Come back ..!! Dont be a sample !!

I have been waiting on the Lord for that fresh word that may save someone soul and this is it. My reading this morning took me to the scripture

Hosea 3:1

Then said the LORD unto me, Go yet, love a woman beloved of her friend, yet an adulteress, according to the love of the LORD toward the children of Israel, who look to other gods, and love flagons of wine.

I want to use the scripture to share some of my personal history but more importantly to highlight how much God loves us and the pain we cause in his heart of our rejection of him.

If anyone has experienced strong attachment or ‘love relationships’ with a subsequent break of separation (not of their choosing), they may comprehend a bit of the heart pain, I am talking about. When this happens, some people simply don’t want to go on and make the choice not to.

We think that all our life, future hope is tied up in this one person. There is nothing like them – we think. But of course, they too are just flesh and cannot save us . And… if we can wait , we will see there is so much more.

Sadly some don’t wait around to find out the ‘so much more’ and take their own lives. It’s a tragedy.

I thank God for His blessed Holy Spirit for his redirection, wooing and divine call on my life and that He rescued me ‘just in time’ that I didn’t sink in the pit of no return, just for a man .

I have made a number of mistakes poor choices since then, but His hand remained on me throughout my journey, calling me out with a Abrahamic call in 2004 , when I was at another crossroad.

At this point I was just beginning to hear from the Lord. He told me to pack up and go and leave everything , children, family, house , job … I didn’t know where I was going or what I was walking into, but I walked by faith not by sight and against a lot of negative comments . I couldn’t resist the call . Even up to the day of the move, the removal men came at the time appointed but I was battling two forces , one telling me to stay and another telling me to go. The higher call won the day. Praise be to God. It was the saving of my very soul.

The reason I am sharing this today, is as a result of myself and my adult daughter reminiscing at the tail end of 2021 about our respective and joint lives . Both of us can see God’s hand and how it has moved to bring us to His desired destination. He knows the plans He has for us …

It has not been without pain or suffering , but through it all we have come to know the God of the bible. He directs our work in truth. He alone orders our steps whether to Stay or to Go. We have come to know you can have no confidence in the flesh.

The above verse from Hosea which prompted this write up, highlights the love of God, the pain He also feels when we go ‘a whoring’ (sleeping around), from him. He uses the analogy of a spurned heartbroken husband longing after a wife that has gone after another, in adultery . Despite this, Hosea sticks with and maintains his love for his rebellious wife – becoming a living ‘metaphor’ of God’s love for His people.

God’s love is unconditional and different from the love we have for each other. His love is known as Agape. He first loved us without our works or our affection. It is the highest form of love. Our love for a man or woman (outside the marriage covenant – let me add) the bible terms adultery, as the above scripture also captures or worse, fornication.

The word term Phila can also be used in relation to an abnormal love for a special thing as defined in paedophilia. These kind of ‘love’ aberrations including ‘love’ outside the covenant of marriage, come from a dark place, is demonic and is not of God.

Love for a friend is known as Phila – denoting fondness as used in Luke when Jesus introduced his friends, but you don’t have intimate sexual ‘heart tie’ relationships with friends – although we hear the term ‘friends with benefits ’ blinding minds and flying in the face of what has been constituted and commanded for our good.

When we are ‘in love’ as the world depicts it for us , we think it is everything, but of course when we are in our ‘right mind’…..we know it isn’t . But the attachment//soul tie is so strong, separation hurts. I know that pain. God uses the analogy of painful rebuff and rejection through the life of his prophet Hosea. He wanted to get the message a cross to His people . He knew we would understand this. He uses it to demonstrate the ache He also feels, when we spurn him and look to another but his desire to continue to love us inspite of this.

His word says , He will marry the backslider .

Yes he loves us so much more than our fickle dalliance with a young man or woman who is perhaps just ‘sampling’ as my mother would say bringing up 6 girls : ‘Don’t turn no sample for no man’ .

I am older and wiser now, but as young people of the world and with many barriers down including break down in families and (dare I say) proper spiritual leadership and mentoring in churches, young people are left to their own devices . Back then, we thought we knew it all . We were (some of us still are) blinded by the dark forces which desires us to imbibe on its fancies and then unceremoniously topple us (with a grin) to our spiritual and physical demise, without a hope.

But there is hope in God …

‘For (He) God… so loved the world that He gave His only begotten soon Jesus (ie coped with this awful separation from his own ‘right arm’ His beloved, just for us ) …that we would not perish but have… (the chance – we have to accept it ) …of everlasting life’ ( John 3:16 with my own heartfelt interjections & paraphrase).

I heard it, I believed it and I caught God’s hand and arm. I caught the vision of the eternal, ágape – the highest unconditional , marvellous love, that He has for us and Said “Yes please” and “Thank You” for wanting me and saving me.

