A Word from Our Father

Many years ago the Lord sent me to a ministry called Ellel in Farnham, Surrey. There I learned a lot of things including how jesus gathered the people together, taught them, healed them and fed them. Simple as….!!!

I had gone to bed last night after going back on the front line in an area of sensitive ministry. Throughout the night, I sensed I was praying for protection and confirmation that this next appointment was of God ie that I wasn’t risking my life for a new thing and one that God had not ordained or directed.

This morning I awoke from my sleep at 5:00 am and was listening for the word for the day from Father – as I do – spiritual cup in hand. I wandered into my recently remodeled kitchen to make a cup of tea. As I waited for the kettle to boil and what he might say to me today, I thought I would organize one of the shelves in the kitchen. As I lifted up the layers of fresh tablecloths, napkins and kitchen stuff, a book marker is lying at the bottom. I pick it up. It is from one of my teaching days at Ellel . It has my name on it. It says

Dear Linda,

Do not be afraid for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name and you are mine. Isaiah 43:1.

How wonderful is that? This is how our Father speaks, has spoken to me, directed me and comforted me throughout the years. His word is like a balm to my soul. A covert in the wind. A watering of any dry ground. When the arms of flesh fail (indeed if flesh should fail), then I know that we have nothing to fear. I know that I am his and he is mine and because He said so!! He said that if we seek Him, we will find Him.

I have found that to be so and so today counsel and encourage you and as an evangelist will say :

Seek the Lord whilst he may be found call upon him whilst he is near. He is a just God and if we turn to him in a day or time of trouble, He will have mercy and pardon us abundantly.

Isaiah 55:6-7 (and summarized)


Father, thank you for your word. It is like a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Lord I declare today that your word concerning me is forever settled in heaven. Thank you because you are my covering, my blanket, my shelter in the storm. You take away doubt and fear and you call us to trust in you.

Lord your word says that as the rain and snow comes down from heaven and goes not back up…but does the thing it was a sent to do ie water the earth.. so it is with your word concerning us. It will not go back to you empty, but it shall accomplish that which you had purposed for it to do soooh long ago …..and it shall prosper in whatever way you have sent it.

Lord as we all negotiate this very difficult climate, we want to be where you are, to go only where you send. Father we want your word in us, to be used of you and for your glory.

Thank you for your word today and for your constant confirmation of your love and thoughts towards me/us.

May the reader be blessed and similarly watered as they chart their own course ‘In You’ . We know that nothing can separate us from you , nor take away who we are to you. Your promises stand. You will and are, an ever present help in our time of need.

Your loving daughter

Linda J


Mother sets the tone

Good morning Ladies,

It’s Linda J UK up early writing and from the UK

First let me thank all of those who met to fellowship yesterday at noon in the zoom room …. and for those who had contributed in other ways and through prayers and thanksgiving throughout the week. May God bless you in all you do and in your areas of giving of yourselves and faithfulness.

It was so encouraging to hear the good reports that are being shared in terms of increased knowledge and awareness of not only who God is but the confidence in knowing who we are in Christ and the purpose we all have individually and collectively on earth.

It wasn’t Mother’s Day yesterday, but as led by the Holy Spirit we spent some time reviewing the aspects of what constitutes a godly mother. For some people there had been signs of change and growth knowing the importance of foundations, boundaries and patterns and leaving a legacy for our children – we recognized that our children are looking up to us for examples of how to be and although sometimes we just don’t feel like it …or equipped…. we realize that Father hasn’t given us a spirit of fear or timidity, but that he has given us power and authority to rule our own first ,and then broader afield and as we position ourselves in the various spheres across society.

We talked about this present moment ie the Covid crisis and wilderness times and sharing space in confined physical, emotional and spiritual situation. I shared about my previous years ‘shut in /set apart’ in the wilderness , between 2004 and 2010 and before the Lord brought me back home to do the work he had created me to do. Then.. I was parenting from a distance and through many prayers. Now, (and as a result of that experience) I continue to believe that God is in control of this pandemic as he was of my difficult situation then and I can testify to his faithfulness. As women and mothers , he loves us and understands our frame – given that he made us. He knows your name.

It was good to sit under the sunshine and to share truths. What a good Father we have. We referred to Charles Stanley’s teaching on what constitutes a godly mother and I shared it was indeed Dr Stanley who the Lord had placed as one of my spiritual teachers when I was out in the wilderness. He will always provide for us when we are in need.

I promised I would send something out and to those who were absent and therefore here are some of my thoughts gleaned and inspired from Dr Charles own teaching. Please feel free to share giving credit as I have where it is due.

Characteristics of a godly mother – can be seen as Dr Charles sets out in the 3 C’s . These are Conduct, Character, Conversation.

There is something that we see personified in a godly woman , we may not be able to put our finger on it but what we see is something along these lines:

She has a quality that separates her from most

She prays and reads the word of God

She Believes the word of God

She Loves God

A godly mother is one who has learned to trust God in every area of her life

She majors on God’s sufficiency not her personal lack

She is generous towards others

She is always thinking about others and putting their needs above her own

She is always giving a word of encouragement

She is a woman bent on building others up

We see that a godly mother is obedient and that that her obedience to God becomes not only profitable for her (see the story of Ruth) but also profitable for her children and her spouse. She leaves the consequence of every circumstance to God

We went on to talk about sharing space especially during Covid. We understand that a godly mother is pivotal in setting the atmosphere and tone of the home

Is the home free or is it full of tension ?

