Father’s heart – the cutting edge

Just had a word in my spirit :

“If we continue to make the church like the world (with smoke, bells, whistles) and the adulation of superstars, we lose the ‘cutting edge’ necessary to respond in crises and disasters”

My addition : We need to go back to the basics – heart ministries. Off the platform on your knees ministries, wailing ministries. Sons snd daughters of God who don’t just flannel, speak rhetoric or ‘professionalees’ (sic).

It’s not about training , certificates, academic qualifications or courses you have attended , but it is about heart. Father’s heart.

We need sons and daughters of the King who are not afraid to weep from porch to altar, to seek the face of God, to alert the people and the nations of the time it really is, to take stock ourselves and to show the people the errors of their ways, before the doors of mercy closes.

Father’s heart is soft and entreatable. He patiently waits for ‘the whosoever’ to come in, but …there will come a day when there is deadlock, the cut off point – the point of no return.

Get in.
Get right.
Get ready ….

…..before it’s too late.

Evangelist Linda J UK

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