I think I have written a word on this some years ago but this morning as my daughter and I were praying , I was struck by a few lines of prayer that I heard but that I didn’t teach her. Clearly , she had picked up in the spirit. This the Holy Spirit spoke into my heart is ‘the imprint of prayer’. This has led to this piece today.

You don’t have to ask what a blessing it has been for me as a mother to hear my own child pray and with confidence. I didn’t teach her. The Holy Spirit visited her himself in her own bedroom. During Covid 2020 in our home there was a mighty visitation and I thank God for his grace.

My daughter wasn’t brought up with me but she says ‘mum you sent me a Ce Ce Winan CD when I was away living with dad and I would play every night’. She also said she prayed her father is not a Christian. I had taught her prayer between the age of birth to 4 as you would a child and we sang often in my car when I took her to and from. But to hear my daughter pray now she is 21 , is music to my ears.

It is about leaving a legacy. It is about recognizing how important prayer is not just to pray in our head or hearts but also speak the prayer and let it be heard. Iron does sharpen iron and the countenance of one brightens another. How can I forget hearing my own mother’s prayers and those of the saints who would visit our home when we were children. We didnt have separate times for children in our church and we were part of the mix including all night (tarrying). This might seem hard and harsh to more modern parents and leaders, but I honestly think we are missing it .

I don’t fully agree with segregating the youth from the elders in teaching praying and worship. Our children learn by seeing and hearing us. Yes they need separate times, but there is a danger we use the forms and patterns of the world to try and keep our children engaged and titivated but it is dangerous and not working . Let them hear old fashion prayer, songs and passion. Let them bang the tambourine… Let them see the tears and the sweat and labor of prayer. Let them come. Don’t rush in to lay hands and minister in droves. Be wary of the undertakers standing around the altar. God will minister to them in the space and by his blessed holy spirit. Let them kneel at the altar. They need it , in this dark hour.

Sharing to encourage you – let your children hear you pray – let the youth hear the elders pray and finally PRAY.

God bless you all for the good work you are doing and for your prayers for me in this season.

Linda J Clifford-Hayes UK


I had a wonderful experience today. Let me share it – that is how we overcome.. !!!

Well our house alarm has not been operative for two years , so we had the man in. He was a young man and his age took me by surprise. He was here for over an hour, but not before I was able to share my testimony , current circumstances and the free gift of salvation.

It all started when he shared that his mother was unwell . So we had a common link to discuss health challenges, medication and the plight that is on the world at the moment.

He has had a number of losses and bereavement and I could feel his heart and so could Father. I felt Father say, ‘Linda he has been here in your home for this length of time and for a reason – tell him about me, share your testimony’ .

Well I did and it resulted in him sharing his own experience of what I believe was the Holy Spirit intervening in a near fatal car crash he had had, and how he had heard ‘the voice’ saying he would be alright. This incident had changed his life.

I continued to share as led by the Lord ie ‘where did he think he would be spending eternity. I heard myself quoting ‘it is appointed unto man once to die but after death , the judgement’

I can’t describe properly what happened today as it was very deep, but I was able to share about the free gift , not of works, and he listened. He understood . I felt a divine exchange was taking place even though I am not firing on all cylinders at the moment. My Father works so I also worked – but not of the letter because the letter kills, but the spirit (that which works in us to do of his pleasure) brings life. What i find is that there is not a stock response to sharing the gospel , you have to share as led – no more no less. What i am saying is that you can overcook the goose , if you are not careful and you need to know when to let go and let God.

This young man was from a Sikh family background, but very westernized and with a young family. Our backgrounds were similar as we knew the same neighborhoods and our parents common history of integration into British society and the challenges. He said he has never shared his experience with anyone before as many people would think he was mad. I said, they think I am mad also ……but I don’t care because I know what I know and I know what have i seen and felt. We both agreed that people would prefer to believe in a supernatural movie by Spielberg rather than to believe in the power of the living God.

I told him the Lord is on his case and he has a special call which the Lord will reveal in his own good time. He smiled.

Paul Planted, Apollos watered, our God will give the increase.

Keep taking advantage of those divine set up opportunities. Sound the alarm. The world is waiting.