Is it a welcoming home , or is it a house full of tension or stress?

Is the statement or expression of love there?

It is my view that it is the mother who sets the tone in the home and children pick up both the spoken and unspoken cues.

I share the scripture – a wise woman builds her house but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands. Proverbs 14:1

We didn’t discuss these other points below which Dr Stanley raised, but I am putting them here and perhaps we can return to when we next meet . I am going to send to my other sisters also and maybe far and wide.

The characteristics of a godly mother is

One who Forgives

One who is Persistent

One who is Determined

May God continue to bless you and cause his loving face to shine on you. May you continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of his love towards you. May you set a good tone in your home and parent well. May you be comforted in the prayers prayed and tears shed and live to see the rewards of your very many labours.

Yours in our Father’s Name

Linda J UK

Today writing as Teacher


A Word and Revelation

Writing as Watchman and Intercessor

In the Year of Our Lord 17/5/2020

This word and revelation has come about over a series of dreams over the past few weeks. I am led to write as I believe it is a ‘now word’ for us all. The word is not exhaustive, but I pray you will hear Father’s heart and heart beat.

There are three themes that I believe the Holy Spirit has highlighted over this last week and these are as follows :

Who is not with me is against me

Except ye abide ye cannot be saved

Kingdom Honor and Respect

I had this very vivid dream – it was a revelation. I dreamt that it was night time and I was on a journey (lets say with another person). It was pitch black – ink black and lets say the dream was highlighting that the world as we knew it, had changed and there was need for movement – to get out and get somewhere. The path we were travelling were like the cobbled streets of Jerusalem (if you like) or old England…. All of a sudden, I saw a funeral cortège, black horses and a carriage, with the horsemen riding at speed, coming round the corner and heading in our direction, and as if to collect the next person…The dream spoke of this being the current enterprise and that there was a sense of busyness, supernatural speed about it. I quickly shouted to the person with me, “get in here” – it was a little door/opening in a wall – like the cleft in a rock – a hiding place. I saw myself diving in there, but the person that should have been just behind me, had not followed. The person , I had tried to usher into safety was nowhere to be seen. For sure ( I thought in the dream) , the horses would have crushed that person, as they had been no time to waste. Those horses/that carriage was not going to let anything get in its way. Significantly there was a warm colored blanket folded up on the stone ledge in the cave.

The Lord has spoken in my heart about this dream and I will only share an aspect of the revelation here, as it sits with the other messages ie, sometimes we are sent to help or to lead people or a person, to safety, but for whatever reason, they don’t listen or don’t hear. The dream has led me to consider parallels and to ask the Lord questions. What happened to the person that was behind me? The Lord spoke to me a few days later. ‘they were not with you…’ . He has highlighted there are familial, generational and spiritual issues at play.

The Bible graphically showed us what happened to Lot’s wife when she looked back. When God was about to rain down fire and sulphuric acid on Sodom and all that did not (and could not) represent the new era that God had wanted to usher in. Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt. She looked back on what was, instead of following godly advice and coming out of Sodom. I believe when she looked back she may have also been thinking about the men who had visited their home the night before; the men who had influenced her husband, in such a way, that he had wanted to leave, and at speed. Her son in laws had even said in their own heart and at Lot’s instruction ‘here we go again… ‘doom and gloom’ . But little did they know it was for the saving of their souls . We read between the lines, that their hearts had yearned for a situation, a yesterday that God had already condemned . As a result they perished and their mother turned into a pillar of salt.

As I review the story in juxtaposition to my dream , it seems clear to me that Lot must have thought that his wife was just behind him, coming out and towards a place of safety, but in-fact she was set in her ways, had already turned back, her heart had become hardened.

We are in a time of Covid in the year 2020. Not many saw the timing of this disaster, but those who know God can see him at work even through it. Father is doing the impossible and turning all our situations for good. I want to tell you : He is still in control.

What is the message for me from your dream Linda? You might well ask. Well there are many things i see and perceive. Firstly, the enemy knows his time is short hence the speed of the horsemen. There is a new spiritual order being ushered in for those who will see it and the old is being cleared away. I hear in the spirit, as it was in the beginning so it shall be in the end. Well we are either with the move of God or against it, but God won’t wait for us, a whole kingdom is at stake. Father doesn’t need the enemy’s tools to make a point but He is no respecter of persons. When he says come out of the unclean thing – touch not, handle not, we better hear, we better heed. When he says get out , get up , or move out , move…!!! We better be ready. There will be no time to take our bags, baggage’s idols or ideologies – no time to check our bank balances, our rotas or our cars. Things are upon us and they came with very little warning. Sodom was in a state, the sinning and debauchery had reached the nose of God and he was having no more of it. He thought nothing of destroying the whole lot, but for the pleading and penitence of the prayers of a few.

