Strongholds and strangleholds – a definition, an implication and a prayer

Thanking God for the ministry of the prophets and the teachings to date. The Lord has been shining his revelation on certain things and the battle we are in, in this hour.

Much has been made about the event that happened in America where a man lost his life through the actions of another. We all remember the imagery, repeated time and time again through news reports and news reels. It is of course the murder of George Floyd that I refer to.

Long before that tragic accident I remember using the same expression in toxic situations I have been in ie ‘I cant breathe’. Even in this tragic situation only those who know the signs of the times and the things of the spirit will listen to what the spirit is saying to the churches, if not to individuals.

We are in a battle and for souls. It has been the oldest fight since the beginning of time, evil trying to usurp and triumph over good. We saw it in the records of Jesus speaking in the New Testament when he stated ‘I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven’ . Satan began his onslaught for the sons of God from the garden of Eden , worked through both Eve and Adam, through Cain and he continues to this day his murderous fete to abort and silence the plans of God.

I thought I knew all there was to know about spiritual terminology but this week the lord made clear the difference between strongholds and stranglehold. I don’t exhaust the learning here but want to highlight strangleholds in particular.

After the fall , God pronounced a word to Eve seeds saying that her heel with bruise the neck of the serpent , this is a stranglehold – the one we saw used against George Floyd. Satan raged then at the pronouncement and he is trying to use that same thing against the seed of God and the people of God and as a last attempt to cause much pain and suffering for Gods people. Indeed there are institutional stronghold and strangeholds that have held the people of God captive. Using the analogy of the sport of wrestling opponents seek to have the upper hand and in doing so can fall into the realm of illegal holds. Stranglehold’s are illegal holds that seeks to choke the person to death to gain the win. As in the natural so in the spiritual. Satan has no right to be putting his pressure on our necks .We were giving authority to do that to him… anyone being held down in this way has the power (in the Name of the Lord to break free). We have seen these illegal holds even in the Body of Christ where the enemy has forever or influenced moves or maneuvers or actions that has stymied , choked or suppressed free expression. When the people have God have tried to rise up, there are naysayers, or judgements being made that has had the effect of crushing spirits or keeping individuals in bondage. Interestingly , (and as in the demise of George Floyd) this stranglehold prevents blood from getting to the head and certain death can and will follow as a result .

I will leave the definition here for today and end with a prayer


Father you see and know all our situations and the plan and attacks of the enemy against your people across the Body. Lord we know your heart is grieved when brother rises up against brother and takes life just as in the first murder by Cain agains Abel. Father this murderous spirit has been seeking to silence and abort the righteous seed from the beginning of time – babies killed in the womb, children maimed or abused causing stunted growth and inability to grow and develop and express. Father we have seen it in your Church and across the whole Body. Illegal moves, illegal holds and merchandising of your flock . Decision making that has stymied the free flow of your already shed blood and the expression of your Holy Spirit.

Father today, we declare we will not be silenced, muzzled, muffled or strangled but we will continue to speak the word of God instance in season and out of season. Lord we know man will always look at the outward appearance but you look at the heart. It was the spirit of jealousy that moved Cain to murder his brother because Abel gave an offering pleasing to you., It was the spirit of jealousy that led Joseph’s brothers to seek to put him down a pit again because you had a plan for Joseph’s life. So Lord we pray against this murderous , legalistic spirit that judges a man or woman called by the Lord. Lord , you have made us the head and not the tail and we will walk in that anointing with no fear or intimidation from men. Turn the tables Lord, give us the necks of our enemies that we may annihilate those who seek to destroy us and the call of kingdom on our lives.

We come against the strongholds of our minds, those we have let develop there through fear, personal sin or lack of faith and trust in you. We ask you to open the prison doors and to loose the chains and spirit of deception that seeks to impact on our proper calling and DNA. We come against the spirit of murder, deception, wickedness and malice.

Help us to rule and reign and take authority that you have already given us as sons and daughters of the most high God. Help us to grow up and stop being mealy mouthed, or feel we need to make excuse or justify, over the things pertaining to God.

Lord you called us . You chose us. You are pleased with our offering.

You alone holy Father , have accepted us , just as we are . It is you that died for us and not another.

You have called us Beloved.

Linda J Clifford UK


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