Our Father – Blooming Genius !!

By Linda Joyce 21/12/18

I am up early 4:00 am reading and moving through Growing in Prayer by Mike Bickle – it’s one of our ministry reading assignments. I get distracted often- two coffees later … sorting this and that straightening my pillows, I reach for the Daily Mail – brought yesterday (but unread as I was busy) and ready for the garbage bag. I turned through the pages – Brexit , Brexit, Brexit… and other Tom foolery ….but then stumble on an article by Stefan Ruczacki about a ‘blooming genius’ David Austin, who developed a rose that repeatedly blooms and gives off fragrance.

I love roses and I know Father is a master gardener, (see my other piece on this site The Master Gardener ) who prunes us and desires a sweet ever blooming fragrance. I am about to move house and planning a cottage garden, so I am intrigued and read on.

It is an interesting article (unlike the rest of the fodder). As I read , I come across a sentence which immediately opens up my spiritual ears and gets my attention. I see it is a message for me, the church – for pastors, leaders, teachers, evangelists.

The writer is sharing how David Austin managed this horticultural feat of repeat blooms and roses, roses with fragrance. David(now passed) had explained to him :

‘… You have to try many times over a long period to get results’. He had explained that he had the land to plant out hundreds of seedlings, giving himself ‘.. a wide range from which to choose ‘. But most of all ( the writer wrote ) ‘He was blessed with the gift of spotting likely candidates and nurturing them’ .

As I read this I thought of pastoral care, M24 and evangelism and the constant need to keep not only our ears open for the word, but our eyes open for the seed – that precious seed – both physical and spiritual. I know not every seed is a planting of the Lord.

I thought about the UK and the mission plans, both here and further afield and abroad. I thought about the seed.

The author went on to say ‘the remontant gene in the rose , is recessive and has to be ‘coaxed out’ through multiple ‘back crosses’ ie crossing the newly produced rose repeatedly with one of its forebears of similar genetic makeup going on to produce hundreds of varieties….’and (I add), to ensure against its demise.

This for me is the ‘iron, sharpening iron’ and stirring up each other to ‘go'(a communal commission) to sow, plant, impart and reproduce.

Not every seed is good or mixes well with others . There are bitter figs, brought through disobedience.(See Jeremiah 24:1-10) which can poison, cause disease or stagnate growth. As the scriptures and the elders used to say ‘Not all Israel, is Israel’ . I say, not every seed is a rose seed. We have counterfeits and camouflage and degenerate ones- ie can’t reproduce; some weeds also look good and grow tall and strong but choke good seeds. Some roses have spikes and thorns, some have barks..!! The right seeds need to be identified, nurtured and kept alive.

Father is reminding me that there is a fault line in our species brought about through Adam and the fall , but, by the eternal washing of water by the word, watering the seed , regularly returning to the cross and what Jesus did the see can survive. Our Jesus , came in human form, lived as a man, experienced much suffering, scourging and a cruel death on the cross, yet remained without sin’ . He was the holy seed of God.

We will continue to propagate righteous seeds and see lasting fruit from our labours, if we do it right and follow the master plan. Father is concerned about the cell and the seed. For seed to reproduce (and healthily), other things (which are/affecting the plant /the crop) have to die. Cut it out!

Jesus is the seed of God, (he is never past tense). He is the offering that is planted for us, planted with blood (in eternal communion and breaking of bread) his life, sweat and tears and from groaning prayers.

As any gardener knows, it takes sweat and tears…. to produce to bring forth and before we see and smell, that blessed aroma. Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abides alone.

Once on the ground or in the ground … the seed needs looking after… if it is to grow and reproduce after ‘His kind …’

Jesus is our Rose of Sharon – as He is so are we, in this world – or should be. If we abide in Him and allow him to abide in us, we will produce much fruit.

Avante!! Up now ! and be encouraged. Bloom where you have been planted and nurture and water the precious seed both near and far. Keep a watchful eye on them. The fields have been made ready – there is an expanse and much work to do. Father is producing in us a sweet aroma of grace, as we continue to labour with him for the harvest.

I’m sure there is more … !!

Linda J


Attack on Truth

This week I was led to advise on a number of decisions and situations that would have left some individuals vulnerable. I was vociferously attacked and much mischief began to manifest. I sensed the enemy at work. The day after these events I also began to feel a pain deep in my waist area.