This brings me to the next point of illumination and my message speaks to me as it does to you

Except you remain in the boat you cannot be saved

Chapter 27of the book of Acts tells the story of the Apostle Paul as prisoner on a boat that had been caught up in peril and storm. Though a prisoner of men and suffering the loss of his liberty , by night , in dreams, the Lord continued to use him and instruct him on how the crew might best navigate and not suffer any loss. There were souls at stake and not just souls in that little boat. Paul admonished the centurions and guards ‘except you remain in the ship, ye cannot be saved’ (Acts 27:31).

I believe this is a warning for us all now in a time of shaking when all that we held dear has been removed and it is testing time. In a time when the outward show of service means very little or no longer holds, God is looking for the hearts that remind hidden and shut in with him. Hearts he can continue to use for his service. Can He still use me or you?

A point is coming when the raven will again be sent out to test the waters and the bars of the doors will again be open. I heard and saw that just now in the spirit. What kind of people will we/or ought we to be? I hear the spirit say. Will our desires be to continue in Sodom, or are we preparing for Kingdom and nearing the blessed promises of God. How are we coming out or emerging from this? Don’t forget , when the Lord saved the Israelites from the Egyptians ( taking them through the wilderness) it wasn’t long before they were lamenting and longing for the garlics and onions of Eygpt and began speaking against what the Lord had had. See Numbers 12:1-15).

So these are the situations I believe the Lord has highlighted which leads to the third and final theme which is

A Culture of Honor

Although Moses & Paul was instrumental in saving the life’s and destiny of a nation and people, the people (metaphorically speaking) still bit the hand that fed them’ but God intervened on his servant’s behalf, railing for railing (see Numbers 12:1-15), Miriam’s own hand turning leprous. God sent his son and is still sending sons and daughters. The highest honor remaining with the one whose name is above all name, Jesus. Both before and after, Moses and Paul had been chosen by God, not by man and had been sent to save but the people rebelled. “Who made you a ruler or prophet over or amongst us?” They cried. We see also whilst the barbarous people received Paul, his own kind who knew the scriptures took counsel oft to kill him.

“Oh Jerusalem Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets and stone them which are sent unto thee; , how often would have gathered thy children together even as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings , and ye would not”. Matthew 23:37

As I was preparing to write this word this morning, I see many international leaders are alluding to a culture of Honor and it resonates here with my word . ‘Flattery being the counterfeit of honor and doesn’t bring life’. I have yet to unpack it some more but I believe a culture of Honor is synonymous with Kingdom – its not about patting each other on the back its about celebrating our Father and ushering kingdom in. We need to tread very careful in terms of those Father has placed amongst us or blessed us with. You cant say you love the Lord and hate and disrespect, dishonor those he sends or sets amongst you. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

God is looking for love and unity amongst his servants and amongst his children.

Further, He warns to ‘touch not the Lord’s anointed and to do his prophets, no harm’ Remember, those that receive a prophet in the name of a prophet receives a prophet’s reward and again you will know them by the. fruit.

As I close , I pray you receive this word in the spirit it has been sent – it is for the saving of yours and my soul. See it as from a Father’s hand and for us to consider our ways.

My Prayer

I pray for increased wisdom for ourselves that we may perceive the time, season and hour we are in and our individual and collective conditions.

I pray that our eyes will remain focussed upwards and onwards and that we will remain in step with you.

I pray against any institutional, generational or familial, spiritual stronghold and false hood that mars or impedes the free flow of spirit of Christ and the power of the Holy Ghost. I pray against the spirit of jealousy and the spirit of death and the horseman and his rider. Let any quickening or urgency be that of the Holy Spirit and his longed for baptism of fire.

I pray for continued covering, for a strong tower a hiding place in the cleft of the rock and at the foot of the cross.

Let our ears be open to the seriousness of the hour and let truth reign in our inward parts. He that is not with me is against me, but for those who remain in concert with you and with those whom you send, let them be blessed in their own endeavors and let light continue to shine upon their ways.

I close, continuing to stand for and pray for a culture of Truth , honor and unfeigned love across the brother and sisterhood, indeed across the Body of Christ .

Yours in our Father’s Name

Linda J UK

Writing as Watchman and Intercessor

In the Year of Our Lord



Linda J UK May 2020

Those of you close to me or that have taken time to get to know me , will know I waited over 10 years for an answer to prayer. It is not that i didn’t have the answer both on a faith and a personal level ie I knew that (a) if we ask anything of him according to his will he hears ( St John 5:14 ) and that he will give you the desires of your heart(St John 5:15 ) . Further , he had personally shown me the answered prayers in many dreams and revelations, and yet it took 10 years to see the fulfillment of same. When the answer finally came it came as ‘a suddenly’ and no man or machine could have averted the promises of God. The Bible says what he closes no man opens and what he opens no man closes and that is my testimony of the prevailing jurisdiction of the kingdom of heaven, his grace , awesomeness and righteousness . I could finish this piece here as it is sufficient to encourage you in your own walk I believe. Afternoon , there is nothing special about me but God spoke and answered my prayer in a miraculous way. But I am writing during a period of a pandemic in 2020 and the whole world is on its knees waiting for an answer to their prayers. Everyone wants to get off this train but we have to wait.

