The Prayer, the Thief, the Pen and the Slipper

I got up early diligently packing items and loaded my car – I did this before devotion as I wanted to use the very early part of the morning with no traffic and no nosey neighbors… I packed about three or four boxes and my beautiful Pom Pom silver light for my bedroom – I have had it years. I then thought I would go and rest and do some devotion. I would take the stuff to the house later.

I lay on my bed and meditated and prayed for certain people including my daughter. The voice on the audio* said close your eyes and let go, so I let go – the message was about love.

I felt that I had achieved something and I was at peace. I then had the impetus to go take the things to the new house before church so I got up and went down. As I opened my car door, I could see that the things were not as i had left them. I could see that some things had been taken including a box of food with a brand new tub of salt, vitamins, prescription contact lenses and I think a brand new pair of boots which I had treated myself to at Christmas. I was devastated.

I remembered the scripture : The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.

I may not have locked the door or someone has a key to my car(?). I couldn’t understand how it happened.

I took the rest of the stuff quickly to the new house and unloaded. It was the last day of fast and it should have been a good day, but I had a sense of disturbance and sadness in my heart about what happened. I felt cheated, violated and angry. It was also perplexing because I cant remember what else is in the boxes.

As I was returning to the flat and turning the corner of the street in my car, I saw out of the corner of my eye a black plastic bag on the corner. I felt the Lord say this is not a bag of rubbish go and look. As I parked up and ran to the corner and looked into the bag which was ripped , I saw my daughter’s new skate boots and my diamanté slippers which presumably had been dropped by the thief as the plastic bag gave way in his hands as he was running off. Those skates are heavy…


I am up early reflecting on the events of yesterday. The Lord has thought me that there is a message in most moments of our lives if we but look.

The Bible says when we think peace and safety then sudden destruction comes upon us like a woman with child. (1 Thessalonians 5:3)

It also says lay up treasures on heaven not on earth where thieves break in and steal. (Matthew 6:20) This is something I am working on this season.

It is the second time I have been robbed whilst going to pray or in fasting. I know it is a backlash – had I not written about this the day before? We were asked to share what we had got from the Lord throughout the fasting and I have been sharing. I couldn’t share this last night as it would have been too long a tale..

Despite the devastation, I had prayed for my daughter earlier that morning. I prayed that the Lord would protect all that concerns her and I was so pleased her brand new skates had survived the robbery. I love her so much because of what we have been through. I also smiled at my two slippers that were also left. Do you know why? It was a message from my Father.

When I was first called out to ministry in 2006, the Lord gave me a dream a vision about a pen and a slipper. The pen he instructed me to write and the slipper was about evangelism – how beautiful are the feet… (Song of Songs 7:1)

Interestingly most of the food stuff I had packed in the boxes were approaching out of date and I had thought, I wonder if the Hope team would want them for their clients. Although it is a nasty feeling for someone to break into your property, the thief saved me a job of throwing some of those items out.

However, I am upset about the boots and I am praying for a miracle..and putting our God on record.

The scriptures truly says He will turn everything out for our good. (Psalms30:11). I have come to know He does and He will .


Father you are our heavy weight, you will arrest and take care of everything that concerns us. You are the light that shines in our darkness. Lord you will not suffer your anointed to see corruption. Your word says that we should not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy his soul when he is hungry, but that when he is found he will store seven fold. Lord, I am not upset about the food or the other things I am able to let those go…but I would like my boots back..

Thank you for protecting my daughter and all that concerns her. May this little experience show her that you care about even the seemingly insignificant things of our lives.

Lord we are the light of the world and the salt of the earth and those things can never be taken from us. Help us to continue to give rather than to store up treasures here on earth where thieves break in and steal. Help us to be vigilant be watchful as the enemy of soul prowls round seeking whom he may devour.

Thank you specially for this week where you have re kindled and reignited the gift to pray and to write. Thank you are helping me to see things as you see them and to release and share what you have given me to the world so they too can be encouraged, know you are alive and have a hope.

Thank you for the future and the hope and the blessing of a new home and the ability to do of your good pleasure.

Your daughter

Linda J

You called me Beautiful , Joyful Spirit

* see bible apps – Faith comes by Hearing



Day 7 and final day of our church Fast

It was after Jesus fasted in the wilderness that the devil came in and took him to a high pinnacle and tempted Him. (See Matthew 4 ). Jesus withstood Him by the word and so will we.

We have stood together as a church and a Body to fast and we are going to continue to Stand and to Walk as one new man. We are not those who are going throw ourselves down or give place to the devil. We are not going to trust in horses or chariots or in ourselves. We are going to remain in love and in unity so that He can continue to do a good work in, and amongst us.

