‘Who being the brightness of his glory and the express image of his person and upholding all things by the word of his power’ Hebrews 1:3

I have been studying and reflecting on the Names and attributes of God. As I have done so Father has spoken to me.

On Sunday the 15th November, I saw a picture of Lewis Hamilton on top of one of his cars. He was getting applaud for his achievement in the sport. I understand it was his 7th world title and was indeed his fourth title in a row. As I looked at him with his arms lifted up, I saw the figure and meaning of ‘a victor’ – most importantly I saw our victor, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus was our prophet, priest and king standing on the hill of Calvary – the hand of God …with arms stretched and hands raised, albeit in pain, for us.

I saw the shadow of his wings and which we can now rest safe and secure knowing that He measured up, so we too can wear a crown.

The Bible says some some trust in chariots and horses ( ) even putting their trust in men and women or denominations, but we (as called out burning ones) we trust in the Name of the Lord. Some trust in sport cars, idolizing men of stature like 007 and the now late, Maradona, but we trust in and worship Jesus – the son of the living God.

Of course we grieve with those that grieve and know the pain of losing loved ones, but there is one greater than they and we are told not to idolize or worship men. We worship only Jesus.

Jesus, the brightness and brilliance of our father glory. Father has shown me that when we as Christians or individuals idolize men, humans or things made with hands, by default we devalue and demote ourselves. I say this because each and everyone of us is ‘a first’ to our Father. There isn’t another copy like you or me as our DNA attests. The Bible tells us the very hairs of our individual heads are numbered.

Men and women revere these sports men for their game or prowess during their time on earth or their time on the silver screen. But our adulation is and has to be to our God and his Christ. The eternal son of God – soon to return.

Let me tell you – there is none like him. He is the first, the last , he is the first born of the dead. The grave did not hold him . He was not subject to disease or decay. He was the perfect lamb. The perfect sacrifice without spot or blemish.

Know this also and in a time of peril and storm :

Jesus is ahead of the game.

He has already won the race

When he died, we died

When he rose, we rose,

When he won , we won.

We have been made victors in his name.

Right now, this Jesus, the son of God, is standing in the gap ever making intercession for us in the throne room of God. Right now, this Jesus is squaring things up, to take us to our eternal home.

He is our victor, the only one we should worship. He and only He , will help us cross the finish line.

Jesus: the brightness and brilliance of our fathers glory

Let him shine through us and be our guide and our light.

Trust fully in the effectiveness of our prophet priest king

He is the sympathizing jesus

He has more than 7 titles (go look them up ) and we are all complete in him

Let him infuse and he enthuse us with the power of his Holy Spirit so that death won’t sting and we can have an overcoming life.

Evangelist Linda J Clifford-Hayes


In the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ

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