There were times in my life and in my waiting, that I couldn’t even pray, all I could do was look up. I became like King David said ‘as a weaned child’ (Psalms 131:2) eg contented with the basic answer of food and warmth and a place to sleep for the day.

Now in May 2020 , I am back there with a silent heart cry, seeking no doubt (with many others) the answer and restoration from this perilous virus. Seeking an answer of deliverance from this silent assailant, that is taking so many out.

Many days now, I look up to the clouds and I say (for this and that) ‘when lord? when? ’ Each day it is clear that the answer is still awaited and I sense my Father saying Not Just Yet.

I am reminded by my own reading early this morning , that Jesus himself implored the Father just before the peril of the cross ie that if it was Father’s will to remove the cup, he should (Matthew 26:39). We see that even at this pivotal point and the heavens seemed closed to Him , Jesus continued to be willing to surrender to the will of the Father and to whatever pain or peril was planned for him, in that hour – and so must we.

We must continue to hold things in tension, betwixt and between the prayer and the answer. We must continue to take courage and heart, in our own personal and collective situations and particularly in these ‘Covid-19 times’ when we perceive the Father’s “No” or “Not just Yet”. We must stay true to the call of God on our lives in whatever form that has come.

I close with, “Our God is faithful” and a simple prayer : May you like me, see an answer to your written, spoken and unspoken prayers.

Linda J UK

Writing today as He instructs and as minister of reconciliation

13th May 2020

From the desk of Evangelist Linda J UK

It has been an interesting few weeks where I feel the Lord has been revealing hidden things and bringing things to the surface. You know how you sometimes shuffle on your bed to find the right position to settle for the night? It is the same way I have found that I am positioning my spirit man to nestle in and hear what our Father has to say. Sometimes I can’t pray out loud – I pray and worship from my heart . I just lay and wait and He speaks.

The Lord has spoken and is speaking through the circumstances of our lives and in this hour. There have been a number of revelations. I don’t intend to share all here. He has instructed me to write, so I write and I will have to give an account for all He has placed in my hands.

On the 6/5/2020 at the start of my day , He spoke into my heart. He says this is a time of Pruning, Proving , Processing , but be careful that we don’t miss it….He says we can miss it by papering over the cracks or continuing business as usual, without real self examination. It is not about a quick fix and continuing to build our own monuments, but waiting on Him, drawing from and growing in Him. He is showing that there is still a lot of jostling for position and ways we continue to neglect, crush and hurt each other for our own fame. We forget the most important things – love, and doing as He would do.

He is saying we can become expert at establishing our own forms and ways of being and doing …. that we miss (in this unprecedented time) , the necessity of brokenness and review. Some of us can’t even blush or cry – we have become hard and calloused. How we go about ministry and treat each other and our relationship with Him (the two most important commandments) – we need to review. We need to stay with the brokenness, before we begin to repair or heal or remedy, we must learn to forgive.

He is speaking expressly about a time where the tares are being separated from the wheat, not from the masses, but from our own hearts – he is looking at the hearts of us as individuals and as we make up the whole – His Body. He is talking about the the landscape of our hearts and what that looks like. It is a time to smooth out the lumps and bumps of that landscape and to ensure irrigation, proper draining and rest takes place. I see this as happening through prayer, fasting and taking our sabbath rest ie time out with Him. I see this as forgiving each other and forgetting the past. We need to be careful how we communicate in these new forms that have come in. He is speaking about the need for genuiness and unfeigned love. The old and bad stuff has to go, or there will remain infection dis ease and in the Body. We must speak the Truth and in Love. He has said and is saying it is a time of refining and recalibration – the old skin has to go. He has said we need to stop listening to the bells and whistles, the performances, the things that titillate, distract and to seek him more ie listen to and for his heart.

End of revelation

This morning as the sun rose, I found myself worshipping and spending some time reviewing the book of Luke, the very many parables which spoke to the hearts of men and still speak today in terms of self examination and self reflection ie whether we are just hearers of the word, or are we doing the word. The Bible tells us our fruit and our actions belie the conditions of our hearts and the word is for all of us.

I continue to speak expressly about the Body and ministry and the word above is for all of us. I also interject here with my own personal and family situation.

My daughter and I had a very special time last evening and I see and hear growth and change in a number of our young people – the next generation . I have been able to bring my own distant family (across several countries) and loved ones around the table via zoom and to host his presence in so many different ways. We have seen some breakthrough and increased unity on many levels. I thank God for his grace and his leading in this hour. There has been so much brought to the fore and one has to have wisdom to know how to stand. I have had to remove myself from a number of distractions or things that are simply not convenient for my spirit and we are not ignorant of the enemy’s many devices.

I continue to see myself as a watchman, praying across a few platforms and part of a few prayer initiatives, in the nation and for nations, (including our own) and for our leaders. Father is healing and wants to heal our lands. We need to fast and pray so much more and in unity.