We have His word on our lips and a two edged sword in our hands and we are going to wield them so the enemy flees. They will come in one way, but flee 7 ways.

Let us rejoice and be glad in Him.

He has strengthened the bars of our gates and our children are blessed.

Peace reigns in our homes and in our workplaces because each day we host the Prince of Peace.

Peace will be in our borders, in our town, city and nation because we prayed. Our defenses are sure ; we will be like those who dream and our mouths will be filled with laughter. We will eat the finest of wheat.

His winds will blow and His waters will flow and we shall be healed.

No weapon that has been formed against us shall prosper. For who can stand against our God? He is for us, who will dare take Him on?

He counts the stars by number. He knows our name. He delights not in human or animal strength, but delights in those who fear him and hope in his mercy.

He delights in You. He delights in Me.

He will hear our cries speedily in this seasons. He will not hide his face from us.

We will hear His knock knock on the windows of our hearts and his loving kindness in the morning, and night seasons. This is my testimony.

We will continue to have testimonies of the greatness of our God.

We will be delivered from our enemies; non of our steps will slide.

We will walk sure footed like hinds on the slope of any mountain, leaning on his everlasting arms.

We will stand

We will walk

We will reach our final destination.

Praise Ye The Lord

Linda J


In the Year of Our Lord


It is Day 6 of our church fast and we are coming down..glory to God.

Last night in our Dwell service, I was given liberty to share the inspiration the Lord had given me as I was preparing to go to church.

It had been a hard day with my heart being broken about a number of situations and injustices that I had heard or was witness to. I wanted however to come into the Lord’s presence with joy and thanksgiving and to make a break with the old week before preparing for the new. I wanted to take off my old clothes and put on something new.

I started to iron a white shirt which had become creased. For some reason I wanted to wear white, although it would not be my usual color of choice. I needed to put some water into the dispenser and went into the kitchen. As I came back to the ironing board and started to pour the water into the hole, the Lord began to speak to me.

This is what He said:

He said Linda , now look at what is happening. As the water is poured in and touches the elements of the iron which is ‘plugged in’ then the steam starts to rise. He said now to get those creases out, you have to press hard against the cloth and keep going. I had to lift the arm … of the shirt to get into the creases. I had to turn the shirt this way and that. I had to ensure the bit that I had ironed out didn’t get crushed again as I moved onto new areas. He reminded me what we see happening in the natural is what occurs spiritually. I chuckled with Him (as I do) and because he gave me the word when I was doing something so innocent and simple.

As we worshiped last night I was pressing in and He nudged me to share the word. Some were able to receive but I also sensed that the word fell on areas of hard hearts and ears, until the Lord broke a second word through another (who had, had a similar word all day). This evidenced for me how the Lord confirms His word with signs following.

I continue to turn over and reflect on the word as there is always more.

One knows, you cant iron out creases with a cold iron. It has to be plugged into the source of electricity or put on hot coals. When Isaiah saw the Lord and realized his crushed state, (and as our brother explained last night), a seraphim had to bring a hot coal out of the fire to purge and take out the creases (his sins /uncleaness). (See Isaiah 6:6)

As a Christian, we too have to be plugged in so that there can be ignition and for God to arise and let those enemies – those creases , our sins be flattened/scattered.

As we approach the penultimate day of a period of fasting together, let us remain plugged in. Let us press ie press towards the mark of the high calling which is in Christ Jesus.

In preparing to come before Him, Father is looking at our hearts not our garments. Yes, we must be presentable, but it is the heart that He is after not our outward appearance or our works.

I don’t usually wear shirts or white neither like ironing on a Friday night…. I believe this choice was led by the Holy Spirit as he wanted to speak. He continues to speak and to inspire.

White stands for righteousness. Could it also be that the steam depicts the glory cloud and is what we create when we are baptised, ‘plugged in’ and are ‘hot’ and on fire for him in our worship. Worship is not just what we do in church before the altar, our whole lives should be a walk of prayer and worship. It is then we will be on fire; the glory cloud will go before us and his anointing will rest on us. He says in His word, He would rather we be hot than cold or luke warm.

He says that all our righteousness (our white shirts) are as filthy rags before Him, if we have not come through the press and washed in the blood of Jesus. (Isaiah 64:6). We must repent and be baptized (with water) to stand before Him and in the great day for reckoning. Will our garment – (how we have pressed), stand up to His scrutiny?

In the battles of life we will get crushed and creased at times, but there is good news..! We don’t have to do the ironing ourselves! He’s a good Father/Husband and He will do it!!! If we stay plugged into Him as our source – our energy provider..and if we ask.

