Linda J

Linda is an ordained minister of Prayer and Grace.  She moves in Prophetic worship and carries the nabiyh, ra’ah , seer and scribes anointing .  She is a mentor and chaplain in her locality and undertakes street ministry.

Linda is also professionally trained in social work and childrens law. She is not afraid to challenge spiritual and institutional hierarchies.  She is the birth mother of two children (one at rest ) and has a number of international spiritual children.

Linda can be found often amongst the rejected, isolated, bruised, torn or broken . She is often drawn to these groups, having suffered much herself from the hands of others and on so many levels.   It has been the making of her and her ministry and she give God thanks for all her experiences. 

Linda’s greatest joy is being with children.  She loves to sing, laugh, pray and worship .  She is a sensitive, but strong and compassionate individual .  She says she is often misunderstood because of her passion for truth and wanting standards ‘in the Body’ raised.  Her mantra would be ‘truth smashed down to the ground will doubtless rise again , undaunted’ . 

Linda loves basking in the psalms and reciting them music under her prophet, priest and king copyright ministry PPK (2012).  Linda is inspired by all things lovely . She is creative, loves colour, fashion and interior design. 

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