I didn’t make the link with what had occurred until early this Sunday morning (5:30 am and praying and studying the word). The Holy Spirit shone his light into the cause of the physical pain – it is an attack on the Word and an attack on Truth.

He reminded me that the belt of truth is round our waists. As Christians we need to wear our armor daily. The opponents to God’s , right reign and rule, will try to attack. We will sometimes feel and see this in the body… (both on the micro and macro level) both in the spiritual and physical domain. These opponents are fallen angels and foul diabolical spirits working through men and women. When a man or woman of peace stands up you will see the opposing spirit come in like a flood. David said it. He said ‘ I am for peace, but when I speak, they are for war’ . (Psalms 120:7)

The Bible instructs that our fight is against spiritual wickedness in high places and from the rulers of the darkness of this world. The rulers of darkness is still ruling the hearts of many, seeking to blind, spear, maim, kill, infect, or cause disease.

We walk amongst these disarming, disempowering rulers of darkness every day and they have a chain of command. They wreak havoc and mischief . They cause despair and devastation in their wake. They belch with their mouths , their words are smoother than butter, softer than oil, but war is in their eyes and heart. Their teeth and lips are drawn swords. (Psalms 55:21; 59:7). Nothing they do is new under the sun. They think God is asleep, but He has seen.

David said, Psalms 57:4-6.

My soul is among lions:

and I lie even among them that are set on fire, even the sons of men,

whose teeth are spears and arrows,

and their tongue a sharp sword.

6 They have prepared a net for my steps;

my soul is bowed down:

they have digged a pit before me,

into the midst whereof they are fallen themselves.

I did feel like I have had a ‘good kicking’ (as they say), but this morning on my watch, studying and praying and now seeing … I prayed accurately against the attack and the pain has subsided. Glory be to God.

They will fall in the pit they have digged for me and I have seen it with my own eyes. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God.

The signature scripture for my ministry is Psalms 46:5. Part of the scripture was used humorously for the late Margaret Thatcher. ‘……she shall not be moved’. Father gave me this scripture when he was calling me out of darkness into his marvelous light and when he was instructing me about my call.

The full scripture is ‘God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved. God shall help her, and that right, early.

David himself worshipped God in the midst of his suffering, as will I.

Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens;

let thy glory be above all the earth.

I am called to speak and to say and to write and to worship and since the age of 7 years. I will continue to do this with every fibre of my being. I will set my face like a flint, stand in the gap, adjudicate, seek to bring justice and wisdom to situations and whilst garrisoning my own heart.

We can lead people to truth, to refreshing to waters, but we can’t force anyone to drink. The Bible tells us there will be those who will continue to oppose us. It is not us they are attacking, but His Son. Jesus was made wisdom unto us, but wisdom is too high for fools.

The Bible says their foolish hearts are darkened. They are ever listening and ever seeking truth, but they refuse to hear or to see when light shines. They are bitter, sensuous, devilish and ungodly. They never mature or graduate to the mark of the higher call.

I will continue to wear my armor. Thank God for the belt…. I will continue to speak, to challenge injustice and to protect the little ones. As an ambassador for Christ, I will continue to advise on and seek a more excellent way for the kingdom.

Father will bring all kingdom opponents down with one shout. Mine is to continue to pray for protection, healing and restoration – even my own.

In his time, Father will break the teeth of the dragon and disappoint their devices and cunning, as he has done for me and in the past.

Levante….. (I hear in my spirit man). upwards and onwards and continue to stand for Truth.

Linda Joyce .

Fathers daughter

Power, Only Visible in Operation

I had this dream on Saturday. I dreamt that I was in a church building. I was in the kitchen area and wanting to heat two dumplings. There was a microwave. I saw that it was old and had been sealed up at the back. I tried to switch it on but the digital buttons did not work. Nevertheless the dumplings got heated up and started to smell like they were burning . They didn’t burn, but the heat was in the appliance. I was bemused. What heated them I thought. I quickly took them out. 

I woke up and tried to ask a few pastor friends I know across the country, older pastors who I often weigh things with and since 2004. I couldn’t get hold of anybody.  I asked the Lord last night what this was about. 