How do we stay plugged in? Through listening, through willingness, through obedience. Through reading the word, through constant pressing ie cycles of prayer, worship, service, fasting.

Brethren, we must press through. When Zion travailed she brought forth. (Isaiah 66:8). We will see the glory cloud arising if we just open our hearts to receive.

Closing ….

I hear an old childhood song in the spirit :

Take off your old coat and wear it no more

Christ has a garment waiting for you

The robe of salvation is knocking at your door

Take off your old coat and wear it no more


Revive Thy Works in The Midst of the Years

5th Day of the Church fast , Glory to God.

It has been great to see the army of God turn out to stand and unite in prayer together and I believe much was accomplished in the heavenlies, for our nations and for our communities. Indeed we prayed for a number of nations and those stationed there who are with us Mozambique, Nigeria, Venezuela, Spain, Kosovo, India amongst others – all belong to God.

We prayed for local missions and ministries and those far flung, for our leaders, our prime ministers, our local and national councils, the health service, the police and our politicians. For strength; for wisdom knowledge and understanding to be their portion and for Fathers right rule to come in and to govern our land. There was such a great sense of harmony and I heard a new sound rising in intercession and in the spirit. There was a sense of togetherness and even laughter. We had a child sharing in the leading of worship – confirming the word that a seed shall serve him and it shall be counted unto him for a generation.

The backlash of what we are achieving (as we set time apart to pray) can be felt in places over the week. I am sure we each have a story to tell…but we are overcomers in the Name of Jesus. The Name of the Lord is a strong Tower and we run into it when we are under attack, scared, feeling weak, and we will be saved. This is the Name we make known to the world.

Many years ago I heard in the spirit ‘God came from Teman and the Holy one from Mount Paran’, (Habakkuk 3:3). Father reminded me of it this morning by His Holy Spirit. It was a word beautiful then as it is now. Our God lives and reigns in Mount Zion, the side of the North, the city of the great King.

May you be encouraged in your walk with him today.

For those of you on this week’s journey with us as a church, keep fighting on. The Lord has said that if we humble ourselves and pray and seek his face, then he would hear from heaven and heal our land. Our land needs healing, our hearts need healing, our families need healing. So many broken relationships, discord, hatred and animosity. So much sickness and disease.

As we continue to supplicate for the rest of this week and beyond, may our spirits cry out in unison : Father, Revive the works in the midst of the years, in the midst of the years make known, in wrath remember mercy.

It is up to us as the light of the world to show a different way of being. We can’t be like the world. We are indeed in the world, but not of the world.

Let us be brave soldiers of the cross – contend for our families, our nation, our loved ones, let us stand tall be strong and contend for the faith.

Avante. We are going to a new level. I heard it and see the glory and joy on many faces.

As one author says ‘pray responsibly, prophetically, biblically, particularly those prophetic prayers related to revival’* If you cant say it write it… if you cant write it, sing it..!! But make some noise and contend for the faith. ‘Prophetic promises fuel the work of our intercession and is more effective in our outreach to others’.*

The world needs us.

Let us be strong and continue to march in unison, one voice, one accord. Lifting each other up. In terms of opposition , let us be hard faced and hard nose and set our faces like flints. God is in the midst of us . We will not be shaken. We will not be moved.

Today is another day and we are alive to give our Father the praise and the glory for great things He has done.

We will see revival in the midst of our years as we call out for it and make known our Saviour and King.

Linda J


In the Year of Our Lord 2019

*quoted from Growing in Prayer by Mike Bickle

Is this the Fast?

By Linda J

Day 4 of the Church Fast 10/1/19

What a wonderful privileged to to pray as a family yesterday and as part of the church fast. Indeed I woke with this scripture on my heart

“How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell in unity; it is like the precious ointment that ran down upon the head , even Aaron beards; that went down to the skirts of his garments. As the dew of Hermon and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion : from there the Lord commanded the blessing,even life for evermore”. (Psalm 133)

There is also beautiful scripture of not only coming together as family but what happens when we come together to make mention of the Lord. In the book of Malachi Father tells us that a book of remembrance is written before him for them that feared the Lord and that thought upon his name. (Malachi 3:16).

If we walk in the light, even as he is light we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin. Whenever we feel breaks to our fellowship with one another it means we have allowed darkness to come in . The enemy of soul has been out to destroy not only the natural families that we are part of but also the spiritual families that God has orchestrated to come together.

Let me say, the beauty of our house is the intergenerational and multinational representation of same – what a beautiful family. What a wonderful Father we have.

