‘Who being the brightness of his glory and the express image of his person and upholding all things by the word of his power’ Hebrews 1:3

I have been studying and reflecting on the Names and attributes of God. As I have done so Father has spoken to me.

On Sunday the 15th November, I saw a picture of Lewis Hamilton on top of one of his cars. He was getting applaud for his achievement in the sport. I understand it was his 7th world title and was indeed his fourth title in a row. As I looked at him with his arms lifted up, I saw the figure and meaning of ‘a victor’ – most importantly I saw our victor, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus was our prophet, priest and king standing on the hill of Calvary – the hand of God …with arms stretched and hands raised, albeit in pain, for us.

I saw the shadow of his wings and which we can now rest safe and secure knowing that He measured up, so we too can wear a crown.

The Bible says some some trust in chariots and horses ( ) even putting their trust in men and women or denominations, but we (as called out burning ones) we trust in the Name of the Lord. Some trust in sport cars, idolizing men of stature like 007 and the now late, Maradona, but we trust in and worship Jesus – the son of the living God.

Of course we grieve with those that grieve and know the pain of losing loved ones, but there is one greater than they and we are told not to idolize or worship men. We worship only Jesus.

Jesus, the brightness and brilliance of our father glory. Father has shown me that when we as Christians or individuals idolize men, humans or things made with hands, by default we devalue and demote ourselves. I say this because each and everyone of us is ‘a first’ to our Father. There isn’t another copy like you or me as our DNA attests. The Bible tells us the very hairs of our individual heads are numbered.

Men and women revere these sports men for their game or prowess during their time on earth or their time on the silver screen. But our adulation is and has to be to our God and his Christ. The eternal son of God – soon to return.

Let me tell you – there is none like him. He is the first, the last , he is the first born of the dead. The grave did not hold him . He was not subject to disease or decay. He was the perfect lamb. The perfect sacrifice without spot or blemish.

Know this also and in a time of peril and storm :

Jesus is ahead of the game.

He has already won the race

When he died, we died

When he rose, we rose,

When he won , we won.

We have been made victors in his name.

Right now, this Jesus, the son of God, is standing in the gap ever making intercession for us in the throne room of God. Right now, this Jesus is squaring things up, to take us to our eternal home.

He is our victor, the only one we should worship. He and only He , will help us cross the finish line.

Jesus: the brightness and brilliance of our fathers glory

Let him shine through us and be our guide and our light.

Trust fully in the effectiveness of our prophet priest king

He is the sympathizing jesus

He has more than 7 titles (go look them up ) and we are all complete in him

Let him infuse and he enthuse us with the power of his Holy Spirit so that death won’t sting and we can have an overcoming life.

Evangelist Linda J Clifford-Hayes


In the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Just Like Our Father

I saw two pictures this week and received a confirming word which I believe is a word from the Lord in its entirety. May you receive it with grace.

My daughter and I was relaxing on the sofa just after the evening news. Nowadays we don’t watch much TV, but I was led to say just see what is on on the other side.

There was a real life documentary of a shepherding family – a mother and father with 9 (yes 9….) beautiful children. The producers had been followed for a series of months – this being the second sequel. The youngest child was about 4 and the eldest looked about 16. There was a mixture of gender.

It was a beautiful program to watch as the mother of the family had allowed the children to grow in competence in doing things on the farm and even dealing with the births and deaths of the lambs. One sheep had died possibly because she had wandered off alone and had drunk polluted water but she was still numbered and being accounted for.

The innocency of the children and the dexterity of how they went about their tasks was mesmerizing. Most importantly was a section where the whole family sat down together to eat outside . As the children sat and listen mum and dad recounted all their birth stories ie how they came into the world, the time of day and the events that happened during delivery. Each child listened pleased and proud as punch. It was clear they had heard the story before but they reveled in mum and dad telling them again. There was a point when one little girl (the middle child) shouted out ‘you’ve missed me’. Sure enough they had, but there was an affective story also to tell on her behalf and to confirm her identity.

