I think I have written a word on this some years ago but this morning as my daughter and I were praying , I was struck by a few lines of prayer that I heard but that I didn’t teach her. Clearly , she had picked up in the spirit. This the Holy Spirit spoke into my heart is ‘the imprint of prayer’. This has led to this piece today.

You don’t have to ask what a blessing it has been for me as a mother to hear my own child pray and with confidence. I didn’t teach her. The Holy Spirit visited her himself in her own bedroom. During Covid 2020 in our home there was a mighty visitation and I thank God for his grace.

My daughter wasn’t brought up with me but she says ‘mum you sent me a Ce Ce Winan CD when I was away living with dad and I would play every night’. She also said she prayed her father is not a Christian. I had taught her prayer between the age of birth to 4 as you would a child and we sang often in my car when I took her to and from. But to hear my daughter pray now she is 21 , is music to my ears.

It is about leaving a legacy. It is about recognizing how important prayer is not just to pray in our head or hearts but also speak the prayer and let it be heard. Iron does sharpen iron and the countenance of one brightens another. How can I forget hearing my own mother’s prayers and those of the saints who would visit our home when we were children. We didnt have separate times for children in our church and we were part of the mix including all night (tarrying). This might seem hard and harsh to more modern parents and leaders, but I honestly think we are missing it .

I don’t fully agree with segregating the youth from the elders in teaching praying and worship. Our children learn by seeing and hearing us. Yes they need separate times, but there is a danger we use the forms and patterns of the world to try and keep our children engaged and titivated but it is dangerous and not working . Let them hear old fashion prayer, songs and passion. Let them bang the tambourine… Let them see the tears and the sweat and labor of prayer. Let them come. Don’t rush in to lay hands and minister in droves. Be wary of the undertakers standing around the altar. God will minister to them in the space and by his blessed holy spirit. Let them kneel at the altar. They need it , in this dark hour.

Sharing to encourage you – let your children hear you pray – let the youth hear the elders pray and finally PRAY.

God bless you all for the good work you are doing and for your prayers for me in this season.

Linda J Clifford-Hayes UK

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