This week (7/6/2020) I wrote a prayer (for Brazil in particular) and from the heart. It has already been sent but I share it here with you and to close and as we go into another week.


We declare that the sound of worship and your voice will continue to permeate in Brazil and in other lands. The enemy has tried to mask and silence your voice and the rightful worship which belongs to you by disease, peril and storm. Let the church rise up lord in the highways and byways of our lives and in our societies. Topple every high tower that has been built in opposition to your rule and law. Lord station your saints on the wall , back to back , side to side and in unity. As nations discuss lifting up from lock down help us to stay shut in with you thus keeping the enemy out. Close the gates of wrath and open the gates of praise. Thank you for this pregnant pause , for stopping our factories and man made systems so that we can look in and up and towards you as you prepare to return in your fullness and your glory .

Father, we are not ashamed to bow the knee and to proclaim your majesty – we will be counted among the number and there will be a remnant from every nation and people group – we stand together with our brothers and sisters across the nations and for Israel, your first born.

Lord as we continue to hold things in tension , over airways, screens, zoom rooms and WhatsApp groups in this next week and next hour .. may you be at the centre .

To you is the glory,the honour and praise.

Let everything that has breath praise your holy Name.

Linda J UK

9th May 2020


He continues to give me songs in the night. I woke this morning with a word on my heart about my own expression of a need to grow closer – so much closer – I went from living room to kitchen , the dustbin and back and within a short space of time , He brought me a word of comfort and that is about Restoration and who He had called Me to Be . I am going to capture what he sent, said/says here – may it help someone as I am writing I am listening three dimensionally and to a word of worship.

Restoration – causes new life to spring into places of decay

Restoring – the loss that you have suffered because you didn’t realize that thing belonged to you

Restoration – he will restore relationships because we have not understood the purpose or function of those relationships which were ‘intricate to your destiny’

Restoration – taking things out of the box which were originally intended to help you -you may have missed the way or misunderstood that link or relationship

Restoration ….

Restoration …..

Restoration is coming to me and to you

Speaking life, restoration and identity over you – not settling into identities and labels that are way beneath – God is saying to arise and take your place, son , daughter of Zion . It’s time to come to the table , to the plate. God will restore the original intent of who you are – be who you are, not what people say you are, but what God has said you are. He will restore the years the palmer worm and canker worm has eaten. Even if you have gone off track, He will fill those lost years and put you right at the place you were meant to be – He is a Father and is a merciful God.

Thank you for that balm of Gilead Lord. Before we ask you are answering the call of our hearts. By your mercy , Restore.

As I write , I slip in and out of time drawing from the divine and what he has shown and is showing me – he speaks here a little, there a little .

I prayed with someone earlier this morning who was in need (in between the Lord ministering to me as above and now ). I found myself praying the joy of the Lord for this loved one and to ‘rejoice in the Lord always’ . So again, I say “ Rejoice”. dear reader as I believe Father does not want us to be anxious for anything. He is in control.

Leave the dark days of yesterday and shine for the light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. May the ever present , ever living God, be known to you today in greater ways.

May He clean out our cup so that we can take in more and more of Him. More and more of him , so much more. I hear a song and am singing now… as i write. It is the way he has made me. Let his melody flow in the very fibre of your being. Let His word come out.

We want more so much more …

Oh God, we want so much more. Bring back the glory, the Shekinah Glory to break yokes to set captives free. Restoration for us to help us and others and to run our grace. Give us kingdom Grace to run our race..

Let us be oh so more conscious of who we are in you and what you have called us to be – bring back a greater knowledge of you – the things we have laid down to fit in with others, that has brought us back to base, rolling in the mud … help us to get off the dirt track and to stay in our own lane -we realize you speak , here a little , there a little – you are our song. There have been bumps in the road, knocks to our right senses, but let us get back, take control of our own wheel and do what you a have called ‘us’ to do.

You have positioned us for greatness – our name is written – you have called us to do this or that and not another – gifts that you have bestowed on us that we have put on the shelf, delegated , or that we have allowed others to mash down to the ground – to fit in to be accepted. But you made us unique. We are not merchandise, chattel or fodder, but your anointed arrows. Break that spirit of control, remove the usurpers. You called us and not another.

Help us to forgive and to love like you love. Let there be no partiality or respecter of person, but to treat all as you do higher than we hold ourselves.

Forgive us for messages that we have treated like junk mail and oil which we have wasted. Forgive us and try us again – even in this pregnant pause , this time of reset , let us not miss it .

It cannot be business as usual Lord – No……not after this.

Reset us,

Restore us.

Revive us again

Your daughter Linda J

Last day of April in the year of our Lord 2020

Nunc est Bibendum

The Lord gave me this word in a revelation a week ago. It means ‘now is the time to drink’. It was a strange vision of the Michelin man. I almost put the message in the garbage can, until it kept coming back to me and yesterday I had confirmation to ‘write it’.

Mine is to pass on to save and at least win some. I am writing it as I will have to give an account.

I am dreaming and writing in the March 2020 during a period of a pandemic which has affected the world globally. The church is examining itself as needs must and so am I. The Lord is speaking to his people and those who have an ear to ear will hear what the spirit is saying to the churches. This revelation came in April 2020.