There are indeed different characters to every member of a family, but God knows the heart and the reason why that individual was created and came… Let us treasure what we have, what Father has enabled us and look after each other with love.

Our coming to church is not about us, its also about our brother or sister. They need us. We need them. As Pastor said last night, if a part of the body was hurting we would want to seek remedy and help.

We need to look after the Body.

My added emphasis (and as the spirit leads me this morning ) is that we wouldn’t deliberately bash our arm against a brick, nor throw stones at our head, eyes or heart. We wouldn’t neglect to feed, change or hold the little baby in the crib. We wouldn’t neglect to speak to, hurt or ill-treat our children. Therefore we need to look after each other and based on age, stage and need. Let us pay attention to those parts which may not be as comely as the rest.

Look out for the stranger that comes in amongst us – those who may be battling with demons, ravished by time and circumstance and suffering abuse or in some disarray. Let us be aware of those who are away from (or may not have) a family – allow them to contribute and belong.

Reach out. Give of yourself. Break out of the cliques or normal patterns and ways of being that might exclude others. Get to know someone new. You never know who God has placed amongst us, or sent as a witness and a testimony. The Bible says ‘some have entertained angels unawares’(Hebrews 13:2).

Family ministry is the ministry that God has given to us – to each and every one of us to care for and from the porch to the altar ie whoever and whenever we make that interface.

Father says

6 Is not this the fast that I have chosen?

to loose the bands of wickedness,

to undo the heavy burdens,

and to let the oppressed go free,

and that ye break every yoke?

7 Is it not to deal thy bread to the hungry,

and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house?

when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him;

and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh? Isaiah 58:6

As we complete the fast, Let the dew of Herman fall on us. Let us continue to reflect on the Word of God. Let us pray for ourselves and the part we play in breaking yokes and building families, (the physical and spiritual family of God).

Linda J

Writing in the Year of Our Lord 2019

Day 4 of the Church Fast


From Prison Ministry

Dear Evangelist Linda,
Thank you very much for our prophetic massage. We take it and receive it in our Lord Jesus Christ.
By the time I received this massage, I was also thinking about you and how you have been a blessing to us.
The new year has arrived, and along with it we all have New goals, high aspirations and fresh hopes for the coming 52 weeks.
This past year has been an exciting one for us, while at the same time being trying and difficult at times.
Today to get the year started off right,we should continue to put our hope in the LORD. Our hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been given to us(Romans 5:5)
Even though youth grow tried and weary, and young men stumble and fall, but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow, weary, they will walk and not faint.
Because of the Lord’s great love we are not


By Linda Joyce ❤️

1st January in the Year of Our Lord 2019

I was helping at church last night in the run up to the New Year Celebrations. The Bible’s says whatever your hand finds to do , do it with all your might. With this word in mind, I set to.

I was serving tea when I ran out of milk so had to go into the kitchen to replenish the jug from the fridge. I opened the fridge, took the milk and closed the door. I then had an afterthought and decided I wanted to get something else from the fridge.. I turned round to try to open it. It just wouldn’t open.

The fridge is industrial and has a time lock on it – a number of people stood in the food queue, watching me …joining in the amusement – each giving advice about what to…

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By Linda Joyce ❤️

1st January in the Year of Our Lord 2019

I was helping at church last night in the run up to the New Year Celebrations. The Bible’s says whatever your hand finds to do , do it with all your might. With this word in mind, I set to.

I was serving tea when I ran out of milk so had to go into the kitchen to replenish the jug from the fridge. I opened the fridge, took the milk and closed the door. I then had an afterthought and decided I wanted to get something else from the fridge.. I turned round to try to open it. It just wouldn’t open.

The fridge is industrial and has a time lock on it – a number of people stood in the food queue, watching me …joining in the amusement – each giving advice about what to do. The fridge stood motionless cold, steel..shut…

You know I write… this is an aspect of my call… The event came back to me this morning as I am reflecting with the Lord at the start of the New day, New Year 2019 . There is a Word in it..!! Glory to God. I share by way of encouragement and for those in a period of waiting.

I waited over 10 year for a thing and then it came to past and all the dreams and promises were Yes and Amen.

It is the start of a New Year and you are planning to do this and to do that. You have been waiting for the promise of God, even through the last year.

The word of God says several things ‘in the waiting’. It says

In your patience posses ye your souls. (Luke 21:19). What God closes, no one can open (Exodus 14:3;Deuteronomy 11:17.;1 Samuel 1:5; Joshua 6:1I; 2 Chronicles 6:26 ;Job11:10; 38:8; Daniel 6:22 ) and what he opens , no one can shut. (Isaiah 22:22) .

