I had not intended to write this particular word but this fine morning 13/12/2020 I am sitting with Father at our table and he is touching my heart and helping me to review the events of the past week.

On Wednesday this week, I had need to visit the X-ray department to have an X-ray on a condition that has been giving me some jip since about 2010. My daughter came with me and what a blessing to be leaning on your offspring at a time like this. I don’t take this lightly.

My name was duly called and a male nurse ushered me into a room. I wasn’t aware that he would be doing what needed to be done, but he set about doing his task.

What was so touching ( and the reason why I write and record) is the gentle care he gave as he was doing his task. He asked me questions and helped me position my body on the examining table. Thank God I didnt need to undress… He held my two feet as you would hold a baby’s and then found a solution for me to keep my toes together, as he took the photos. He gently wrapped/swaddled…. an apron round my ankles and then went to take the shots.

When he returned he spoke softly to me and repositioned me from lying down, to sitting back up. I didnt need the help, but he helped place my winter scarf around my shoulders. When I asked what the pictures had shown, he said they are not permitted to say, but if it was an emergency, I would have been booked in, but as it is routine, I will hear from my GP.

That was the event.

Next day I was able to get out of bed with a spring in my step , so much so that I laughed. I don’t know if this was a result of prayers or the care that had been given, but my pains were gone …..Glory to God!!! I began speaking in my mother tongue!! No one was going to silence that praise.

The Lord has been drawing reference to me about this event from his Holy word and what is happening in the Body.

Here was an unnamed carer/nurse who ministered and cared for me with such compassion and empathy and behind the scenes. He didn’t push me down or push his own ideas or position on me, but just respected me and accepted me as I am (sic). He also listened. Too often in the Body, we see pontification and bullish and controlling behaviors from those purported to represent our Father. They do him a disservice. Some now are soooh busy counting the number of ‘likes’, they don’t know what is happening on the ground to the flock – whether any one injured, they don’t really care. As for strategic issues, the blind is leading the blind.

The Bible says as much as you do unto my little ones (that is acts of kindness compassion and care) we do it unto, I am.

None of us knows what another person carries or is dealing with and we should walk carefully and humbly before our God. We know that some have entertained angels unnawares.

The Lord is ever present to heal and takes sickness away from us but the laborers are few. He knows our name. He doesn’t judge as men judge. He is touched with the feelings of our infirmities . He took upon him the form of servant – a lowly estate and he did it for us. He was not about making a name for himself, or bashing and demeaning others. He was always about lifting the beggar from the dung hill and our God (his Father), was satisfied with the travail of his soul which led to him being given a Name above every other Name and the praises and glory due to same through those that acknowledge and reverence same.

Let us Pray

Pray for genuine compassion to return to the Church of Jesus Christ.

Pray that we wont just profess the word, but the word be manifest in all we say and do ie stop playing church.

Pray that we wont keep straining at gnats and swallowing the camel down the road or in another nation, when there is much to do right under our noses, even now within our many zooms.

Pray that we will see whom God has sent and set amongst us ie his hurting little ones and get off our high horses like the Good Samaritan was wont to do.

Pray for a spirit of genuine humility to return to the Body and the praise of Jesus not the adulation of men. Stop bigging men up. Big up Jesus.

Pray that we don’t hide behind screens judging and pointing fingers at what we don’t understand in terms of pains that people carry. Ask God for the spirit of truth and wisdom, to help us to adjudicate and to judge righteously.

The world is waiting and are sick to the back teeth of performances and empty words and sounds of the so called church. The sound is dull and manufactured. Praying against brutish and bullish behavior both in the Body, the family and our institutions and where we clearly see that no one has the backbone to stand up against this, but continue to turn a blind eye – to be liked.

Praying against critical spirit that seek to push and pull where Father has not given permission, nor has directed.

Praying that Father shines his light on all our ways (even my own )and for a straightening out of the Body. The the Body find its proper position and place , let the body parts work in sync and harmony – let each joint and member carry out the role it was created to do and refrain from crushing other parts. Let the eye be the eye. Let the mouth be the mouth, stop vying for things you were never created to do and will never do. Let go and Let God.

Praying for soundness, protection of the mind, soul and spirit. Break the spirit of divination, control, chaos, disobedience and sorcery. Let God’s people go.


Thanking God for the many unnamed, untitled, good Samaritans amongst us who continue to show the Father heart of God.

Thanking God for those ministries and individuals that are not afraid to challenge the destructive spirits and dictates that are not of God.

Thanking God for the ministry of healing and the many ways he continues to demonstrate its working power in our lives.

Evangelist Linda J UK writing under prophetic mandate and license.


The Year of Our Lord

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