This morning, Father brought a reading to my inbox from the ministry of Rheinard Bonke. Pastor Bonke is one of my spiritual fathers in fact , the father who invited me to a ‘face to faceevent in Florida in 2008 and anointed me for my evangelism ministry.  God has used him in my life mightily. I tried to cut and paste the message below as it speaks to my dream, but it won’t allow it so I will summarise here:

Pastor Bonke says the power Father has given us ‘ is only visible in operation’ . He says so many of us sit on the power when it is already in us. It is only when we get up and do … even the simple things – (the heating of two plain fried dumplings in my dream and in the old fashion way…), that we will see that the power is already there. 

Pastor writes we don’t see the power of an athlete, a sprinter when he or she is standing next to us, but when they run, we see what they are made of.

In our case, the authority, the power to heal is already there. It has been sealed. It is a done – what I am now going to call ‘dumpling – kneaded and knitted together deal’ . Glory to God . Father has given us discernment, our five senses to know the timing … of things. It’s in us. We just need to stretch forth our hands, to do , to run …and we will see changes. 

I’m sure there is more from the revelation, but that settles me for now. Do go and read Pastor Bonke full message : Power only visible in operation’ , then get up and do!

With much joy , love and affection and because he bids me write

Evangelist Linda J

October 2018 

And for this reason …?

I woke up with this sentence/ scripture in my spirit ‘and for this reason the son of man was manifested to …’ I couldn’t remember the rest (I thought it was to destroy the works of the flesh, but I wasn’t sure) so I had to go look it up. It is of course 1 John 3:8. When I read it in King James version it actually says , ‘and for this purpose, the son of man was manifested to destroy the works of the devil.

I began researching the two different meanings (purpose and reason) and what others have said about the difference. There is a mixed bag on the intellectual grammar sites and I have added my own.

Here is my current thinking with the purpose of bringing the message which the Lord might want to convey to life and today – hope you are able to catch something fresh. I will pray a prayer at the end.

Purpose is the ‘umbrella’ overarching reason, the global and ongoing task with many attributes, functions and activity brought to bear (and if you like)…. It is the big ‘DO’. Whereas the word ‘reason’ is singular, to destroy the devil – a little ‘do’ . The only way I can explain it. God not only wants to destroy the works of the devil but there is a whole bigger purpose in mind to heal and to restore and to bring us back to himself.

The point of the exercise is that God had a purpose in mind when he sent his son and today he is reminding us. It was to redeem Adam’s fallen race back to himself. He says ‘as he is so are we in this world’. I John 4:17. As there was a purpose for Jesus’ birth , death and resurrection, so there is a purpose for your life too. Jesus was sent in form of human flesh to destroy the works of the devil. Jesus was proof positive that God cared, came and is more than able to finish what he started and intended for his creation. The son of man was manifested in the form of a human babe, an adult man and then a resurrected spirit. This life which was/is in the Son is in us and we have been given delegated power to continue to destroy the works of the devil , in His Name.

There is a purpose and reason for your life and it is to run your race. We are to go into all the world preach the good news, destroy and deliver . The bible says saviours will come from mount Zion. Obadiah 1:21. Father sends saviours for a purpose – to bring men back to God.

Today, ask yourself, what is your purpose, what is the reason for your life. What have you been called to do? Once you know get up and do it with all your might. You were created in Him to destroy the works of the devil. You have the power and upper hand over any situation, as long as you stand in His Name. He says , greater works shall we do , because he has gone back to the Father. John 14;12. He is saying it is now time to rise. He has said that the ‘whole creation is groaning, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. Romans 8:9 We can see and hear the birth pangs, in the tsunami’s and the many earthquakes, in the wars and rumours of wars. I have heard it in the spirit that it is time to rise. It is your hour, it is your season. Get up!! Make manifest, the wonder working power and glory of God. Father is depending on us.


Father we thank you for your word. Your word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. Forever, your word, your purposes and plans are settled in heaven.

Lord nothing has happened by chance or by accident. Your purposes are made clear in your word and your mighty acts of old. You are still doing , you are an active knowing , doing God. Your word is everlasting, touching each generation even ours. Thank you for bearing with us and staying with us. Thank you for communicating with us.

Father, your word says that your son Jesus was manifested to destroy the works of the enemy and we are to stand, run and do so in that Name. Lord help us to grasp the seriousness of the task that you have laid on us and the part we have been created to play. Let us not be just readers and hearers of the word, break that stoic, spectator self-satisfied, religious, placid, patronising, complacent, spirit in us. We long for the spirit and working out of Truth.