Evangelist Linda J UK



I had a dream….

It was not very clear but essentially I found myself in a role as journalist ie the role had fallen on me to report or make a report. My old head of service was there. I saw the need to ensure that the news was balanced particular in relation to those disadvantaged, but I was being challenged by my own (people in the house) about what I was doing. The challenge was evidencing change ie questioning where my evidence was that someone, (whom I had reported on) had changed for the better.

I saw myself explaining my role to the ‘head of service’ and my emphasis and how important it was for people to not judge with the natural eye, but read between the lines. I was emphasizing that we need to see those things which are not as though they were ie having enough faith to believe the impossible, and speaking ‘life’ , not death , over others. Inherently , the message of salvation, reconciliation, restoration and hope.

The dream switched and I saw myself in a church service. I was trying to worship and pray but a woman grabbed my arm – it impeded my flow. There was a struggle. I disengaged my arms and broke free.

Another sister then got up and started to sing the most beautiful song.

It was the song of the Lord – majestic and deep.

I was free and able to worship .

I woke up.


As we all know interpretation belongs to God . He speaks in a variety of means for edification and to encourage and to help the Body. There are many dimensions to a dream or revelation and I don’t pretend to have exhausted them here, but simply sharing.

I know there are many challenges in the ‘House’ and in our flesh and cross culturally. Ive seen it and lived it and have had my own battles.

Dreams speak inwardly and outwardly, if we are humble enough to receive what the Spirit might be saying to us and the churches.

Let me say here, that Salvation belongs to our God not a man. He is the Head of Service if you like. Had it been left to man or a woman, I myself would have been refused baptism all those years ago, but my heart was sincere and I was known of my Father.

I am still known of my Father.

Judge not by outward appearance or from those who have been positioned by man or themselves for glory, or pecuniary advantage. Judge righteously. Our God is looking on our hearts. He has his own ‘foot soldiers’ and chosen vessels.

There is a beautiful scripture which I love , it is Isaiah 53:1. It says, who hath believed our report and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed’ . God reveals his secrets to his servants.

I think the whole chapter of Isaiah 53 is worthy of review as well as Isaiah 54 and may it encourage our hearts as we dig deep and eat the word.

What is the dream saying ? It says many things I believe and only God knows what is at the root, or what he seeks to reveal to me and you, this day.

Sometimes we can be quick to judge and condemn others. Let us be careful in our assessments. There are many ‘offices’ and ‘operations’ in the House , we can’t and don’t understand everything. It is not for You…!! Let God be true and every man a liar.


Let us not condemn those who are struggling, but let us speak life over the flock.

Let us not try to control or lay hold on those things or matters that don’t concern us as we risk the same outcome as Uzzah (see 2 Samuel 6:7) who laid hold on the ark of God and was smitten. Long has the scripture warned us : “Touch not mine anointed, nor do my prophets any harm. ( 1 Chronicles 16:22; Psalms 105:15).

Let us let go and let God and allow the free flow of the Holy Spirit.

Let us seek God in spirit and in truth and not quench the spirit of God.

Let us not try to fit God and his blessed holy Spirt in our own little boxes. God is a spirit and all those that worship him must worship him in spirit and in Truth. (John 4:23 & 24)

Let us be careful and mindful of those whom God sends amongst us. Again, the Bible warns us : Some have entertained angels unawares ( Hebrews 13:2)

Let us not monitor or merchandise the things of God for sport, entertainment or profit.

Let the song of the Lord come forth without fetter or encumbrance.

God bless you

Evangelist Linda J


Father’s heart – the cutting edge

Just had a word in my spirit :

“If we continue to make the church like the world (with smoke, bells, whistles) and the adulation of superstars, we lose the ‘cutting edge’ necessary to respond in crises and disasters”

My addition : We need to go back to the basics – heart ministries. Off the platform on your knees ministries, wailing ministries. Sons snd daughters of God who don’t just flannel, speak rhetoric or ‘professionalees’ (sic).

It’s not about training , certificates, academic qualifications or courses you have attended , but it is about heart. Father’s heart.

We need sons and daughters of the King who are not afraid to weep from porch to altar, to seek the face of God, to alert the people and the nations of the time it really is, to take stock ourselves and to show the people the errors of their ways, before the doors of mercy closes.

