But now… a righteousness apart from the law is revealed.

Praise ye the lord Jesus Christ

Greetings to you in the matchless name of Jesus our soon coming King. It was with joy that I read the report of the pardon given to a number of prisoners who had showed through their behavior the wonderful working power of God. It was good to

hear and to play just a little part of it by way of writing and encouragement. I love to write. May the Lord give me grace, resources and continued ability to do so.

This morning, I am writing at my dining table and meditating on Romans 3 and 4 and so many insights are coming to me which links with this good report.

Romans 3:21 speaks about a righteous apart from the law being revealed. Elsewhere the Bible speaks about the just living by faith. We don’t abolish the law but we keep the law through faith in Jesus Christ . How can i break it down for the babe or lay person? We don’t become reckless as believers because we have been given grace we continue to hold fast to our Lord and the liberty he has given us to do good – the commandments being just and holy and pure.

I am running away with myself… let me slow down and give some examples of love triumphing over the law. Jesus revealed a righteous apart from the when

(i) he healed the woman with the issue of blood -ordinarily she should have been stoned taking her sickness, her blood disease out on the street – mans law would have said ‘away with her’ and ‘how dare you’. But Jesus said , your faith has made you whole .

(ii) Jesus revealed a righteousness apart from the law when he acknowledged the faith concept of ‘yet the dogs eat the crumbs from the Masters table’

and finally and most dramatically

(iii) Jesus revealed a righteousness apart the the law when he accepted the thief on the cross in that thief’s last moments.

I started to write this letter for prisoners but it has resonance to all those also in physical or emotional prison or turmoil who have accepted the lie and made the grace of God of non effect. The grace of God has been extended to all and I know the Lord saves by his shed blood, to the uttermost.

By the deeds of the law, ie doing good can no man or woman be justified, for all have sinned and all are shaped in iniquity.

NB this is free flow – May edit later and add scriptures

Evangelist Linda J UK

17/10/2020 very early in the morning

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