decision she has made. This is a living example of ‘A stitch in time, save nine’.

Let us continue to sow (pun intended), continue to be the bridge, the thread that pulls others back to Him, our Lord and Saviour Jesús Christ. May we be workers together with Him to save lost souls and seek to restore a world, we see so quickly beginning to unravel.

May our Father bless you for your endeavors

Ev Linda J UK


Strongholds and strangleholds – a definition, an implication and a prayer

Thanking God for the ministry of the prophets and the teachings to date. The Lord has been shining his revelation on certain things and the battle we are in, in this hour.

Much has been made about the event that happened in America where a man lost his life through the actions of another. We all remember the imagery, repeated time and time again through news reports and news reels. It is of course the murder of George Floyd that I refer to.

Long before that tragic accident I remember using the same expression in toxic situations I have been in ie ‘I cant breathe’. Even in this tragic situation only those who know the signs of the times and the things of the spirit will listen to what the spirit is saying to the churches, if not to individuals.

We are in a battle and for souls. It has been the oldest fight since the beginning of time, evil trying to usurp and triumph over good. We saw it in the records of Jesus speaking in the New Testament when he stated ‘I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven’ . Satan began his onslaught for the sons of God from the garden of Eden , worked through both Eve and Adam, through Cain and he continues to this day his murderous fete to abort and silence the plans of God.

I thought I knew all there was to know about spiritual terminology but this week the lord made clear the difference between strongholds and stranglehold. I don’t exhaust the learning here but want to highlight strangleholds in particular.

After the fall , God pronounced a word to Eve seeds saying that her heel with bruise the neck of the serpent , this is a stranglehold – the one we saw used against George Floyd. Satan raged then at the pronouncement and he is trying to use that same thing against the seed of God and the people of God and as a last attempt to cause much pain and suffering for Gods people. Indeed there are institutional stronghold and strangeholds that have held the people of God captive. Using the analogy of the sport of wrestling opponents seek to have the upper hand and in doing so can fall into the realm of illegal holds. Stranglehold’s are illegal holds that seeks to choke the person to death to gain the win. As in the natural so in the spiritual. Satan has no right to be putting his pressure on our necks .We were giving authority to do that to him… anyone being held down in this way has the power (in the Name of the Lord to break free). We have seen these illegal holds even in the Body of Christ where the enemy has forever or influenced moves or maneuvers or actions that has stymied , choked or suppressed free expression. When the people have God have tried to rise up, there are naysayers, or judgements being made that has had the effect of crushing spirits or keeping individuals in bondage. Interestingly , (and as in the demise of George Floyd) this stranglehold prevents blood from getting to the head and certain death can and will follow as a result .

I will leave the definition here for today and end with a prayer


Father you see and know all our situations and the plan and attacks of the enemy against your people across the Body. Lord we know your heart is grieved when brother rises up against brother and takes life just as in the first murder by Cain agains Abel. Father this murderous spirit has been seeking to silence and abort the righteous seed from the beginning of time – babies killed in the womb, children maimed or abused causing stunted growth and inability to grow and develop and express. Father we have seen it in your Church and across the whole Body. Illegal moves, illegal holds and merchandising of your flock . Decision making that has stymied the free flow of your already shed blood and the expression of your Holy Spirit.

Father today, we declare we will not be silenced, muzzled, muffled or strangled but we will continue to speak the word of God instance in season and out of season. Lord we know man will always look at the outward appearance but you look at the heart. It was the spirit of jealousy that moved Cain to murder his brother because Abel gave an offering pleasing to you., It was the spirit of jealousy that led Joseph’s brothers to seek to put him down a pit again because you had a plan for Joseph’s life. So Lord we pray against this murderous , legalistic spirit that judges a man or woman called by the Lord. Lord , you have made us the head and not the tail and we will walk in that anointing with no fear or intimidation from men. Turn the tables Lord, give us the necks of our enemies that we may annihilate those who seek to destroy us and the call of kingdom on our lives.

We come against the strongholds of our minds, those we have let develop there through fear, personal sin or lack of faith and trust in you. We ask you to open the prison doors and to loose the chains and spirit of deception that seeks to impact on our proper calling and DNA. We come against the spirit of murder, deception, wickedness and malice.

