What a wonderful day we had yesterday (12/9/2020) as family … I was so blessed. When I thought about doing the event, it was just before the Government ‘no more than 6’ announcement. I nearly cancelled, but I felt the Lord say, if it is only two people GO , make a stand and take ground.

So I sent out the call and those who were meant to be there showed. Some people were unwell, but it was a testimony in our community of the joy of the Lord and the beauty of the Lord. I kept a watchful eye and could see others (members of the public) wanting to join and being drawn in.

For those of you who were not there, there are the pictures. We also shared a couple of scriptures – Noah and the Ark, the need to be under covering and hearing from the Lord in this hour. By way of encouragement, I shared a word about bringing the extraordinary out of the ordinary as God did with Phillip, and a dream about listening and hearing from the Lord, those he has set over us and again , the importance of getting under cover.

Essentially, the Lord is raising up leaders in families and groups who will know his heart and will seek to bring people out and in…… and together…. but like in Noah’s day some people wouldn’t hear or couldn’t hear and continued to do their own thing. When we walk alone, we are easier to be picked off by predators and we learn that from nature.

God puts the solitary in families. He creates families and church as a Body for a reason.

Sometimes it is to humble us, to receive from others… Sometimes it is so we can be used by Him, for others…

Its give and take and with sacrifice.

There will always be differences and challenges when we are in family, but God is greater than our stony hearts…. If Jesus stayed in heaven and refused to come down…. we wouldn’t be here today. Building family and maintaining family, is a sacrifice and you have to put in, to get out.

In our family, everyone is welcome (my own mother taught me that) and everyone has worth (my Heavenly Father taught that one..!!). We are here to build up, not pull down. At the end of the day, it is never about us, but about building a kingdom.

The bible says iron sharpens iron and the countenance of one brightens another. We can see that the enemy is seeking to put our lights out, gag us and divide and separate. We need to be wise and in this hour . We need do the opposite of what he (the enemy of soul) whispers in our ears and do what God has asked us to do. If we keep giving into the voices of fear, conflict, upset, or procrastination, we won’t even notice when he has won, but it will be too late and he will have ravished our souls, our homes and livelihoods.

It was good to hear testimony of healing yesterday – one tumour reduced in size and two prodigals returned home with testimony. We continue to pray for one another. We can’t do it but He is able.

God is blessing us with fruit of the womb and making provision for all of us along the way. We are not our own and we can only do things through his wonderful working power in us. He instructs, he guides, he teaches and it is all working out for our good.

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring either in the spiritual realm or physical and we don’t know when we will meet face to face again.

For now, pray for one another and look for creative ways to get /remain in fellowship as family and with others , continuing to call on the name of the Lord.

Your sister

Linda J UK


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