Lord your word says that upon mount Zion shall be deliverance and the people shall possess their possession. We declare that everything that has been stolen, or broken down to be restored and revived and returned to us , in this hour.

You are our racione d’etre – (the french say it so well) our reason for being. If we say it Lord, let it be done and in Your Name. Let your manifested presence be in all we say and do. Release our tongue our hearts in prayer and supplication. Give us a listening ear for your army cry and daily divine direction. Give us that right spirit to be that battle axe, that weapon of war in your hand – to pull down strongholds in the spirit.

Your daughter Linda J

Many a slip twixt cup and lip

By Evangelist Linda J September 2018

Many years ago my favourite tipple on a Friday night after work was whisky and dry ginger or barcadi and coke. I could also down a bottle of the lethal drink ‘Thunderbird’ before going partying to get myself in the mood. My husband and his many friends loved to drink, this was how they socialised – this was 1980’s England after all. I can see that if it wasn’t for the Lord, I could easily have been pulled down that slippery slope.

Whilst occasionally I will have a glass of wine (say once or bi monthly …) my main drink now is the drink of the Holy spirit and how I thirst for this each day.

I work with a number of families where drink addiction has been the issue that has destroyed, caused harm or discord. I would also say my marriage ended because of my husband’s socialising and drinking and the impact on family life. I lost a work mate to this horrid addiction. She was a beautiful young woman who seemed at the time, as having everything one might desire in life.

As I drive to church in my neighbourhood, I see other beautiful young men and women wasted by drink. One young girl (one of my young people from my youth leader years). I see her every week – she doesn’t remember me- she cant her brain is pickled. Just a young slip of a girl – beauty faded -looking haggard, like a wizened older lady. The drink did it.

I see her and them, (those controlled by drink & other things), lying down in shop doorways, waking up, stumbling, with the can in hand – empty ‘can/tin bottle heads’, ravished by the devil’s own cup.

I write from a position of knowing the pull of a drink, but I so much want to convey Father’s heart on the issue. Sometimes my own heart feels hard from the culture and environment that is around, which we have created, which can stifle , immobilise and stullify. We are drowning in addictions. Does anyone see or genuinely care about anyone, anyway….?

Each week, I watch and wait. I watch and wait to see what he will say to me and what he will show me. I see the ones who stoop to save. I see those who turn their face and don’t give a damn.

Just a kind word, a hug , a word of care that is all it takes to be salt and light.

It is so easy to like those, who like us, look like us, talk like us, sit like us and smell like us. We are good actors and we pretend sometime to care, but we don’t. There is no heart. God knows.

It is easy to be offended by those who drink, but I know the pull of that past time, the packaging , the shape of the bottle, the label, the smooth liquid, the first smell which tells you where you are about to go….. I also know the ‘after smell’ , the foolish talk, foolish acts, the sting it has in its tail.

Those who live in a bottle (for that is their address ..) will be prone to attacks (mind and body) disaster (accidents and illnesses) disappointments (broken marriages, relationships and employment). But for sure, they pickle their brains, kidneys , liver with drink for a reason and then its too late.

I have never been addicted to alcohol, but I wrote this piece with many individuals in mind. I write to warn and also to comfort.

The old English adage – ‘many a slip…… came to me this morning . It can mean other things, but it sums up my thinking on the matter of drink – the mechanics and dangers of drinking – the enemy’s ploy to take us out.

It is a good many years since my first drink as a young teenager – I thought I was mature enough and wise enough to drink at 16 …. I have had many slips down the road in terms of life choices and yes have used drink for strength, to comfort and to quell fears.

Thank God for his grace and saving power to draw me away from the slippery slope of what might have developed into dependant, binge drinking. Let me tell you only Jesus brings comfort and can quell fears.

I want to write a prayer specifically for those addicted to alcohol this morning as it is laid on my heart.


Father I want to bring the issue of abusive drinking to you. You came to give us life, your life. We cant find it in a bottle.

Father teach us the good and perfect way for our lives. How to be, how to walk, how to lift our cups up to you, so that you can fill us, with that new wine of heaven.

