I couldn’t sleep last night and was praying for the Afghan people and the Taliban. I don’t know how or what to pray right now, but the spirit within me is moved and my heart aches for those caught up in the distress .

I woke up and continue to contemplate how I might align with the Holy Spirit and others to pray and with power. I see on the news that the deadline has been set
and time is running out. It is clear that ‘man’ has his limitations can be blindside and wrong footed , but Father , Jehovah God, remains in control .

I get two significant thoughts/words from my reading as I sit and wait ‘tongues of fire’ and ‘flight path’. I will ponder some more and write again later . For now, praying (and in the spirit) for peace and for a peace maker to stand up in that chaos on both sides.

The bible says “Blessed, are the peacemakers because they shall be called the children of God Matthew 18: May the children of God rise up in Afghanistan .

We need to respect and love others and do (or not do) as the case might be, unto them as we would like done (or not done), unto us.

Someone wrote elsewhere today , about love and yes If only we could love like our Father. He was love personified . We thank him for he first loved us. Giving us ‘gentiles’ access. Without this love and free choice & access to eternal life we could not escape eternal damnation even if we wanted to. Instead we would be left to run the gauntlet , beaten mercilessly like we see in the current openly, televised pictures of one group’s attempt to maim, demoralise and prevent the free choice and way of escape , of another. This ought not to be so.

Let God be true and every dictator a liar.

Father has always taught me ‘as in the physical , so in the spiritual ‘ ie what we see happening around us and on the world’s stage , is a message and a warning . The clock is ticking.

May what is seen and heard, prick and convict both the victim and the victimiser in every circumstance .

May it also keep those watching on the fences, open. Open in heart mind, spirit soul and body to do of his good pleasure.

I declare today (as the scripture lauds) that saviours will come from mount Zion. That despite the oppression and turmoil we see, there will be a remnant and from every nation and people group.

I declare that the crooked places will be made straight and the rough places smooth. Every tyrant, abuser, usurper over Father’s flock and heritage, will come down in the name of Jesus. ❤️

Evangelist Linda J Clifford-Hayes

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