Help us to rule and reign and take authority that you have already given us as sons and daughters of the most high God. Help us to grow up and stop being mealy mouthed, or feel we need to make excuse or justify, over the things pertaining to God.

Lord you called us . You chose us. You are pleased with our offering.

You alone holy Father , have accepted us , just as we are . It is you that died for us and not another.

You have called us Beloved.

Linda J Clifford UK



What a wonderful day we had yesterday (12/9/2020) as family … I was so blessed. When I thought about doing the event, it was just before the Government ‘no more than 6’ announcement. I nearly cancelled, but I felt the Lord say, if it is only two people GO , make a stand and take ground.

So I sent out the call and those who were meant to be there showed. Some people were unwell, but it was a testimony in our community of the joy of the Lord and the beauty of the Lord. I kept a watchful eye and could see others (members of the public) wanting to join and being drawn in.

For those of you who were not there, there are the pictures. We also shared a couple of scriptures – Noah and the Ark, the need to be under covering and hearing from the Lord in this hour. By way of encouragement, I shared a word about bringing the extraordinary out of the ordinary as God did with Phillip, and a dream about listening and hearing from the Lord, those he has set over us and again , the importance of getting under cover.

Essentially, the Lord is raising up leaders in families and groups who will know his heart and will seek to bring people out and in…… and together…. but like in Noah’s day some people wouldn’t hear or couldn’t hear and continued to do their own thing. When we walk alone, we are easier to be picked off by predators and we learn that from nature.

God puts the solitary in families. He creates families and church as a Body for a reason.

Sometimes it is to humble us, to receive from others… Sometimes it is so we can be used by Him, for others…

Its give and take and with sacrifice.

There will always be differences and challenges when we are in family, but God is greater than our stony hearts…. If Jesus stayed in heaven and refused to come down…. we wouldn’t be here today. Building family and maintaining family, is a sacrifice and you have to put in, to get out.

In our family, everyone is welcome (my own mother taught me that) and everyone has worth (my Heavenly Father taught that one..!!). We are here to build up, not pull down. At the end of the day, it is never about us, but about building a kingdom.

The bible says iron sharpens iron and the countenance of one brightens another. We can see that the enemy is seeking to put our lights out, gag us and divide and separate. We need to be wise and in this hour . We need do the opposite of what he (the enemy of soul) whispers in our ears and do what God has asked us to do. If we keep giving into the voices of fear, conflict, upset, or procrastination, we won’t even notice when he has won, but it will be too late and he will have ravished our souls, our homes and livelihoods.

It was good to hear testimony of healing yesterday – one tumour reduced in size and two prodigals returned home with testimony. We continue to pray for one another. We can’t do it but He is able.

God is blessing us with fruit of the womb and making provision for all of us along the way. We are not our own and we can only do things through his wonderful working power in us. He instructs, he guides, he teaches and it is all working out for our good.

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring either in the spiritual realm or physical and we don’t know when we will meet face to face again.

For now, pray for one another and look for creative ways to get /remain in fellowship as family and with others , continuing to call on the name of the Lord.

Your sister

Linda J UK


The Thief

I had this dream that someone had got into my house and had changed the furniture round. It was the night before I was about do my live prayer slot and I could see in the dream that the position of my bed, my studio lights and everything had been changed around. The house looked in a mess.

It was clear that someone was in the process of putting their own stamp, their own identity on my home, but I was still living there…!! I could see that my microphones and all my media stuff had been thrashed and all my important legal documents had been moved.

In the dream, I could see that this person’s bills were starting to come to my home – in his name!! Two men and women (like police but plain clothes) came to the door with a warrant for his arrest. I opened the door and said, ‘He doesn’t live here ’. They believed me and said I needed to call the police.

I tried to call the police, but my cell phone wasn’t charged properly and I couldn’t get through. Time was running out and I knew I had to start prayers in a moment.