I want to encourage you to ‘wait on the Lord and be of good courage and He will bring whatever you are waiting for, to pass.’ (Psalms 27:14).

You are coming out of that situation and you are going into that desired destination , In the Name of Jesus. So said, so done.

He said to me ‘that in quietness and in rest, shall be your strength’ Isaiah 30:15) and so it was. He will not suffer your foot to slip or his son or his daughter, to suffer corruption. (Psalms 16:10). He will right every wrong. He will be on time. As Pastor said last night ‘no weapon formed against you shall prosper’

The Word says : He that keeps Israel will never slumber nor sleep, concerning you (Psalms 121:4). This is our Father’s promise.

As in the industrial fridge, there is an eternal time lock and the clock is ticking for your good and for judgment. Where will the hammer fall? God has already opened the door for us through Jesus Christ , don’t miss it… There is also an eternal time lock* for judgement and when the books will be opened (read Revelation 20:12). How will your page read?

All things are happening in the way they have been ordained from the foundation of the world (Hebrews 1:10) – even some of the horrible bits. Father is on his way (his word to me, for you) and He is on time.

Delay is not Denial. Wait. There is no need to force or prise open that thing, it will happen in Father’s good time. He warns us that divers weights and false balances (to get to, or access that thing quicker ..) are not good . You will cause damage to yourself and others and you cannot force his hands.

That thing being done to you or against you? Wait ..! Understand timings, assignments and protocol – our access to, our comings and goings, the righting of that injustice – must be of (and remedied by) Him. He will do it ..!

Finally my brethren , ‘ believe the Lord and his Prophets and so shall you be established’ (2 Chronicles 20:20 ). See the door swings open….. and the light now shines on your way.

You just do your part in obedience and you will drink the milk…. and eat the sweet and the good of the land.

Fathers Richest Blessing at the Start of this New Year 2019

Linda J

He calls Me

Beautiful Joyful Spirit

*(See also my earlier piece on the Forever Place)

Christmas – What really matters?

By Linda Joyce – Dec 2018 in the Year of our Lord

I woke up with this word on my heart, its about Christmas. I see people sweating the small stuff about Santa Claus whether some Christians have sold out or not to paganism. I see and hear brother and sister fighting each other, over this very thing and many other issues and when so much else is at stake.

Over the years, ‘Christmas’ for me (and from a child ) has been very different but the constant theme of my heart has always been wanting to bring joy and peace and looking for that something this world can never bring. Eventually, I found Him… no longer a cutesy baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, nor joy found in a well wrapped designer present, but the personification of the Father – His Blessed Holy Spirit in us: Immanuel. This is Christ mas for me – full to overflowing. I could burst. I know I will never lose this special gift or the joy of knowing what this brings.

The first thing I feel the Holy Spirit leading me to say this morning is that we are ‘Santa’. Santa means holy or saint. The Bible says Aaron was the ‘saint of the Lord’ (Psalms 108:16-19) standing in the gap with Moses. We are the representatives of God here on earth, standing in the gap with Him, for each other. It is for us to extend our arms and give our gifts (whether physical or spiritual), to others.

I see too many in the House, in the Body, straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel and missing the most simplest thing, which is love. I see Christians who cant even bother to turn to give the time of day, day in day out, week in week out, Sabbath in Sabbath out, Sunday in Sunday out , puffed up, murmurers going no where like Dothan and the children of Abiram (Read in Psalms 108).

Jesus’ coming to earth is a love story. The message is about the surrender of all, for the sake of another. The event is about a King laying down his all for his citizens because he knew (what was at stake) and He cared.

Everyone has a birthday who is born. We all know now that Jesus’ birthday probably wasn’t the 25th of December… but we are sure he was born.

Don’t get caught up into the day or the word ‘Christmas’ don’t let it bring the hatchets out among you/us. Simply put, it is a anniversary of the birth of our Savior, who is a person now eternal with us by His Holy Spirit. A person, a nation celebrates the meaning annually and communally by choice, but the rejoicing of our Saviors birth is and should be everyday. The day or your days… is what you yourself make it. You can chose to be a child from hell full of murder or misery, or a child of love peace and joy here on earth representing the King of Kings.

Let me tell you where I am coming from and what moves me…

I was brought up in a home where Christmas was not celebrated… my parents were 7th Day Church of God- lovely people who had/have their own passions and ways they wanted to serve the Lord. I was obedient (I darent not be….) until I became an adult. I then made decisions based on my own felt reality of who God was to me at the time and at different points throughout my life. My testimony (see Facebook clip informs on how I powerfully met the Lord).

