The Trespasser

By Jaeger V Collins


In my spare time, I often watch videos on YouTube and in particular videos related to the animal kingdom. It is amazing how these creatures behave in their surroundings, each animal with their uniqueness in how God created them.

I came across a video that interestingly was set in Israel. Israel has many bird boxes in which different species can take up habitat. In this video, a family of owls had made a home in one of the boxes and created a nest with new owlets inside. The pair of owls (mother and father) had gone out in the day to get food for these chicks, this meant the owlets were left on their own in this box. Whilst the mother and father were out, an intruder (pigeon) came inside disregarding these owlets and the nest already formed in the box. This trespasser came in along with a mate to make its own nest and lay its eggs inside the owl’s home. During this time the female pigeon in her new nest started behaving territorial and began pecking the poor owlets.

The end of the video resulted in the parents of the owlets returning and the mother owl fighting the pigeon to get it out, as well as causing the pigeon’s egg to crack.

I believe that the Lord often shows us what is happening in the natural world is manifesting in the spiritual. The ‘trespasser’ was seeking to sabotage and to take up territory which was not belonging to them. Like the mother owl defending her home, we should not be subjected to invasion. We have to stand up against the usurper to protect not only our homes but also our loved ones.


Thank you Lord for opening our eyes and giving us wisdom, often what we see happening in the natural realm is occurring in the spiritual.
You reign supreme in both.

Thank you Lord for your provisions,
Protect our homes, our families and loved ones,
Lord let peace reign.

Lord, we pray against any usurper and trespasser.
Protect the younger generation,
Cover our children , Lord
For the seed to not be sabotaged.

Help our physical and spiritual houses not to be infiltrated.
Let us turn to you, Lord
We know our help comest from you Lord

Give us wisdom to stand and fight our battles.
We pray with you on our side, we will not be used or taken advantage of.

Jaeger. V Collins


I couldnt sleep the other night due to what is happening in Ukraine . I took up my iPad and turned over my thoughts on my bed and this came

Do something special in Ukraine Lord
Do Something special in Ukraine
We have heard your fame of old of how you drowned out the enemy
By the parting of the sea
Do it again Lord
Do it for Ukraine

We need your intervention NOW Lord
Innocent babies, women men and children are being slaughtered
Threats have been made to ‘show us things the world has never seen before’
Let these threats return onto the head of the one who dares to threaten your heritage

Do something special in Ukraine Lord
Circumvent the bombs, the mitres, the weapons of destruction
Let them not even scorch the ground, but be returned to sender

It’s not too late to do something special in Ukraine Lord
The people are depending on you
All other help has had its limitations
There is no time, no will or resources to even bury the dead
We hear that bodies are left out in the gaping wilderness ,
just abandoned on the ground
The last state of a man, worst than the first ?
we have seen this with our own eyes in this siege

There is something strange happening in Ukraine Lord
Something is out of control and the world watches
Truth is being smashed down to the ground
Fake news and reports circle on both sides
One nation is being kept in the dark
Whilst another is having its lights put out

Fear mongering
Scare mongering
Imprisonment, death and destruction
Are the order of each new day

Day and night
Day and night
The bombing , the air raid, the noise,
Fained commitment to cease fires
The deliberate recking of safe spaces and shelter
There is no where to hide, nowhere to run

We are depending on you to do something special in Ukraine Lord
We are looking to you, for we are told that is where help comes from

The world is praying, the world is waiting to see if you are …
and if you are, a covenant keeping God

Did you not say , if my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and call on you in prayer that you would hear from heaven and heal their land ?
We are praying, we are waiting on you to honor your word Lord
Do something special in Ukraine

Linda J UK
Prayer Evangelist


Prayer, Declaration & Word of the Lord
for Ukraine

Linda J UK
Praying & Writing as prayer evangelist 18/3/22

God is ‘present tense continuous’ in Ukraine , in Russia and in Poland .

God is ‘present tense continuous’
all over the world and in every nation

Blessed be the name of the Lord forever and ever to whom belongs all wisdom and might .