The most beautiful thing for me was the tender heart of the father of the family – how he had gathered his brood around him and how he spoke tenderly and affectionately to his wife and to his children. This is what God intended both for the physical family of God and the spiritual family of God.

I came to bed that night and I cried my heart out for the memory of what I had seen and for the heart of our Father. The image has not left me.

As I prepared my prayer ministry for the next day Father brought Ezekiel 34 which was a rebuke of the shepherds who had not looked after the sheep. He continued to bring me word this very week about the sheepfold (two days later). He highlights that the flock includes lambs that are frail, weak and unsteady and some barely able to walk. Others are deep in pain. A few pregnant and others nursing young. Each and every one of us who call on his name can identify within this fold.

I am led to write this today for several reasons :

He has asked the to write

He wants you to know that the very hairs of your head is numbered and he sees you as special

He wants you to know you have an identity with him if you are part of his family

He is the good Shepherd and he will provide ointment for your souls and remove all he ticks and brambles that have kept you bound.

His desires his to protect you from the wolf and the roaring and raving lion

In terms of those called to minister and to be shepherds, mothers and fathers of the flock there is an additional word too :

We see in a number of the prophetic books how God condemns Israel’s ministers because they didn’t meet the needs of the sheep under their care. He spoke his displeasure through both Ezekiel, Isaiah and Jeremiah. (See Ezekiel 34:4, 6) See Isaiah 53:6).

Thus saith the Lord , i even I will search my sheep and seek them out. I will deliver them out of all the places where they have been scattered in teh cloudy and dark day. I will feed them in good pasture and upon the high mountains and they shall lie down in a good fold and be fat. I will judge between cattle and cattle and my people shall no. more be a prey .

I pray today that we can be like little children and receive the word wherever it may apply to us and so that we don’t lose out.

I believe I share his heart when i say ,our Father’s desire is for each one of us to lie down beside still waters and to be led in the paths of righteousness for his name sake.

Evangelist Linda J UK

Yours in his Name

Written 5:00 am 18/11/2020 in the year of our lord


By Evangelist Linda J UK


Thank you Holy One of Israel

Banner over us

Right Hand of Righteousness

Fighting for us

You still the avenger

You calm the raging seas

Ever victorious

Interceding just for Me

Praying in this hour I can be one with you

As you and our Father are one

Praying that I come up to the mark of the higher calling -with the ensign of Holiness in Your Name

Praying that by faith I can continue to withstand the wiles of the enemy’s and to lay hold on all that you have in store for me

Oh to be bold as a lion, skip and be humble like a lamb

Oh to be filled with compassion for the lost.

To ever hear from you and to seek your face.

Thank you Good Shepherd of Israel’s flock

You gave your life for the sheep

You didnt balk at the responsibility but said ‘Here i am’

You climbed onto the cross, soaked in our shame.

Your joy was Isaac’s strength a foreshadowing of trust and obedience

Yours was the promise and confidence in our Father to never leave or forsake, but to bring dead things back to life.

Willing and obedient you were ,

Just to save me

Knowing that without you I would be lost

Knowing that without you I could do nothing

Praying now for continued protection against the King of the Amalekites

Those spiritual hosts of wickedness that continue to seek to gag and silence your seed and to lay claim to your throne as it did from the foundations. Our fight is not against flesh and blood but we pray may the lineage of King Agag and his cohorts be annihilated in the power of your Holy Name.

We declare that : A king , (the stem and root of Jesse , the Branch who is you Jesus), shall rule in righteousness.

We are your witnesses.

We honor and adore you as we see the spirit of lordship upon you and your people, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might , the spirit of knowledge and the reverential fear and righteous indignation.

We thank you because you are a just God and a savior. Willing that none who call on your name should perish.

We thank you because you have not judged after the sight of your eyes, neither did you reprove us after the hearing of your ears, but with righteousness you judge us and with fairness and equity you brought and will bring, justice for the meek of the earth.

We know you are our King supreme, heavens victor and darling.

We live because you live and was victorious.

You shall smite the earth with the rod of your mouth and with the breath of your lips you will slay the wicked.

Evangelist Linda J UK