If we look at the Michelin man we see that it is a ghastly white form and significantly the body is bigger than the head. In the things of the kingdom, this is not a good look in any way shape or form. Christ is the head of the church and the Body therefore the church, (the Body) needs to come under his leading and be in sync.

The Michelin man is also a figure with no hair. I heard in my spirit this morning, this is because the glory has departed, even though the image was built to show case and represent excellence – the glory has departed. Read 1 Samuel Chapter 1 particularly verses 21-22.

The colour of the image is significant. I believe the Lord is speaking about anaemia and the blood. The Body is anaemic and we need to apply the blood of Jesus, so that life will return. There are certain things that will run and without the blood but they have their end date.

The size of the figure is interesting as it looks like an obese figure. I feel it points to the over gorging and over indulgence which we can all be guilty of , as church. The Lord brought three points this week about gorging and greed and I believe it is a consistent and necessary warning for our time and this hour. We need to be careful on what we are feeding. God knows there is so much on the table right now, some is of God and some is not ; only those with spiritual discernment will be able to distinguish the difference. The children of the kingdom cannot be fooled.

The Bible pointed out to the scribes and Pharisees who took pride in learning and knowledge and becoming puffed up, but their hearts were far from Him. It warns us that there is a danger of ‘ever learning and never being able to come to the knowledge of truth’. I Timothy 3 is worthy of review particularly verses 7 on this point. We are all full of stuff. We seek to endorse man made, self made/ordained rather than God given. We have made ourselves monstrosities – forms of godliness … things that look like….. but are not. We have made idols and images to mark our own prowess and abilities, but which are things that don’t have any eternal value ie wont stand the test of time and will eventually topple over. God knows I include myself , if there is any rebuke.

The Bible says there is none that doeth good. We are not above the Word. May the Lord help us to examine ourselves and consider our ways.

I see two imperatives in the message ‘nunc est bibendum’ that is one of woe and one of mercy. Each one of us have to examine ourselves whether it is a cup of wrath or a cup of blessings.

The Bible says there is nothing new under the sun . I have searched the scriptures this morning to see what else He reveals. These scriptures are worthy of note and further meditation Isaiah Chapter 21 and where we read how the glory departed from Israel . Jeremiah Chapter 8 ; Amos 3 ; St. John 4; and Revelation 16 are also scriptures which are worthy of review.

Inherent in the message (and I see the man made picture and forms strongly in the spirit even as I write a week later), is the need for us to move away from man made forms back to the true worship of God. On the blessing side (and our God is merciful rathering not the death of a sinner) but that all who are thirsty to come to the waters and drink without money or without price. See also 1 Corinthians 10:4.

God is the Head of all things and we need to put him at the centre of all that we do and are doing and ensure that there is a balance in diet and we are building on firm foundations.

The Lord has called the church to consecrate a fast (we were late before Covid with both fasting and prayers and the calling solemn assemblies) and many lacking substance. I believe we should continue to help our people to see how important this is as a lifestyle to prevent gorging and over surfeiting.

I don’t pretend to have all there is to say on this particular image or revelation, but I give you what has been laid on my heart up to this point 27/4/2020. Please feel free to comment knowing that the Lord is watching and listening to all we say and do.

There is a song I want to interject on review which is a song from my childhood and which has just come to mind . It goes :

There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel’s vein

And sinners plunge beneath the flood

Loose all their guilty stains

Loose all their guilty stains

Loose all thier guilty stains

And sinners plunge beneath that flood

Loose all their guilty stains

Nunc est bibendum

May God bless you and keep you and cause his loving face to shine on you and give you peace in all your endeavors and in all your ways.

Linda J UK

Writing today as watchman & prophet


Alive? So What?

It has been a strange three weeks during lock down where I haven’t felt the impetus to write devotionals as much, but certainly hearing different messages and inspirations from the Lord.

This week I shared with my cell group the word the Lord had impressed on my heart on Thursday this week which was :

“And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins”. Ephesians 2:1

The The NKJV uses the word ‘alive’ rather than quickened, but it is the same thing and it is the word quickening that the whisper of the spirit is bringing to me in my ear at this time and so I will be obedient and stick to this term.

Father posed three questions for me to answer and to ask. These were :

What is being quickened?

Why have we been quickened and for what purpose?

Is this quickening for ourselves or for others?

What is the work that a God has called us to do?

Are we doing it?

I shared the message briefly via ‘zoom ministry’ on Thursday night, but I sensed that He wanted me to say so much more. Two days later and as I rise from my pillow, He is still whispering that word again in my ear. It is ringing loud and clear and now sounds like an imperative. I answer ‘I am here Lord poised with pen in hand waiting and watching to see what else you will say and what you desire for me to impart. Here it is ..

I describe quickening, as the life giving power that we might see under a microscope when the sperm and the egg meets together. There is activity and something taking place. There is no time to lose and the conditions must be conducive, to that life being imparted. When I think of my own conversion, I remember it well at my birth Father’s kitchen sink when I felt the power of the Holy Spirit enter me and move my body and my mouth to a crescendo and a volume, I have never had before. I found myself physically at the altar and the praises of God flying out of my mouth. Before that moment, my body was dead (and if you like) I was still a child of darkness, a child of the prince of the power of the air, flesh and sense ruled. I didn’t know I was in this awful state, neither did I see the kingdom of God coming in, but in my heart, I had asked and had desired change and change came.