We drink alcohol to feel good about ourselves, to drown our sorrows, to numb pain and to quieten insecurities. Some drink to fill the empty void or to block reality. Empty us of self whether that is pride or shame. Let us now face you.

Whether we drink or dont drink, let us not be the vessel that leads others to drink. Help us to open up and receive your word.

Wean us Heavenly Father from the cup of this world. Fill us instead with your own holy spirit.

You are our only sure foundation. All other ground is sinking sand.

We pray for ourselves and a nation drowning in drink and despair that you will heal it, at the head and at the heart.

The head so that wisdom is the principle thing in deciding on private and public policy about drink and drinking . At the heart, so that we ever respond in love to the ravishes of drink, dis-ease and disaster – the things which affect individuals whom we know, love and work with. Let us not be weary in well doing, hurt or look down our noses at others.

In moments of sobriety, bring those who are destined for Sheol – those who have signed a covenant with death, to their senses.

Wake us from our sleep, from the stupor, from the mediums, false gods, addictions we have used to comfort and to quiet our souls.

Help us to be that kind soul that reaches in and pulls someone out.

Let our gates be salvation and our walls praise.

Restore our city.

Restore our families. Heal our land.

Drive out the culture of abusive drinking by the power of your Holy Spirit.

Your daughter

Evangelist Linda J

Whatsoever things are …….

By Evangelist Linda J Sept 27 2018

Two days ago and again…. I was being attacked and undermined in a situation. I saw how God used his grace on my life to keep me calm and my spirit man refused to rise to the occasion and the temptation of a counter attack.

The person did it publicly and a lot of people listening. But because of my response, they saw her for who she is and me for what I am and what I say I stand for.

The last two weeks , Father has been bringing two lessons to me and how to live out the meaning of his word in my life.

The first is

Philippians 4 :8

whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Every time a thought comes into my head to respond, or think in a certain way about a situation, about an event, about a person , I ‘wash it’ with the word. I shared it with my daughter.

People will be what they want to be and to you. You cant change them, but you can change You.

What are we about as Christians? Is it not to become more and more like him?.

The second word He gave me which is linked with this, is this :

He says Linda, when we respond like this the fruit of the spirit : joy, peace, long suffering, patience, kindness, faithfulness, love, gentleness, self control, matures.

It is in you …and to overcome.

And so a prayer comes


Father, I thank you because your banner over me is love. Because of this, I can respond in love. I know no weapon formed against me will prosper. Because of this, I know no tongue that rises up against me in judgement, will prevail.

Lord, it is your gentleness which has made me great. You have taught me all those years ago (when i was being squeezed..) that in quietness and in rest, my strength will come. It has come.

I ask you that you continue to transform my mind with the power of your love. I don’t want to stay stuck in the same old same old responses to this or to that … – the ever listening to your Word, but never coming up to maturity. I want to continue to grow up like a mature christian – full of good fruits.

Father, increase your wonder working wisdom in me , in us, so that we can see every situation for what it is and who it is.

We are not fighting against flesh and blood ie – that woman or that man . You will deal with them in your own good time…. But we are fighting against spiritual wickedness in high places – the host of Satan trying to wound us and pull us down. We are more than conquerors in your Name and we live to fight this fight of faith another day.

Father, today and every day, as we go about our business, let us all, say and think on things which are honest, just, pure, lovely and of a good report.

Thank you for your beautiful word.

Your daughter Linda J


My Be-erlahairo , My Saviour

By Evangelist Linda J

I can’t even write what happened to me today, can’t even speak it, my heart is so full, but I want to confirm that my God is sooooh real and he gave me favour, again and again and again. In the space of 24 hours, I have seen him look after me and show me his love. I also saw the blessing of the hour, falling on my seed.

Was it Hagar who called a well Beerlahairoi which means ‘the God who seeth me’ (see Genesis 16:14)? Well my papa is Beerlahairoi.. the king who sees me . He saw my need today and showed me his love and power here on earth.

You know the bible says that a book of remembrance is written in heaven of those who fear him and those who mention his name to one another (see Malachi 3:16). I need no pumping or prompting. He sees me. I see him..!

Father, I recognise your hand in my life today. The details doesn’t matter. I just want to ‘big you up’.

I am not doing it for recognition, but through my love , the acknowledgement of your divine hand working in my life and my knowledge of the special love you have for me.