Father’s heart is soft and entreatable. He patiently waits for ‘the whosoever’ to come in, but …there will come a day when there is deadlock, the cut off point – the point of no return.

Get in.
Get right.
Get ready ….

…..before it’s too late.

Evangelist Linda J UK


I couldn’t sleep last night and was praying for the Afghan people and the Taliban. I don’t know how or what to pray right now, but the spirit within me is moved and my heart aches for those caught up in the distress .

I woke up and continue to contemplate how I might align with the Holy Spirit and others to pray and with power. I see on the news that the deadline has been set
and time is running out. It is clear that ‘man’ has his limitations can be blindside and wrong footed , but Father , Jehovah God, remains in control .

I get two significant thoughts/words from my reading as I sit and wait ‘tongues of fire’ and ‘flight path’. I will ponder some more and write again later . For now, praying (and in the spirit) for peace and for a peace maker to stand up in that chaos on both sides.

The bible says “Blessed, are the peacemakers because they shall be called the children of God Matthew 18: May the children of God rise up in Afghanistan .

We need to respect and love others and do (or not do) as the case might be, unto them as we would like done (or not done), unto us.

Someone wrote elsewhere today , about love and yes If only we could love like our Father. He was love personified . We thank him for he first loved us. Giving us ‘gentiles’ access. Without this love and free choice & access to eternal life we could not escape eternal damnation even if we wanted to. Instead we would be left to run the gauntlet , beaten mercilessly like we see in the current openly, televised pictures of one group’s attempt to maim, demoralise and prevent the free choice and way of escape , of another. This ought not to be so.

Let God be true and every dictator a liar.

Father has always taught me ‘as in the physical , so in the spiritual ‘ ie what we see happening around us and on the world’s stage , is a message and a warning . The clock is ticking.

May what is seen and heard, prick and convict both the victim and the victimiser in every circumstance .

May it also keep those watching on the fences, open. Open in heart mind, spirit soul and body to do of his good pleasure.

I declare today (as the scripture lauds) that saviours will come from mount Zion. That despite the oppression and turmoil we see, there will be a remnant and from every nation and people group.

I declare that the crooked places will be made straight and the rough places smooth. Every tyrant, abuser, usurper over Father’s flock and heritage, will come down in the name of Jesus. ❤️

Evangelist Linda J Clifford-Hayes


Lord, your word says that you will keep them in perfect peace whose minds are stayed on you. Help my focus today to remain on you and in whatever the circumstance.

Help me not to be moved by the chitter chatter, disdain or dictates of fickle men or women, who come and go as they please and have no abiding city. It is you , Lord that have been ever constant and faithful in my life, seeking out the best for me and at my every turn. You have been my kinsman redeemer, my Belharoi , my intimate friend and I praise you.

I know you and you know my name. You have called me daughter. You have called me beautiful. You have caused me to shine.

Thank you for your promises which have been yes and amen in my life. Thank you for the multiplicity of blessings that you have bestowed on me over the years , the open doors and the access. Thank you for your abiding presence , for the times when I don’t (and didn’t know) how to pray , it is you who has taught me.

Lord, you have been a constant guide; you have been my shield and buckler. At times my only friend.

Thank you, for you have given me wisdom to know what to do and when. You have revealed to me the secrets of night and what can happen and is happening, under the cover of darkness.

Continue to shine your light so that I can walk circumspectly, not as a fool but as wise redeeming the time because the days are so evil. It is you who who has taught my hands to war and my fingers to fight. My enemies have only been able to go so far and because of you – many you have silenced and removed.

I have always known in the difficult times Lord, that all things were working out for my good and I live to ever testify.

I praise you this morning, from the bottom of my heart for seeing me through the horrible pit and of sickness and disease. For bringing me up and out as pure gold. For healing and restoring me. I have seen how you give back stolen years. So many beautiful things you do and have done, that my heart is so full , I just cannot explain, or tell it all.

Lord, I praise you.

At times of distress I have quieted myself like a weaned child, but my faith has remained strong. I have not gone to bed hungry. Those who know your name have been an encouragement to me and have blessed me far more than I could have ever thought or could ask. You know each and every one of them and their kindness towards me.