Let me tell you, in terms of Christmas , Ive done the shopping to excess and keeping up with the Jones’. I’ve had the other halves…. promising me the world and kissing me under the mistletoe. Ive had the tucked up babies in bed and the smell of Turkey tickling my nose through the night on the slow and the down low, and thinking I am cooking….!! Yet it still didnt feel enough. I had a wardrobe of clothes and nowhere (or no time) to go…. I still felt empty. I often couldn’t wait until Christmas was over.

Ive done the Christmas days in the soup kitchen, on the wards, helping the sick. Three lates, three earlys two days off… (my nurse friends will remember). Ive done the Jesus Breakfast… emergency duty phone lines, night shelters and homeless shelters, both here and afar. Ive doled out hot chocolate and condoms with the Rahab team in the East… Ive done the tree up? tree down? artificial and real ….to ‘baby lets wait and see….. the needles make such a mess on my new, white Axminster carpet…’. Take your shoes off please.!!!

Yes, Ive done the posh, the manger and the refuge and vicey versa ..all on my way to finding the joy and the peace. I have spent Christmas with family, the stranger, the friend, the crowd (during missions) and at other times on my own.

I am a child of the Spirit, always have been…. and I need to feel things ‘in my waters’….. (as they say) before I do… If I’m led… I go or leave. If I feel, I write …. or I say.. I give a little here and a little there, for fun, or if I see a need. My main objective? To address need, break chains, bring joy and to reveal Him and Truth, as led.

I have been a lady in waiting counting down the sleeps … brooding over – waiting for the reveal… as many do at Christmas. Christmas jars with some, is loved by others, but has so many memories and different meanings for us all.

As if to crown all the complexities of what goes in the mix for me, I lost my first born daughter … on Christmas Day….December 25th 2013 … now some 5 years. Don’t cry for me Argentina.. 🙂. But this put(s) all things keenly into perspective. All the events around and leading up to her death, the day – such a sudden, unexpected loss. All the events of our lives – so many Christmas’ together, crumbled away and we found ourselves holding black bags stuffed with all her/our yesterdays, preparing for a funeral.

Did anyone ask me how I feel?

They prayed for me at church yesterday. Christmas Day – some had remembered, others didn’t /don’t give me the time of day. But its Christmas..!!

I don’t grieve like other people grieve. Why? Because I am peculiar. Why? because my hope is and has been in Him. I know My Father does all things well. The joy of the Lord is and will always be, my strength.

I have learned in whatever situation I find myself, to give Thanks. I know that the Lord gives and He takes away. Blessed be His Holy Name.

So what am I saying or what is it that the Holy Spirit is wanting me to convey in this piece?

I have said it before and I will say it again, that the prophets life is a metaphor. The story and pages of our lives, are for others.

It doesn’t really matter whether you tinsel up or tinsel down. What matters is whether your own heart has prepared him room. What will you bring to the Savior ? What will you lay at His feet? This was the song on my heart yesterday … I was in tears before I got dressed.

No one likes dressing up more than I, but I have stared death in the face and in the shape of my 5ft 8″ firstborn daughter. I’ve come to know that it doesn’t really matter about the party dress or the coiffured hair. What matters is how you are dressed in the spirit and the state of your heart, at the end.

Shall I tell you a secret? My purple dress yesterday (see the piccies) was from a second hand shop..I have had it 10 years plus ..some stones on the neckline now missing, but who knew ? who cares? I am /God is, more interested that there is nothing missing or broken on the inside.

Of course I have other clothes, new and old. I also design. But the dress was my choice. That’s the point. It’s not how we look. It is the eternal choices we make and the consequences.. at the end of the day. All that glitters isn’t necessarily gold ..! Dress well.

What really matters is whether there is any genuine love in our hearts or are we just playing games or performing for the crowd. What really is going on with you? Why the cold stare? The frown? What is on the inside? Where’s the joy and crown? Stop giving to get.

Know this: We are not fooling anyone but ourselves. The scriptures convicts us all if we take time to look. If we but listen.

The first commandment is this, To love God with all our hearts, soul and body and to love our brother as ourselves. The Bible says that if you have anything against your brother, sort it out first… before you bring your gift…. your song…. your dance … your performances …to the altar. Before you stroke the cutesy baby ..what about your brother? your sister ? standing sitting next to you – rubbing shoulders week after week? Sharing the same air space.

We can’t force our brothers and sisters outside Christ, but ‘in the house’, in the Body, we have to do better. Baby Jesus grew up and is a mature man of sound spiritual stature. Break out of your cliques , stop clowning around.

What really matters is whether your life or indeed Christmasses will be a sing song, ….will it continue to be a performance or will you seek to know how to come before, and worship the King. What will we teach our children?

