Lord, your word says that you will keep them in perfect peace whose minds are stayed on you. Help my focus today to remain on you and in whatever the circumstance.

Help me not to be moved by the chitter chatter, disdain or dictates of fickle men or women, who come and go as they please and have no abiding city. It is you , Lord that have been ever constant and faithful in my life, seeking out the best for me and at my every turn. You have been my kinsman redeemer, my Belharoi , my intimate friend and I praise you.

I know you and you know my name. You have called me daughter. You have called me beautiful. You have caused me to shine.

Thank you for your promises which have been yes and amen in my life. Thank you for the multiplicity of blessings that you have bestowed on me over the years , the open doors and the access. Thank you for your abiding presence , for the times when I don’t (and didn’t know) how to pray , it is you who has taught me.

Lord, you have been a constant guide; you have been my shield and buckler. At times my only friend.

Thank you, for you have given me wisdom to know what to do and when. You have revealed to me the secrets of night and what can happen and is happening, under the cover of darkness.

Continue to shine your light so that I can walk circumspectly, not as a fool but as wise redeeming the time because the days are so evil. It is you who who has taught my hands to war and my fingers to fight. My enemies have only been able to go so far and because of you – many you have silenced and removed.

I have always known in the difficult times Lord, that all things were working out for my good and I live to ever testify.

I praise you this morning, from the bottom of my heart for seeing me through the horrible pit and of sickness and disease. For bringing me up and out as pure gold. For healing and restoring me. I have seen how you give back stolen years. So many beautiful things you do and have done, that my heart is so full , I just cannot explain, or tell it all.

Lord, I praise you.

At times of distress I have quieted myself like a weaned child, but my faith has remained strong. I have not gone to bed hungry. Those who know your name have been an encouragement to me and have blessed me far more than I could have ever thought or could ask. You know each and every one of them and their kindness towards me.

Lord, I love you and am jealous for you. I love to see and hear when you are lifted up. I love when you are given 1st place in the life of another. The true worship of you is oh so wonderful to behold and I love to worship to dance and to praise you. You move in us so deep that the dross is removed, the chains break and we are changed in an instance . We overflow with holy passion. Only those who really know you, understand my heart for worship and for peace. There is no drug or drink on earth that can compete with the joy and satisfaction and peace that you bring. 

If only men would seek your face . If only men would praise you.

Lord, I know you are not done with me yet and I will spend my last breath praising you. My fingers will continue to war and to fight. You have brought me with a price . I declare that the work you have started in me, that you are able to complete and finish it and up to the day of the return of your son, (my brother, my Lord and Father ) Jesus Christ.

In the meantime, every day you have afforded me is for your glory. Whatever my hands finds to do (as this morning ) let it be done to the honor and glory of your name.

You have told me that in quietness and in rest shall be my strength. I thank you for this pregnant pause.

You have guided me thus over the years and will continue to guide and order my steps. You have upheld me. I have seen and felt your power and glory and know you as the living, interpersonal God – I want to know you more.

I am not ashamed to own you.

I will worship you with every fiber of my being.

I am not afraid of the faces, actions or opinions of men.

I have faced death many times , seen its face, but I am not afraid of it nor of dying.

In the meantime (and whilst you have given me breath and my faculties are in tact) I will continue to hold onto your word which remains a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Let me never let go of your right hand of righteousness which continues to give me the victory.

As I come down and close, take again hold of

my ears, my eyes, my mouth , my heart , indeed my pen…. let them be used for you, your kingdom and for your glory.

Your daughter

Linda J UK


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