I have been trying to share this word for two days.. and old hairy legs and his cohorts have not been happy. The amount of attack and onslaught I have received within a hour of yesterday morning is very interesting indeed. Part of what I wrote at 4:00 am yesterday morning has also disappeared… which is unusual. But I will not be defeated. Here goes:

For those of you who watched Fuel the Fire a ministry platform put on by All Nations Church, Wolverhampton ,UK on Friday last week (4/12/2020) would have been blessed. Pastor Steven and team had invited Bob Sorge to share a word and what a word.

My own word is entirely separate and came to me on the 3/12/2020 but it sets the context of why I was moved to share and to write at this juncture.

One of the things Bob asked is what is your love language with God- essentially how does God speak to you ? Or indeed  how do you speak to God? 

Our own Pastor in his own messages over the past few months has been urging us to carve out some quiet time to speak to and hear from God – it is a must…. we must hear from God ourselves. 

As a minister since 2004, Father has been using me to encourage those who will receive, about some of these necessities and disciplines including ensuring you write down your vision and dreams. I heard him audibly give that instruction : ‘tell them Linda, it is as they write they will run… ‘ . So my mandate is to speak and to write. I pray you too will run.

One of my own love language is that I dream and I see and hear. I see the word become flesh as people speak or minister. By his blessed Holy Spirit, He speaks to my heart and in pictures.

Whilst I was in the wilderness in 2007, I saw the word of God ( a bible ) in a three dimensional tangible way – it was like bread.

This (as shared history) sets some of the context of what I want and share.

It was last week …before Bob’s preach, I think it was 3/12/2002 after one of the members of our early morning prayers gave a devotion. As he shared or prayed , ( I didn’t have time to share what I was seeing, but I saw… ). I saw an individual in front of the throne room, covered in splashes of blood. I saw and heard the meaning of the word SUPERIMPOSE : I saw it happening. I saw if you like a picture of what happens when someone approaches the throne that a blood stained Jesus is superimposed over that person.

I am not sure whether I will do justice to what has been revealed in this one write up, but I pray you will get something out of it to lift your faith and give you increase confidence and wisdom as you pray. May it fan your flames. May you see.

The dictionary defines the word SUPERIMPOSED or su·per·im·pos·ing as follows : to impose, place, or set over, above, or on something else. It means to put or join as an addition.

Father began to take me to the key scriptures. One being 2 Corinthians 5:21

For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in him

He took our place and what an imposition!!

I think Hebrews says it well when Paul preached.  He preached 

But we see Jesus , who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man.

He took the blows. When he died we died. When he arose , we arose. If it wasn’t for Jesus and what he suffered on the cross in our place, we could not approach the throne of grace. God is a holy God and we (born in sin and shapened in iniquity) would be consumed by his holiness. God, superimposes Jesus on us when we approach ie He sees Jesus when we come to him – he looks beyond our faults and sees – the spotless Lamb, His son.

Listen to this beautiful nugget from the scriptures :

Both he that sanctifieth (JESUS) and they who are sanctified (US) are one; for which cause he is not ashamed to call us brethren.

He (Jesus), did not take on him the nature of angels, BUT he took on him, the seed of Abraham (our likeness- man – us ). Wherefore in all things it behoved him to be made like unto his brethren that he might be amerciful and faithful high priest in things pertaining to God. Hebrews 2:16. A high priest stands in the gap and speaks on behalf of the people and the nations.

What are the things pertaining to God? WE ARE……!!!! Including issues of righteousness, justice, fairness – atonement and sacrifice, restoration, health and well-being. The substitution and exchange happened, so that we could be saved and in turn (as priest and kings of the most High God) save Adam’s fallen race from all manner of sins and diseases.

It is this knowledge that brings quickening and enabling power. How can you not become alive and shout it from the roof tops.

Can I also say that the enemy of soul also superimposes to enlarge, distort and smoke screen and I have seen that many years ago in a dream. Have you seen the picture that is often circulated by Walt Disney or people that make cartoons. You know the picture of a lion projected and roaring but when you look behind the screen it is a little frightened mouse…. This (God has shown me ) is the picture of the adversary. He is like a puff of smoke, he has no substance . He tries to superimpose, smother and cover us with his death stroke, to silence or in an attempt to fool us, or to scare us.

But we see Him and are not afraid.

Let him bring on his greatest arsenals or continue to sling mud, we are covered by the blood Jesus. He stands in our place and no weapon formed against us shall prosper. It is also okay to cry.

Thanks be to God, Jesus, is our all sufficiency, our substance and covering . Oh if we could only grasp that vision when we pray, I believe it would help us get over our doubts, fears and the many mealy mouth issues and obstacles we sometimes allow to get in front of the necessary work which we must do.

The Bible says, as he is, so are we in this world. Let him (Jesus ) be your shield and guide.

When we pray and pray for others and all kinds of things – we cannot, not be moved…. Praying is not, nor should be a tick box, mechanical rote exercise – the piercing and desire for change, causes pangs , things to move as it did/does our Lord.

Let us Pray ….!!! Let us see ourselves cloaked and covered as Jesus and by Jesus, through his shed blood which speaks louder than the blood of Abel.

There is so much more to ponder on this word but for now let me leave you with this and to guide prayers:

• Pray under his covering and the delegated responsibility given to us by the exchange at the cross.

• Pray because we have been accepted in the beloved

*Pray because we are heirs and joint heirs with Jesus and he has given us dunamis ,(not Walt Disney or smoke , bells and whistles) but real power.

• Pray knowing that he is our mediator , he is standing in the gap. His life has been superimposed on us and he remains our faithful high priest.

Finally (and thank God for this ) God doesn’t see us or our many failings, but as we approach him faithfully, confessing our sins , he sees Jesus and then all manner of things concerning us are always : YES AND AMEN .

Evangelist Linda J UK


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