Right now, only you and Father know what’s going on for you deep down in your heart, but sometimes what is deep down creeps to the top, it can be seen and felt and it affects ‘the song’…The Lord calls it empty cymbals and clanging bells.

Stop making noise. Stop the tom foolery – the hiding behind pomp and pride and our own head, ass and isms.

We can continue to be a stench or a sweet smell. We can be a lovely song… a blessing happening, rather if we clean out the stable of our heart (where its at now … ) and make room for Him and others.

What I don’t want (and I’m sure you’ll join me in this) is a mechanical hug at Christmas or feigned love. Don’t pretend you care. Show me your Christmas hug and your love everyday of the week..through the year. Please!

Ask me how I am. Turn around and hug me….. I can hear your heart even with your back turned and with your eyes down…Father sees our ducking and diving, avoidance tactics, through the crowd.

Look me in my eyes and show me who you really are….in Him. Don’t be a fair weather friend. Be my Santa.

Take time to be holy..

Encourage me from the Word. Let me see that you know Him. Let me see that you care.

The Bible says pure religion and undefiled before God the Father is this: To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction and to keep ourselves unspotted from the world. (James 1:27).

This is what really matters – speaking the truth to each other in love; having a desire to change to see Kingdom established whatever we do, whoever and wherever we are.

Writing …

Our Father – Blooming Genius !!

By Linda Joyce 21/12/18

I am up early 4:00 am reading and moving through Growing in Prayer by Mike Bickle – it’s one of our ministry reading assignments. I get distracted often- two coffees later … sorting this and that straightening my pillows, I reach for the Daily Mail – brought yesterday (but unread as I was busy) and ready for the garbage bag. I turned through the pages – Brexit , Brexit, Brexit… and other Tom foolery ….but then stumble on an article by Stefan Ruczacki about a ‘blooming genius’ David Austin, who developed a rose that repeatedly blooms and gives off fragrance.

I love roses and I know Father is a master gardener, (see my other piece on this site The Master Gardener ) who prunes us and desires a sweet ever blooming fragrance. I am about to move house and planning a cottage garden, so I am intrigued and read on.

It is an interesting article (unlike the rest of the fodder). As I read , I come across a sentence which immediately opens up my spiritual ears and gets my attention. I see it is a message for me, the church – for pastors, leaders, teachers, evangelists.

The writer is sharing how David Austin managed this horticultural feat of repeat blooms and roses, roses with fragrance. David(now passed) had explained to him :

‘… You have to try many times over a long period to get results’. He had explained that he had the land to plant out hundreds of seedlings, giving himself ‘.. a wide range from which to choose ‘. But most of all ( the writer wrote ) ‘He was blessed with the gift of spotting likely candidates and nurturing them’ .

As I read this I thought of pastoral care, M24 and evangelism and the constant need to keep not only our ears open for the word, but our eyes open for the seed – that precious seed – both physical and spiritual. I know not every seed is a planting of the Lord.

I thought about the UK and the mission plans, both here and further afield and abroad. I thought about the seed.

The author went on to say ‘the remontant gene in the rose , is recessive and has to be ‘coaxed out’ through multiple ‘back crosses’ ie crossing the newly produced rose repeatedly with one of its forebears of similar genetic makeup going on to produce hundreds of varieties….’and (I add), to ensure against its demise.

This for me is the ‘iron, sharpening iron’ and stirring up each other to ‘go'(a communal commission) to sow, plant, impart and reproduce.

Not every seed is good or mixes well with others . There are bitter figs, brought through disobedience.(See Jeremiah 24:1-10) which can poison, cause disease or stagnate growth. As the scriptures and the elders used to say ‘Not all Israel, is Israel’ . I say, not every seed is a rose seed. We have counterfeits and camouflage and degenerate ones- ie can’t reproduce; some weeds also look good and grow tall and strong but choke good seeds. Some roses have spikes and thorns, some have barks..!! The right seeds need to be identified, nurtured and kept alive.

Father is reminding me that there is a fault line in our species brought about through Adam and the fall , but, by the eternal washing of water by the word, watering the seed , regularly returning to the cross and what Jesus did the see can survive. Our Jesus , came in human form, lived as a man, experienced much suffering, scourging and a cruel death on the cross, yet remained without sin’ . He was the holy seed of God.

We will continue to propagate righteous seeds and see lasting fruit from our labours, if we do it right and follow the master plan. Father is concerned about the cell and the seed. For seed to reproduce (and healthily), other things (which are/affecting the plant /the crop) have to die. Cut it out!