We all have different conversion stories, the importance is that we receive the Holy Spirit at the time of our salvation in simplicity and we wait for the fullness, the promise of the Father to come in (see Acts 1:4). What is important for new believers is that they need to know and be told there is something more – the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The late Pastor Bonnke would say (and he said this to me personally) that one of the signs of receipt of the baptism of the Holy Spirit is the speaking in tongues . This he said to a team of us evangelists, is ‘proof positive’ that you are now ready to do ministry. And ready we were. 🙃

The reason we are quickened, at the point of receiving Him, is part of our Adoption and change taking place in our DNA (see also Romans 8:5; Ephesians 1:5). It is to receive the manifold, enabling presence and essence of God, to do the things of God. This quickening , in the spiritual realm, is like thunder … we don’t necessarily hear it, but it has snatched us from darkness into His marvelous light.

This light giving and life giving power, is all part of the reason why we are quickened out of the deadness of our selves , our flesh nature, into a new birth, a new born reality and identity as becoming one like him , and as sons of God. (1 John 3:1,2). Born…. hallelujah, not by human selection or prowess, not by corruptible seed or from a Petri dish … but by the design and desire of God, to win us , others and the earth, back to himself . And so we must go do and build kingdom in our homes, frim our contacts , in the market place, the high ways and by ways of life and into lives.

Wherever we are placed in the sphere of society, community or family, the purpose of the quickening is for us to draw from Him and be used in bringing kingdom in, and glory to God.

Hayford in the New Spirit Filled Bible (and commenting on Luke Chapter 17) helps us see that the kingdom of God is not something we see by observation, but that it is a spiritual reality, dynamic force living in the man or woman of God making us kings and priests of the most High God. (See also Rev 5:10). The bible tells is that ‘Wherever the word of a king is there is power’ So we must say and also go do..!

The enemy of soul would want us to be quiet, to seek to hush us up to steal our voice to pour scorn on our calling. God knows, I know… but we don’t sit on this quickening. Neither do we make merchandise or a monument out of it. We get up and do, of his good pleasure.

Indeed , He says ‘greater things shall we do , because He goes to the Father’. (St John 1:50;5:20)

There is no greater time to run your race than during the life you have been given. Dont look to man for confirmation, many religious men missed Jesus. Know what you have been called to do and do it to the honor and glory of God. Christ in us, is the quickening power and the blessed hope of glory, to a dying and impenitent world.

Always remember , This ‘divine spark’ in us triggered by our receipt of the free gift, is not something we receive of men, can do of ourselves, by our good works , but we need to work in concert with the Holy Spirit, remain in Him, to be effective and bring about change for others. We must stoke it up, put the gift to work. So go do.

Written from my pillow

Evangelist Linda J

He called me, named me and sent me….and not any another. I will say and do..of my Father’s good pleasure.

18th April 2020

Without a shadow of a doubt

This word was brought to me over two days ago. Normally I get a quick download of what the Lord might be saying, but I have had to wait on this one… It is very deep and perhaps just now, I wont do it justice , but I am now ready to break some of it to you. May you find something to encourage your heart or something to grab hold of.

It is the first day of April 2020 and most people are shut in. We know this situation has had the effect of closing down monitoring and intervention services which I have played a pivotal part for over 20 years both as nurse, social worker and safeguarding manager and advisor. The plight of the homeless and those living in poverty of finance and general health and well-being has not escaped me and is most pressing at this time. As I write, I think of modern day slavery, child and domestic abuse situations where individuals will be more hidden and vulnerable at a time like this. All we can do is to plead for angelic provisions to drop into those homes, monitoring and giving divine oversight.

It is often only when you get on the other side of suffering that you can say with humility and resolve that ‘all things work together for good for those who are the called according to his purposes’ Romans 8:28 . I’ve been there…. At a time like this, we hold fast the word of faith. Without a shadow of a doubt.. (again from experience), our God is in control.

For the last month, the scripture Psalms 91 has been quoted so many times amongst the ecclesia, to bring comfort in this time of international need and global crisis . A time where many have lost loved ones and begin to despair for their own lives and livelihoods. It reads

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High

shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

2 I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress:

my God; in him will I trust.

3 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler,

and from the noisome pestilence.

4 He shall cover thee with his feathers,

and under his wings shalt thou trust:

his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night;

nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness;

nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday

Psalms 91 : 1-6

For sure, there are good shadows and bad shadows, but He that dwells under the shadow of the good shepherd, will have everlasting habitation and safety in times of storm. The destruction has been wasting in the early morning, at noon day and in the middle of the night – time and tide has waited for no man. Without a shadow of a doubt, the best place to be right now is abiding under the shadow of the Almighty – sufficient is His arms alone and our defence is sure.