The man was in front of me (no one I knew in the natural) and I ‘shot him a box’ (Jamaican for slapped him across the face), for what he had done. He didn’t flinch. I demanded he show me where he had put my microphones. He took me to the kitchen at the back of the house. The microphones had been put away in a locked metal cupboard like a prison. I retrieved them.

That was the dream.


The Lord has been downloading the meaning of the dream over the last couple of days. It is a spiritual dream and there is much food for thought.

It comes from two latin words ‘lien’ and ‘alien’.

In English law

(i) Lien

Is a right to keep possession of property belonging to another person until a debt owed by that person is discharged – similar to when someone defaults on a loan and has a mortgage the creditor can apply to put a lien (a charge on the person’s house) until the debt is paid.

(ii) Alien

Alien is defined as foreign born persons who have not been naturalised. There are different categories , resident and non resident . An alien can only be naturalised if they can prove that right through clear and satisfactory standards. Legal aliens (although the term alien is now changed to immigrant and non- immigrant) can enjoy temporary resident rights (of various duration) but have no legal or constitutional rights unless those have been explicitly stated for him/her to enjoy in law.

Whilst temporary they also have to obey laws but can also sue under certain rights and through courts .

As born again Christians we are citizens of heaven having delegated power and authority to rule and to reign here on earth. Both in the natural and spiritual, satan has no legal right over us or our possessions. The bible tells us however that the thief (Satan) comes to kill , to steal and to destroy .John 10:10 and He will try all He can to get in and to get at us.

He is angry and jealous of our position and right and authority and covets our habitation with God. Remember He was booted out and has no abiding city , wandering from place to place seeking where he may find rest and who he may devour.

We need to have our lamps trimmed bright. to be vigilant and watchful in prayer. The fact the phone was out of charge is not a good point in a dream and we need to ensure we remain connected to the source of power in prayer and to discharge that power and take the necessary actions and make declarations when necessary.

The man was symbolic of an alien ie not of this world. That is why my slap had no impact on him. The bible tells us that our fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness in high places. But how did he get in?

The bible tells us (i)the enemy can be given a foothold due to our own responses ie anger or unforgiveness. (ii)it also warns that ‘men creep unawares’. These are fallen angels (if you like) , spirits of wickedness, individuals ‘….who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness and denying the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ’ Jude 1:4

We have been given grace gifts that others may oppose. We will always have opposition in the Body and in the world. These come to challenge our identity and the security we have in Him, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Their desire is to usurp, lock us up, shut us down and silence us, but they cannot prevail. We must challenge but to do so lawfully . We must also forgive those who levy attacks against us.

As the dream makes clear , there is already a warrant out for the enemy’s arrest and his time is short. Says the Lord. The angels of mercy are at the door – just like in the story of Lot and the city of Sodom. They (like you) know the truth and the truth will always set us free.


Lord first we ask for forgiveness . If there is anything in us giving the enemy legal right or access to thrash our house and sense of security or our identity or right-standing in you, we ask you to bring it to the surface. We repent if we have given railing for railing and not responded in love. We forgive those who have come against us and we seek peace today and restoration. Lord you judge between us and them. You rather not the death of a sinner, but that all should come to know you and we lift up all the names and faces that now come to mind.

Lord, in relation to our oft spiritual battles we depend on you. Help us to increase our prayer life that we will not be found wanting when the need for challenge arises.

I want to end with some declarations calling on the Name of the Lord.


I declare that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. No thief or usurper will take us unawares. I declare that our tools and weapons are not carnal, but are mighty through God and through them strong holds are being broken in the name of Jesus Christ. Satan knows his time is short and even now, there is a warrant out for his arrest.

I declare that we have made a covenant with the most high God and the enemy of soul and his aliens, cannot enter or exact upon us. We are not like those that sleep or slumber, but we are awake to righteousness and we see and know what is going on right under our noses. No one can change our place of snide or identity. Our citizenship is of heaven and we know who we are in Him.

I declare that the children of God will possess their possessions , our stolen goods will be returned and light will continue to shine upon our way. As one man said, truth smashed down to the ground will doubtless rise again, undaunted. We will run our race and we will keep the assignment designed for us from the foundation of the world.