Lord, I love you and am jealous for you. I love to see and hear when you are lifted up. I love when you are given 1st place in the life of another. The true worship of you is oh so wonderful to behold and I love to worship to dance and to praise you. You move in us so deep that the dross is removed, the chains break and we are changed in an instance . We overflow with holy passion. Only those who really know you, understand my heart for worship and for peace. There is no drug or drink on earth that can compete with the joy and satisfaction and peace that you bring. 

If only men would seek your face . If only men would praise you.

Lord, I know you are not done with me yet and I will spend my last breath praising you. My fingers will continue to war and to fight. You have brought me with a price . I declare that the work you have started in me, that you are able to complete and finish it and up to the day of the return of your son, (my brother, my Lord and Father ) Jesus Christ.

In the meantime, every day you have afforded me is for your glory. Whatever my hands finds to do (as this morning ) let it be done to the honor and glory of your name.

You have told me that in quietness and in rest shall be my strength. I thank you for this pregnant pause.

You have guided me thus over the years and will continue to guide and order my steps. You have upheld me. I have seen and felt your power and glory and know you as the living, interpersonal God – I want to know you more.

I am not ashamed to own you.

I will worship you with every fiber of my being.

I am not afraid of the faces, actions or opinions of men.

I have faced death many times , seen its face, but I am not afraid of it nor of dying.

In the meantime (and whilst you have given me breath and my faculties are in tact) I will continue to hold onto your word which remains a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Let me never let go of your right hand of righteousness which continues to give me the victory.

As I come down and close, take again hold of

my ears, my eyes, my mouth , my heart , indeed my pen…. let them be used for you, your kingdom and for your glory.

Your daughter

Linda J UK



Thought that would get your attention ….🙃

The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth his handiwork , day unto day uttereth speech (saying something) and night unto night showeth knowledge (dreams and visions) . There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard, their line is gone out through all the earth and their words to the end of the world (anointed scribes and intercessors). In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun which is like a ‘joyous’ bridegroom (I’m getting married in the morning …) coming out of his chamber and rejoiced as a strong man to run a race (our turn…!!!) Scipture taken from Psalms 19 verses 1-6 but emphasis mine.

Sometimes I just get the scripture in my spirit and then when I start to write., the rest comes. I hadnt planned this and I dont intend to write much on this piece as the above , I feel, is enough and I hope it blesses you this morning – Psalms 19 is one of my favorites and it has a beautiful rhythm . You can actually see what the psalmist saw.

Don’t forget this season is the year of the breath the mouth and the sound ‘pey’. You have to say something…. !!!! King David & the Apostle Paul would say you have to do something ie ‘run your race’.

Let it be said of us, (our generation) that ‘ so mightily grew the word of God and prevailed’ . Acts 19:20

Have a great day and God bless you .

Evangelist Linda J UK


(working title may change)

Last week my steps were ordered to the point I spent time with two people who were not Christians, but men and women of the world. We were similar age group as we shared over lunch, but one was involved in reading tarot cards and the other had new age ideas. Each shared their own lifestory of exploitation and oppression and how they had made choices and changes. It became apparent in discussion that I used to frequent the same nightclubs as one of them….It is often fun reminiscing of ones youth and I always have to be careful that I do not endorse that earlier way of ‘being’ as the thing I would now encourage. What was marvelous, was that I saw the open door… an opportunity. Letting them go first…without any judgment on their current activity , I shared, contrasted and punctuated the discussion with my own testimony of the saving power of Jesus salvation and how my life had changed from the early days.

Today, I am reading and reading the edited account of Charles

Spurgeon ‘ The power of Christ’s miracles’. I must have brought this book a couple of years ago, but to my shame, it is yet unread . Today I open its pages as I wait on the Lord to speak and I am extremely blessed as it also brings me back to the events of last week and the issue of judgement, mercy and saving grace.

I have just read a wonderful piece about the justification of the man in the New Testament picking up his bed and walking albeit against the judgement of the Pharisees and the social mores of the day. (See John 5:7 and onwards) . Here the Pharisees wilfully ignored what Christ had done for the lame man in healing him, but rather swooped down and majored on the fact that the Sabbath had been broken.