I want to encourage other’s that they can trust in you. That you see and are able to meet every need (even the seemingly irrelevant) . You go before us, you order our steps. You bless and bring good things to pass.

Your daughter

Linda J

You called me ‘beautiful joyful spirit’

22nd September 2018

Correct, Console , Cherish the seed

For the Lord will not cast off for ever:

32 But though he cause grief, yet will he have compassion according to the multitude of his mercies.

33 For he doth not afflict willingly nor grieve the children of men.

34 To crush under his feet all the prisoners of the earth,

35 To turn aside the right of a man before the face of the most High,

36 To subvert a man in his cause, the Lord approveth not.

By Evangelist Linda J Sept 3

I was listening to a lady who gave her testimony yesterday of a yoke being broken. She spoke with dignity of her childhood anguish of being physically abused by her birth father ie being beaten with the belt and also with the buckle part of the belt…’ She is an English well turned lady and I couldn’t believe it but know so many with that same experience.

She exclaimed how she rejoiced when that father died. It sounded so sad, but I know that feeling of relief when your persecutor or oppressor is no more…. I have both personal and professional experience of what she shared and some insight of the pain.

I woke this morning thinking about it – how can a parent destroy their own seed?

I thought of a farmer having a field of beautiful crops and then he himself trampling on them….This is what a parent does when he or she abuses a child. They destroy their own seed.

The bible does say ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’ but Father didn’t mean to destroy /murder or maim the child. Rebuke must be tempered in love.

I speak now not only to the domestic family but also to church family. Temper any rebuke with love and remember the precious seed.

We are to steer our children (our charges) in the right way, but in love and with love.

That harsh punitive spirit must go in the Name of Jesus. That soul destroying, seed crushing attitude must leave in the Name of Jesus. That spirit of Pharaoh, spirit of Herod, spirit of slavery, spirit of control and rejection must go in the Name of Jesus. Out of our homes. Out of our churches and pews…..out of our offices, governmental chambers, policies and procedures, in the Name of Jesus.

Many of us have the same battering stories to tell, but that father, mother, leader, teacher , politician who is abusive and wounds another is destroying their own seed. How foolish.

Water and replenish the seed.

Look after the tender plants you have been blessed with. Correct Console, Cherish and do it in love. Check your face, check your attitude, check your hand, check your heart.

Asking God to heal our broken hearts so we learn to love as he loves. Asking God to heal those wounded spirits.

Evangelist Linda J

3rd September 2018

Lamentations 3:31-36

For the Lord will not cast off for ever:

32 But though he cause grief, yet will he have compassion according to the multitude of his mercies.

33 For he doth not afflict willingly nor grieve the children of men.

34 To crush under his feet all the prisoners of the earth,

35 To turn aside the right of a man before the face of the most High,

36 To subvert a man in his cause, the Lord approveth not.


By Evangelist Linda J AUGUST 2018

This week at workplace Christian fellowship we watched a clip on Seconds and Seasons . It was very interesting and I saw new things.

This morning my Olive Tree Bible app reading alarm took me to the story of Joseph, his relationship with his brothers, his dreams, his time in the pit and ostracisation, to his promotion to governor of Egypt. I cried as I read the story (I haven’t cried reading it before ) but I saw the beauty of the depth and hand of God turning what happened in seconds (the attempt to kill and crush another) to a glorious restoration and saving of many lives in a later season, but through much suffering – which is the story of our Christ. I want to bring the two insights gleaned together for this new day.

Like seed time and harvest our lives have been sown in the soil to bring forth what is at the heart of us – what we were created to be . It is that which will come forth, in the end. Joseph was destined to rule and his childhood dreams foretold that. Simeon and Levi’s hearts on the other hand was darkened. They were ordained ‘instruments of cruelty’ and as a result of this word spoken over their heads, (by their father Jacob at the end of his season), in a second were divided and scattered – in a word, cursed.

Time and circumstance happens to all of us. We may think we have got away with a misdemeanour or indeed that God has not noticed when we have stooped to help that other soul. We may think that that dream or vision or word spoken over us will never come to pass, but hold on… No Word of God falls to the ground or returns to him void. Remember also that what you seed, you will sow, in your season.

What does it profit us to gain the whole world and lose our soul? In a second, we can be cut down as grass. I am seeing this acutely in this season.