The Apostle Paul would say at a time like this, to ‘put on the whole armor of God and do all to stand. ( Ephesians 6:11&13) . No king, no president, no prime minister, no Pope, not even our beloved pastors, can visit, cover, nor protect us right now from this current situation. Without a shadow of a doubt, we need a Savior, who is Jesus.

Do you know Him?

Whether we like it or not, whether inside or out, all our grandiose ideas of the time we think we have allotted here on earth , or what we might do with it, is being challenged. Whether we think we are in charge of our own destinies or not, our very lives and eternal destinies, now hang in the balance.

We are spirit, soul and body, formed in his image , but the spirit and soul never dies; The Bible says , it is appointed unto man once to die, then afterwards the judgement. (Hebrews 9:27). Where will we spend eternity?

Both prince and pauper have been affected. The rug is being pulled from beneath our feet. We have been shadow boxing with an invisible enemy and this enemy means to make a clean sweep but leaving an undeniable foot print on all of our lives.

What we know also is that we are triparte beings formed in his image. Body, soul and spirit. We are three dimensional and multifaceted beings, having the Father, son and holy Spirt, working inherently on our behalf – if we but let them.

I am not a physicist or a scientist but, he who is wisdom works within to bring you good news.

The Bible says that the entrance of his word brings light without the shadow of a doubt, it is the word of God which illuminates the dark places of the earth and take us over into glory.

The ‘dark places of the earth’ are full of the habitations of cruelty. Psalms 74:20 . The world has been moved to pay attention to same by the current pandemic that is affecting many nations.

With the help of media projection we have seen those levels of cruelty metered out across our world, many in the name of advancement. We know these issues will multiply in the time of darkness and shut down. Without a shadow of a doubt something else is rocking the global boat.

These are dark times, dark days. There are dark places and dark shadows looming large. These opaque images are not new, but are mounting. They seek to use circumstances to deceive, curtail and limit life choices and chances. The knock that we thought we would never hear in our life time is even at the door. They scatter and seek to drain the life and light and substance out of a thing. These shadows neither transmit light nor allow light to shine in. They come in the form of mirages, dark foul spirits : the spirit of fear, the spirit of death and spirit of oppression , sickness , disease – physical diseases and diseases of the mind.

But the Lord would remind us that he is Lord over the light and over dark places of the earth. He has not given his children that spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind. We are the light of the world and when we abide in him there can be no shadow boxing or darkness. He reminds me whilst writing this piece, that His death on the cross was the place that God chose to reverse the projection of the shadows* that came into being from the ink spots ie the stain formed when Adam and Eve first sinned. For a moment in time – at Gethsemane , darkness did cover the earth, but history shows that it could not nor cannot hide the Son and He Triumphed and still reigns.

Without a shadow of a doubt the Truths of the Bible are being played out in front of our very eyes. The Lord would have me share ‘For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. The scriptures goes on to say

And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming”. 2 Thessalonians 2:7 onwards.

Darkness and gross darkness is on the land but Light is coming. Whilst we are waiting we are advised to

be not soon shaken in mind, nor be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; (see the whole of 2 Thessalonians 2:2) As the scripture says, this man will seek to sit in the temple of God seeking to deceive many with strong delusions, seeking to show himself as God and using lying wonders to deceive. Be watchful be vigilant and unto prayer.

The Lord would say, stay abiding under his perfect shadow. A thousand might fall at your side,and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with your eyes will you behold and see the reward of the wicked. This is because you made the LORD, your refuge, even the most High, your habitation and dwelling place and during your times of peril and pressure.

Evangelist Linda J April 2020


Father we thank you. We thank you because we know that at the entrance of your word light comes. You have not left us in darkness but you have given us information before the time so that we can make wise choices and remain covered under your wings. You know our frame, we were made in your image. We are multifaceted and multidimensional – a beautiful luminous work of your own art and it is not you who seeks to destroy us , at this time. You are touched by the feelings of our infirmities. You are in control . This covid, covert…..situation has not taken you by surprise.

We ask for your angelic intervention and oversight to homes and situations where that violent hand may take advantage and precedent. May you rule and reign in these situations; bring restraint and stay. Arrest the abuser, silence the accuser, by your Holy Spirit power.

We thank you, because you have made a way for all of us to escape and through the veil. We know that for those whose lives are hid in you death will have no sting and grave will have no victory. We know that some must die and have died …even our own dear loved ones. We ask for your mercy for all to know of you, before that fateful and final day.

May those of us who have covenanted with you, be found in you and under your wings. Until then, increase your wonder working power in us, your spirit of grace and truth. Give us increased faith to stand and wisdom to do well and of your bidding.

We declare that Corona will not oppress, overshadow us, or be our portion. Help us to lay hold on eternal life, looking for the joy and blessed crown, which has been set before us.

Without a shadow of a doubt we know you are on your way.

1st April 2020

*A shadow is a dark (real image) area where light from a light source is blocked by an opaque object. A shadow occupies all of the three dimensions behind an object with light in front of it. The cross section of any shadow is a two dimensional silhouette or a reverse projection of the object blocking the light. It is like a little reflection of your body on the ground as the light from the sun outlines your body to form it.