I spent many years go to nightclubs and there may be many who might question whether i am saved enough or changed enough or fit their own depiction of a Christian ….. It happens… !!! I have much more to say about the many years spent in 7th day church as a Christian (some 20 years) . Pious and sincere with my long skirts….. but not knowing the God of the Bible, not knowing Jesus, nor having a relationship with the Blessed Holy Spirit.

This had been the real reason I had started to reflect this morning as I wanted to write something this weekend that would encourage others. I know many are still trapped and going round in religious circles… so to speak. I wanted to say that in this new era, we take the opportunity to find out/ know why the Lord has mandated such a pause and interrupted our plans . To not slot into the same, old same old routine, but to question what he may be saying to us individually and collectively . I will write a fuller piece and article about this , but significantly my reading brought back the conversations I had last week with the unsaved two (shared above ) ie the reflection of past times where as Spurgeon so puts it so pointedly ‘ we wrought to the will of the gentiles’ , but where there was no lasting eternal value from the fruit.

The fruit we did have in the days of the Pink Coconut… (the name of the nightclub) ……would be ‘sour grapes that set our teeth on edge’ and where (as a result) we suffered weariness , loss and much damage and where we may have said and did things where we now are very much ashamed.

But thanks be to God for Jesus and Father’s salvation, his miracle working power and that he made provision on the cross having his eye on us throughout eternity. We don’t have to stay stuck in the attractions of pink coconuts…. man made illuminations and sin, but know that he has made a way where we walk out of past difficulties and made provision where we can be saved.

It is simple (and as I said to my listeners last week) Jesus does not force himself on anyone , salvation is a free gift . I speak to both the saved and the unsaved here when I say, we. don’t have to continue to eat the sour grapes or to stay stuck in sin, sickness , sorrow, manipulation or exploitation. He that makes men whole has commanded us to take up our bed and walk. Now whatever your personal situation or angst, Come out…!!!! and my God bless you.


Lord, help me to pray . I want to first give you thanks for your saving grace and power, your witness and testimony working through us. Lord I thank you because your desire is that all who seek you find you and that as a people or a generation, our teeth do not have to be set on edge, that we don’t have to eat the sour grapes , but to know that you have given us liberty through your word to receive your saving power and your eternal salvation.

Lord we ask that you remove all man made structures that prevent people hearing, getting up and out and towards you. Thank you for you first are the author and finisher of our faith . We also thank you for those who write and have left us a legacy such as the Apostles, Spurgeon and others and so that we can learn and be stirred and to do your works in this hour.

Speak to our individual hearts right now . Let nothing be wasted or done through strife or vain glory. As we seek to explain when we minister , You Lord do not force yourself on anyone, but you are gracious , long suffering and great.

Help us to number our days so that we can apply our hearts to wisdom. Three score years and 10 you have given us and by reason of strength you have extended that. Thank you for my years.

Your desire is that all who seek you find you and that no one dies without having the opportunity to hear you.

Lord look upon our lives, our work past times and practices . Help us to be the light that shine in even nightclub darkness . Help us to help others to see that there is light and to consider their ways.

These and other mercies I ask in your precious Name.

Evangelist Linda J UK



I was having a good natter with my blood sister last evening. We were sharing about the saga of Covid and isolation. Her daughter is over from Italy and has to isolate for the whole week she is here as she is from a red country… !!!! I closed the conversation by saying ‘what a nightmare, but Jesus soon come.. !!!! ‘

This morning , I am thinking what a blessed hope – Jesus soon come… !!!! Many years ago I dreamt about the rapture . I saw the sky open . Jesus had come. Some people were ready , some were not – some of the not ready people were prominent church people. I had been shocked in the dream about this.

This morning I am also thinking in the time of Noah, they were going about their normal lives , it was raining but many people didn’t see the urgency of the situation that the door of the ark was about to close.

