By Evangelist Linda J UK


you are my joy and crown.

Like meat stuck in the marrow, I just can’t get enough .

Your love for me is sweeter than the honey comb and I feel it .

You know , the wrapped up tangled up kinda love that keeps us tender, giggly but safe.

Few Lord , have found your sweet store .

Not because you are a selfish king, but because we don’t push past the obstacles of our flesh, nor seek to push past those set in our minds.

Change our distortions, mindsets and besetting sins.

Bring down our high walls.

Let us think on lovely things, always.

Lord in this last hour, I thank you because You are not a dictator, but a permissive God.

You, run after us!!

But give us permission to chose love and to chose life.

Your holy word explains the consequences of all our other choices.

We see the effects of same on our land and on our loved ones.

We continue to build treasure cities, pithom and Raamses and can often hear the creaking of the mechanical wheels (our own doing), the sound, tone and tome of evil , which seek to crush us.

Your desire is (and has always been) tofree us from the rigor – to free us from the ever learning, academic, theoretical, certificated circles and circuses . To free us from the whip.

Lord, you said if we seek you we will find you.

This much I know is true.

I have sought and found, but want so much more of you.

Not another course Lord or study. God forbid, but for your image to be stamped, imprinted on our hearts and so we can get up , get out and ‘do’.

Continue to abide with me.

Give me wisdom in the night and beyond my peers to defeat the strongholds of the enemy ie those who would set me at nought or seek to put my lights out.

I know that my enemies are your enemies and that I will rise victorious.

Lord you made me and more than a conqueror.

You have called out my name, I heard and did answer. My answer to you , my Father and my God will always be Yes.

My deeds are written in your book of remembrance.

May my concentration and contrast always be ‘you’ and your five fold, crystal clear multifaceted, anointing from my head, finger tips and toes.

Saturate my heart.

Keep me from secret sin and from idols –

Help me not to put anything or anyone over and above you – not a man, not a ministry, not a mouse , nor a machine.

Lord, If ‘you’ wash me, I will be clean.

Help me not to be subject to the dictates of men or so called leaders.

Let them not ‘wash mouth’ on or over me

Help me to stand tall in the faith and to have hope when others seek to pull or cast down.

You are my hiding place.

You are my city of defense.

I know that whenever i run to you, i will fall in the soft pillow of your arms.

You are not shocked to see me because I have desired to keep yu so close by my side.

You know my face and frame.

You know my yesterday and my today .

You are busy making plans for me – to give me an eternal future and not a premature end.

Lord, You are on my side, always

If men say ‘beat her down’. You say ‘No…!!! lift her up

You have never judged me by what I look like

You know all my idiosyncrasies

You sought and searched the deepest crevices of my heart.

You even plopped a seed there…

You know who I am,

whose I am…

and why I am here

You are harvesting my life and not a drop will be wasted.

I have seen ‘you – the living word’ personified in my life

You are the living , shekinah, life giving water that streams, that runs deep, that makes glad…

My children and my seed have, (and will continue to), possess the gates of their enemies.

Men and women have jumped to condemn , negate or neglect , but You are a good and just God and you have never failed me. Nor will ever. Your promises concerning me will never be retracted . You are my “Yes and Amen Father-God” every good thing wrapped up together.

Thank you for your steadfastness towards me

You are merciful.

You are kindness itself.

You are true.

Lord, I love you.

Evangelist Linda J UK

Written lest I should ever forget the God who sought & brought me


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