I don’t know where you reader are in the scheme of things, but today I ask that you consider your ways and your choices .

Don’t miss it .

Don’t be a sample of this world’s dictates forms and fashions.

Be a child of God .

Be a faithful witness .

Wait on Him. He is Love…! His love is unconditional. Love there for you from the beginning of time .

Forgiveness is there for any sins and acceptance – even when our mother and Father forsakes us , (King David said) He is there to pick you up.

His arms are open wide. He alone knows the plans He has for you. They are good plans . He alone knows the way you should take .

Put all those worldly attractions – love interests to one side and call on Him whilst it is ‘Today’.

‘Today’ if you hear his voice , through a message, or a word ( like this one) or a dream , harden not your heart .

We are praying for You. In particular I am praying that some of our young people will also catch the real love message, before it’s too late.

Evangelist Linda J Uk

At the break of another new day ❤️


Whose Baby Are You ?

A Word

My niece, Tiffany had sent me a row of pictures of Imogen (my 6 month old grandniece). I haven’t seen her much because of the pandemic but how much I love her already and pleased to be called grand aunt and to play a role in her life and be part of her family.

As I looked at the pictures I felt the Holy Spirit turning over my mind, I thought how much, as a species , we love to celebrate our children, be proud about how they relate to us, and put their pictures on our mantel piece, in our albums – even the mantel piece and albums of our hearts.

Straight away as I was thinking this (and this was in the early hours of the morning), the Lord gave me a word in the way He often does and said tell their parents this :

We are born in sin and shapened in iniquity, even the innocent babe. He impressed that until we accept the Lord Jesus Christ, what actually is the reality is that our pictures, our identity and that of our innocent loved ones, sits on the mantle piece of the enemy of soul, Satan – (the god of this world) who currently rules and reign over lives.

Why Aunty Linda they might ask? Why such a serious word ?

Because time is short . Because you need to know that Satan was given authority for all when Adam sinned. Whilst the foolish action of giving up birthright (which Adam and Eve did) is still in process . The reversal process (to right all wrongs) started with the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross now some 2,000 years ago. In the meantime there is something the individual has to do not to fall foul of eternal damnation but to make a choice. I now not only speak to both the parents, but those other individuals inside my own family and for those outside.

Let me explain further by using the imagery Father gave me to use. How He loves to speak to me in pictures and parables..!!

What makes the difference is when someone accepts the Lord Jesus Christ, their identity is in his both in Christ and in Jehovah God and if you like, their photo and their beautiful smiles sits on His mantelpiece. When we have said yes (believed in our hearts , repented of our known sins and confessed with our mouths), we are immediately adopted in Him. We now belong to Him and he owns us. He is proud of us and proud to show us off. He knows our name because we know His and have called on Him.

The life here on earth is the chance we all get to make a choice ie whom will we serve and to firm up identity . God is not wanting any one to perish and without having the opportunity to receive the free gift of salvation and to change identity.

Remember my first word, ‘we are born in sin and ‘shapened in inquity’ but we don’t have to remain framed by the god of this world. None can escape the necessary process. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and be baptised for the remissions (washing away permanently) of your sins (inherited, past and future sins).

Let me be clear, for babies and those not reaching the age of consent or competence or those dying at birth or in the womb, the scriptures are silent, but I believe God will judge sovereignly and will be merciful. However for the mature ie those who have heard and have the opportunity ‘today’ to say where their little image or picture will sit or be framed….. to say to whom they belong , there won’t be a second chance.

Don’t be too smart for your own good either…. thinking that not to choose protects you. By default (and by not choosing), you are in fact choosing to stay in the way of the sin nature in the fallen ‘adamic identity’ in which you/we were all born and with the eternal ie never ending consequences.

Our Father has no desire to see you cut off nor to see you damned. He has no joy in the death of a sinner making provision through the sacrifice of his son, Jesus Christ . For , ‘for this very purpose was the son of man manifested to destroy the works, cunning and plans of the enemy’ (1John 3:8 my emphasis added) . Satan intended for you (from Adam down), to lose identity and the inheritance.

Our Father, by his Blessed Holy Spirit , is speaking expressly and again today. He wants to give you life, assurance and a correct identity, in Him. Ask yourself : Where is my picture sitting? On whose mantlepiece have I been framed ? With whom do I identify ? And even more pressing : Where will I be spending eternity?

Let me say again:

Today, is the day of salvation,
Today is the acceptable time.
If you hear his voice today (and through the voice of one of his servants ) harden not your heart.

God bless you and lead you aright as you contemplate the word.

Please feel free to share.

Evangelist Linda J UK
7th December 2021