Today we may be on the mountain top of a thing, but tomorrow we could be in the valley.

My admonition ? Use our seconds and seasons well – use what is in our hands to the glory of the God we serve. Build up. Don’t pull down. Leave your brother and sister alone.

Joseph’s gifting did not cease just because he was silenced and shut up in prison. His integrity remained and in what looked like a dark season, he continued to be used and to bring many blessings to others.

You were created for a reason. You hold your job or position for a reason. Stand. It is your season. Use those seconds well.

Bloom where you are planted.

Fathers richest blessings

Please feel free to share

Linda J

Mushrooms at the Root

Evangelist J Clifford-Hayes

Walking through the local park I saw a beautiful mature tree, whose trunk and branches were strong and tall and providing much needy shade with its dark green foliage . However, as I stood admiring it, I could see a clump of large headed mushrooms that had grown or positioned themselves at the base of it, near the roots. How strange I thought. I am often watching , waiting for his word and believe there is a message in what I saw. Let me see how it unfolds .

Trees represents the righteous , a spiritual man as the bible says

‘trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord’. Trees are good and necessary for the healing of the nation, but can become diseased and unfruitful.

Mushroom represents fungi, mould, which can position itself and grow on dead or even living things. I have heard that mushroom can even grow on the human body, behind the ear, between the toes… It spreads through lack of care and attention.

I am not a biologist or scientist or geologist but called of God, my spiritual eyes are wide open and I see. I hazard a guess that dogs have been fouling at the base of this tree, causing fungi to grow.

Dogs are everywhere.

The scripture warns us to beware of dogs – they come in all shapes and sizes . They can form entanglements and attachments often leaving little parcels around your base or place if you are not vigilant.

In a parable in Jesus talks about the enemy sowing tares which choke or stunts growth or Satan building camp , where God builds a church.

I didn’t start out thinking of dogs for this piece but I feel the spiritual emphasis is ‘ Beware of dogs’ . Let him who has ear to hear , hear what the spirit is saying to the churches.

The Body of Christ has different parts, ear, hands, shoulder, fingers eyes, feet and toes. Clearly feet and toes are needed to stabilise the head and to enable the body to move – to go. Fungi growing round the base of a tree( spiritually speaking) isn’t good.

The tree I saw today was a beautiful mature English tree which had clearly withstood the heat of the day and test of time but was becoming diseased.

I think about our nation and all that the UK once stood for – Christian values, principles, righteousness, justice peace and a place of refuge.

I think about the Body of Christ and I believe we have a base problem (flesh) and a problem at the root (precepts, laws, policies, practices). We have moved away from divine principles.

The bible says ‘if the foundations be destroyed what will the righteous do’ . What will be do if we allow festering, fungus to climb up our walls, our gates, our windows, to choke our very life and block out the light.

Fungus when it occurs in parts of the natural human body is as a result of gout and is crippling.

If we don’t tend to the spiritual gout, by ministering the unadulterated, undoctered Word of God, none will be able to stand.

Lord help us .


Father forgive us for our procrastination that have rendered us ineffectual, stiff and moulding in places . Father we feed , water and use some parts , but other parts of the Body are out of sync and need nutrients and tender loving care.

Father you made us a goodly branch and a righteous seed, tall and significant, endued with power and authority, but birds and foreign bodies have begun to foul take root sucking the very life from us. We cry Forgive and Restore. Restore to us our birthright as a people , as a nation and as a church.

Father, you said let the tares and the wheat grow together till the day of harvest, but we fear if you don’t intervene, there will be little harvest but much damage.

We ask for your divine fertiliser to spray the parts that have become diseased, twisted or unruly. We ask that you scatter, eradicate anything foul or funged (sic) , that may have attached itself to our house, home, church or nation (by our design or default) that is, anything that will do us damage.

Father we know if we don’t take heed, you may intervene for the sake of the majority, pruning from the root and before there is major loss and falling away.

Whilst we pray for a divine pruning for our health sake, we desire it coupled with mercy.

May we grow up straight and tall like the tree that you first planted. May our roots go down deep in good soil.

Help us to leave a legacy for our next generation something which our children will find shelter in and draw from , You – the true source of eternal, verdant , overarching life.

Evangelist Linda Clifford -Hayes