Prayer to Stop the Traffic       By Linda Clifford-Hayes

Father, in the name of Jesus , we come Lord we join our hearts and minds against the atrocities of trafficking and the merchandising of your people.

Lord our world has become commercial and harsh, rather than caring and feeling. All run to excess. 
Lord, we have lost sight of who we are and what we should mean to each other. We are a people purchased by your blood How could we then barter with life in such a cruel calculated way. 

Lord, you said that the heart of man is desperately wicked who can know it?Sadly, We have come to know it – We see this ‘wickedness’ in the crime of trafficking, We see this wickedness , when children, women and men are duped and hoodwinked.  blindfolded and moved many miles from who and what they know. We see lives being gambled and lost through storms and seas and atrocities. Jarring journey’s  destined for death – spiritual , physical or psychological death.  Moved, manoeuvred and manipulated towards an ‘n’ point called Nowhere.

No status, no recognition, no papers ….nothing, nobody….no one cares. Stolen id, ego. Hidden lost identity. 

Piled like cargo, locked in , windowless vehicles, blacked out chambers, houses, factories, cellars .  Plied with substances to soften resistance and increase dependency . Piled with work that never ends Pressed and pressured into acts for the sadistic & God forbidden pleasure of others -left to cry ,to lie, to bleed , to die on flea infested floors – to cushion and line the pockets of masters and mistresses. Dear Lord have mercy. 

Open the hearts and minds of kings and governors to enact rules and regulations that safeguard and protect against this evil. Stamp it out. 
Raise up counsellors, shepherds after your own heart to heal the wounds and restore all that is taken.  Holy  father, bring light out of this forced darkness. 

Let the pain and seeds of trafficking bring forth seeds of compassion , new life , love and understanding in foreign lands.

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