We can be in the same mode and attitude as the people of Noah’s day. We get used so much bad news and reports that nothing seems to stir us again. We become what I am calling ‘Covid competent’ and in our arrogance we say ‘next – bring it on’ . We can also be saying quietly under our breaths when reminded of the hour , ‘there she goes again , scare mongering, pronouncing gloom and doom … and we close down. We continue to go about our business – devoid of the urgency and reality of the time. Devoid of feeling, living recklessly and gambling the hope and salvation, that was given us at the cross . But Jesus soon come..!!

In the book of Genesis 7:17 we read these things : The flood was forty days upon the earth and the waters increased … and the waters prevailed and were increased greatly ……

In dreams, revelation and interpretation of similes and symbols, water can be symbolic for troubles and oppression. But this was an actual historic event and is also there for our learning.

It was the Apostle Paul writing to his ‘son’ Timothy in the book of 2 Timothy 3, who warned about the perils that would be coming in the last days . The chapter is worthy of review if we are in any doubt that what we are seeing in our time is not the fore telling of what was predicted long ago.

I don’t want to say much more than that today, but just feel led to just say (and using my Jamaican dialect ) “Jesus soon come”.

May the Lord help us to remain vigilant and watchful.

With Fathers richest blessings

Evangelist Linda J UK



Most of you know by now that I am a dreamer…… It is an aspect of my ministry and I cover the unfolding of the gift to me in 2004 in my first book ‘a blessing happening in our time; One of the most exciting experiences in my dreams and visions, is when I see myself preaching the gospel. It is how I have come to know that this is an aspect of my call and I need no man or woman to confirm. I say this with no intent on arrogance, rather to shame the devil who often tries to silence us press, us down or push us away from calling.

These dreams are particularly enthralling because I feel the unction and the enabling power of the Holy Spirit and the word of God flows. I have experienced (both in real and in dreams) the power the Bible talks about in preaching the gospel – it is the most beautiful experience on this earth. Divine changes occur when the gospel of the kingdom is preached.

Last night I dreamt I was at an event. I was in the middle of the room and preaching about salvation and how to obtain. I saw and heard myself choosing choice scriptures and skillfully to get the point across. I hadn’t completely finished, when an old lady touched me on the arm and said I should pray for the young people and before they left . A large number had gathered by the door , some were sitting on a fence/bench and some were passing by head down in their books or looking at their phones – many on their way to other things but very much at ease. Interestingly I noticed that many had the same lower luminous jade colored garment on – a piece of cloth tied round their lower half similar to how the man Ghandi (now deceased) would tie his lower white garment. I am deducing from this that the dream spoke of their uniformity and that they were students of a particular school and learning, but not necessarily of God.

As I moved towards them in the dream they began to disperse – like young people would of course …. !!! But a few came forward for prayer.

Whether in the dream or outside ( I cant remember) but a song came which I held onto all through the night intending to write it down and to share like I am doing now. It is a song from my childhood church days and one of the songs that had moved me towards repentance.

Thank God for the internet I found the song in its entirety this morning and it is copyrighted by Arthur J Hodge in 1923 which I have no rights to . The song goes like this:

Verse 1

There’s a line that is drawn by rejecting the Lord,

Where the call of His Spirit is lost,

And you hurry along with the pleasure-mad throng—

Have you counted, have you counted the cost?


Have you counted the cost if your soul should be lost,

Though you gain the whole world for your own?

Even now it may be that the line you have crossed—Have you counted, have you counted the cost?

Verse 2

You may barter your hope of eternity’s morn

For a moment of joy at the most,

For the glitter of sin and the things it will win—

Have you counted, have you counted the cost?

Verse 3

While the door of His mercy is open to you,

Ere the depth of His love you exhaust,

Won’t you come and be healed, won’t you whisper, “I yield—

I have counted, I have counted the cost.”

I am asking this morning that we take note of the words for ourselves and also seek to share it with at least one young person and before the door of mercy closes. The Bible warns that ‘woe to them that are at ease in Zion and trust in the mountain of Samaria. Amos 6:1 . I saw aspects of this in my dream.

The time is very late. Each one of us has been given an instruction and a responsibility of sharing the good news and the gospel. Our young people have become engrossed in other ideologies and nonchalantly gambling with their eternal destiny.

Father is depending on us. I believe , He will continue to use us and to bless us and when we use what he has placed in our hands.

Evangelist Linda J UK


Very early in the morning