We are restorers of the breach and all that is broken down. Our prayer lives are getter stronger and we remain connected and in concert with the Most High God.

Evangelist Linda J Clifford-Hayes UK

Writing under scribe and prophetic unction



Yesterday we had our second leadership huddle where we were led and counseled about the attributes of a good leader. Various life examples and experiences were shared and there was food and thought for all.

Significantly, Moses (as a Old Testament leader) was shared and the reactions of the people he was leading at a particular juncture. You know the part when the Israelites were in Horeb see Exodus 32, where Moses goes up the mountain to have a meeting with God but appears to delay in returning?

The point that was being highlighted in respect of leaders, is that there are obedient and disobedient leaders. Aaron (second in command whilst Moses was away) listened to the errant ways of the people and allowed them to get up to play. Aaron was instrumental in giving advice about erecting the golden calf and went further, he built an altar before it

In review (and in our breakout rooms) we shared our individual experiences , challenges and call. The training ended. I was very tired and had an early night.

Throughout the night and as I slept, I found myself praying for this and that. I prayed about circumstances I knew about in our church, in our environment and also some challenges coming up for me this next week. I prayed for myself and I prayed for our leaders.

As I prayed through the night, the Lord gave me his word deep into my spirit ‘ my peace I give to you, my peace, I leave with you not as the world giveth, give I unto you…’ I didnt hear the rest, but that was the scripture impressed in my spirit. I continued to sleep.

As I slept, I found the Holy Spirit taking me back to review of the message yesterday and the similarities to our day. It is the first time I have seen or grasped the analogy with our Lord’s return. Whilst Moses was away, the people got up to play.

I felt the Lord show and say ‘and so it is now with my own . Many think I have delayed my return, so they are doing all sorts of things – erected a number of idols , they have got up to play..!!

He didn’t need to say any more, as I could see it. As an evangelist , I see it in relation to souls not yet come through the door and I see it in relation to those ‘second in command’ (including myself) who should be more vigilant in the watching and waiting and ensuring proper focus.

I began a further reflection.

When you first read through Exodus and Numbers you see a people grumbling and complaining with God for this and that. Poor Moses what a challenge he had.

Many of us have watched the serial production of the 10 commandments and are shocked when we see the Israelites making the molten calf and behaving the way they did. We look on incredulously ‘how could they do that?’

I feel the Lord is warning and showing we have (and can be guilty) of the same thing, because we have become complacent about his return.

The Lord would want me to say: He is soon to come down that mountain. He is on his way. Dear reader, listener, those are my instructions and since my own call.

What will our Father see and what will he hear. In each of our zooms, our rooms, our ceiled houses? What edifices have we erected? What or whom have we idolised? Who will he find watching, waiting when our good Lord returns?

In 2007/2008 I had a vivid vision of the Lord’s return. This weekend the Lord brings back to my attention and I share here as I am led to.

I saw the Lord’s return and the skies rolled back – we were in a house and everyone was huddled in a corner – I was shocked in the dream at the worry on some of the faces. Those who I had thought should have no fear – leaders – full of prayer and the word, were quivering in the corner, frightened and in jeopardy . The dream spoke :- they knew they were not ready.

At that time I was a young leader in training both in my secular job and ministry call. I was shocked to see those more mature cowering in fear. I kept the dream in my heart until now given the signs.

The Bible tells us man looks on the outward appearance, but God knows and tries the hearts and the reins. It was said so well yesterday , it is not about eloquence or gifting per se, but about surrender and obedience.

I return to the scripture that Father brought in my spirit , soul and body in the night and with extension. I pray it brings peace, comfort and reflection.

My peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. 28 Ye have heard how I said unto you, I go away, and come again unto you. If ye loved me, ye would rejoice, because I said, I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I. 29 And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe. John 14:27

The bible says (and I summarise) when they say peace and safety , sudden destruction will come upon us akin to what a woman experienced when she is about to give birth. I close with ‘perfect love casts out all fear’ 1 John 4:18 and that the Lord would have all of us saved and come unto the knowledge of the truth . 1 Timothy 2:4

Please feel free to share with your leaders and loved ones.

Evangelist Linda J