Jesus is the seed of God, (he is never past tense). He is the offering that is planted for us, planted with blood (in eternal communion and breaking of bread) his life, sweat and tears and from groaning prayers.

As any gardener knows, it takes sweat and tears…. to produce to bring forth and before we see and smell, that blessed aroma. Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abides alone.

Once on the ground or in the ground … the seed needs looking after… if it is to grow and reproduce after ‘His kind …’

Jesus is our Rose of Sharon – as He is so are we, in this world – or should be. If we abide in Him and allow him to abide in us, we will produce much fruit.

Avante!! Up now ! and be encouraged. Bloom where you have been planted and nurture and water the precious seed both near and far. Keep a watchful eye on them. The fields have been made ready – there is an expanse and much work to do. Father is producing in us a sweet aroma of grace, as we continue to labour with him for the harvest.

I’m sure there is more … !!

Linda J

Attack on Truth

This week I was led to advise on a number of decisions and situations that would have left some individuals vulnerable. I was vociferously attacked and much mischief began to manifest. I sensed the enemy at work. The day after these events I also began to feel a pain deep in my waist area.

I didn’t make the link with what had occurred until early this Sunday morning (5:30 am and praying and studying the word). The Holy Spirit shone his light into the cause of the physical pain – it is an attack on the Word and an attack on Truth.

He reminded me that the belt of truth is round our waists. As Christians we need to wear our armor daily. The opponents to God’s , right reign and rule, will try to attack. We will sometimes feel and see this in the body… (both on the micro and macro level) both in the spiritual and physical domain. These opponents are fallen angels and foul diabolical spirits working through men and women. When a man or woman of peace stands up you will see the opposing spirit come in like a flood. David said it. He said ‘ I am for peace, but when I speak, they are for war’ . (Psalms 120:7)

The Bible instructs that our fight is against spiritual wickedness in high places and from the rulers of the darkness of this world. The rulers of darkness is still ruling the hearts of many, seeking to blind, spear, maim, kill, infect, or cause disease.

We walk amongst these disarming, disempowering rulers of darkness every day and they have a chain of command. They wreak havoc and mischief . They cause despair and devastation in their wake. They belch with their mouths , their words are smoother than butter, softer than oil, but war is in their eyes and heart. Their teeth and lips are drawn swords. (Psalms 55:21; 59:7). Nothing they do is new under the sun. They think God is asleep, but He has seen.

David said, Psalms 57:4-6.

My soul is among lions:

and I lie even among them that are set on fire, even the sons of men,

whose teeth are spears and arrows,

and their tongue a sharp sword.

6 They have prepared a net for my steps;

my soul is bowed down:

they have digged a pit before me,

into the midst whereof they are fallen themselves.

I did feel like I have had a ‘good kicking’ (as they say), but this morning on my watch, studying and praying and now seeing … I prayed accurately against the attack and the pain has subsided. Glory be to God.

They will fall in the pit they have digged for me and I have seen it with my own eyes. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God.

The signature scripture for my ministry is Psalms 46:5. Part of the scripture was used humorously for the late Margaret Thatcher. ‘……she shall not be moved’. Father gave me this scripture when he was calling me out of darkness into his marvelous light and when he was instructing me about my call.

The full scripture is ‘God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved. God shall help her, and that right, early.

David himself worshipped God in the midst of his suffering, as will I.

Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens;

let thy glory be above all the earth.

I am called to speak and to say and to write and to worship and since the age of 7 years. I will continue to do this with every fibre of my being. I will set my face like a flint, stand in the gap, adjudicate, seek to bring justice and wisdom to situations and whilst garrisoning my own heart.

We can lead people to truth, to refreshing to waters, but we can’t force anyone to drink. The Bible tells us there will be those who will continue to oppose us. It is not us they are attacking, but His Son. Jesus was made wisdom unto us, but wisdom is too high for fools.

The Bible says their foolish hearts are darkened. They are ever listening and ever seeking truth, but they refuse to hear or to see when light shines. They are bitter, sensuous, devilish and ungodly. They never mature or graduate to the mark of the higher call.

I will continue to wear my armor. Thank God for the belt…. I will continue to speak, to challenge injustice and to protect the little ones. As an ambassador for Christ, I will continue to advise on and seek a more excellent way for the kingdom.

Father will bring all kingdom opponents down with one shout. Mine is to continue to pray for protection, healing and restoration – even my own.

In his time, Father will break the teeth of the dragon and disappoint their devices and cunning, as he has done for me and in the past.

Levante….. (I hear in my spirit man). upwards and onwards and continue to stand for Truth.

Linda Joyce .

Fathers daughter