He changes times and seasons
He removes kings and sets up kings
He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding

He reveals deep and hidden things (thru his servants and thru dreams )

Summary from Daniel 2:20-22

He knows what is in the darkness (what is happening around round tables, long tables, closed doors and behind screens . He says give respect to the dark places of the earth . Our God knows what is in the light (he is the Light) and he is the author and finisher.

The day belongs to Him , as does the night . He prepared the light and the sun and has set the borders and boundaries of the earth, including those which separated Ukraine and Russia . The night also belongs to Him.

He prepared the seasons , the cold and the warmth , out of his divine wisdom and so that everything works together for our good ie those who love Him and are called according to His purposes .

Today, we declare these scriptures for the nation of Ukraine from Isaiah 60:18-22

We declare this also for all nations , individuals and people groups, under tyranny and abuse :-

‘Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates Praise.

The sun shall be no more thy light by day; neither for brightness shall the moon give light unto thee: but the LORD shall be unto thee an everlasting light, and thy God thy glory.

Thy sun shall no more go down; neither shall thy moon withdraw itself: for the LORD shall be thine everlasting light, and the days of thy mourning shall be ended.

Thy people also shall be all righteous:
they shall inherit the land for ever,
the branch of my planting, the work of my hands, that I may be glorified.

A little one shall become a thousand,
and a small one a strong nation:

I the LORD will hasten it in time.’

Isaiah 60: 18-22

Thank you Lord for your promises are eternal.
You are an ever present help in our time of need.

You are the Alpha , the Omega, the beginning and the end .

Thank you for equipping the Polish nation (in particular) with compassion and care and for putting themselves forward EARLY … as an oasis , place of refuge and anchor of rest .

Thank you for all the individuals elsewhere, who have been prompted to do of your good pleasure and to offer assistance to those in desperate need .

Give wisdom to the wise and equip your leaders here on earth , with understanding .

Let your kingdom come .
Let your will be done right down here as it is in heaven .

Prayer Evangelist Linda J UK

All scripture quoted drawn from or summarised from KJV

Prayer for Ukraine 9322

God of all power
Maker and ruler of the universe
We worship you
Lord we wake again having Ukraine on our minds

Lord we lift up those who have been pressed beyond measure
And who have a sentence of death in them
Lord we know only you can deliver from this destruction , this tyranny, this abuse

Lord, we ask that you hold back the iron fist and turn again the captivity of the people
We ask that you restore the breach ,
Make the rough places smooth again and the crooked places straight

Lord let there be a highway to glory in the land
Let people know that it is you that save, it is you that can deliver from the power of the dog

Break the teeth of the adversary
Bind up the bruised and broken
Rescue those hiding in caves and bunkers
Set the people free

Lord, we ask that the light that shines from the knowledge of your glorious gospel
Shine down on Ukraine and across other nations and lands
Let men and women have renewed hope in you

We pray for the leaders of the nations that you will give them wisdom and understanding
We pray that there will be equity and justice for ALL those needing help

You are no respector of persons

Let none think that battles are won by brute force, but by your spirit working power
Work out the plan of victory for your children by revelation , by your quickening and your anointing

Manifest yourself Holy God amongst the nation of Ukraine and her people and let the trumpet be blown
Let the world see that you are the one that can save and none can do this by their own hand,nor in their own strength

Deliver the adversary into the hands of your sons and daughters but let mercy always triumph over judgment.

These and other mercies we ask in your precious holy Name

Linda J UK



A prayer for Ukraine

Save Ukraine O God, by thy name,
and judge her by thy strength.
Hear the prayer of the people , O God , who stand on this issue with one heart
Give ear to the words of their mouth.
For strangers (nay their own brothers) have risen up against them
oppressor violently seek after their souls: destruction is in the land

Lord God, you are the helper of the helpless , you are with them that uphold the soul of the Ukrainian people
You are with us
You shall reward evil unto our enemies:
You will cut them off in your truth.

We , your people will freely sacrifice unto thee:
We will praise your name at all times , for it is good.

We declare great peace for the Ukraine and restoration for her shores

We know you have (and will) deliver all God fearing nations out of trouble:
We wait for you to execute righteousness and judgement in Ukraine , precepts on which your name stands

We declare our eyes shall see the desire upon our enemies, whenever or wherever they slander, speak or act violently or murderously against us

Linda J UK