A word on prayer – By Evangelist Linda J UK – 1/7/2022

I want to say something about prayer. I want to do this as I have seen its miracle working power in my life. Someone said it before and I will say it again : ‘prayer is caught not taught’ . You have to hear prayer – that is why open prayer in fellowship and congregation is so important – especially for our next generation.

I first heard prayer in my home when I was about 9 years old. But I used to write to the Lord and hide my script under my bedroom carpet from about 7 … but I didn’t know him. I just found I could talk through my pen and sensed a strange comfort. I would share my heart and my woes….. at 7…!!!

I was present when my mum and dad gave their heart to the Lord when a visiting evangelist called and spoke with them . My mum and dad immediately changed their way of living and separated , they were living in sin. The story around that is for them to tell, (my brith father is now resting) but I was a benefactor of that move and the subsequent prayers that followed.

Conversion and repentance is a ‘turning around’ from the things we once did in our bodies. The people need to know. It’s not just about saying the prayer of salvation.. there must be a change and a desire to continue to change. We also need to put some effort into follow up work . A lot of the seed is perishing on the way side as people are quick to wear titles, but are not really doing the pastoral work necessary – ie the rubbing shoulders the bedding down , the visiting the sick and watering the new plants and away from the cameras.

Fast forward a bit and I am 18 years of age with a baby… but returning to attend church. I didn’t know the God of the Bible ie intimately. I knew the stories and the religiosity, but not entered into a relationship with God.

I remember challenging God one night, i said ‘my aunt says she knows you, my mum says she knows you, but i need to know you for myself. If you are real , I give you until Wednesday fasting morning (the church used to fast regularly on a Wednesday morning 6- noon- and i was always part of it and my days off from nursing- i was giving the Lord about three days to do something) . My dad had ‘house church’ way back then in 80’s we didn’t label it, but we met regularly for fellowship and prayers and fasting.

On the Wednesday morning , fasting was just finishing and I wandered into the kitchen to put the kettle for drinks for the people and to break the fast. As a I stood at the kitchen sink, a wind came in through the window. It picked me up and turned me around and pushed me back into the church area and the altar. I heard a sound coming out of my body ‘hallelujah, hallelujah’. I had not said anything religious or ‘churchy’ …before . I couldn’t stop. I said nothing else but ‘hallelujah’. I knew it wasn’t me but something working inside of me. The people around looked on me incredulously . They thought I had gone mad… From that day on no one can tell me that God is not real . The rest of my testimony and how the Lord has worked in my life and called me out , is covered in my book ‘A blessing happening in our time ‘ available from Lulu.

I didn’t get the gift of tongues until about 2 years later, I wasn’t looking for it . We weren’t taught that it was something to have. I just wanted to be a faithful Christian. I was sincere. My prayer language came during a simple prayer about the meeting to be had with my sister just before we were going into the service. I wasn’t asking for this. My younger birth sister A already spoke in tongues, when praying. Sadly I put the gift on the back burner as again we were not taught its relevance or the power from same. Again sadly, a lot of the young people scattered (including myself) when sexual sin and rebellion was found to be active in the church amongst the leaders.

I am not writing to push a book or a ministry. But it is incumbent on me to share my story. In modern day churches one doesn’t get the opportunity to testify. Spontaneous testimony services and prayers are sadly lacking. Every thing is orchestrated and timed. There is a promoting of gifting and talent and face… rather than letting the Holy Spirit choose and lead. It is such a shame. Prayer is the key and we overcome by the word of our testimony. The Holy Spirit is waiting for us.

The real reason for writing is one of the ministries Father gave me was to write – the scribes ministry – again a ministry that is misunderstood. In addition he told me to pray and to speak and to say. So I am saying… and make no apology. I will continue to say until He calls me home as I also will have to give an account .

I say this with the utmost respect, If I send you an audio recording of prayers , it is not to get a pat on the back … it is to stir up the gift that is within you also. If I write it is to encourage you , I am not looking for ticks or likes…. God sees and knows what is in our hearts and it is He who called me to run. Facebook as been a blessing in many ways to cascade things but there is also an ugly spirit at work. It is interesting if I ever write something frivolous how much attention and open feedback I get . Yet… if i write something scriptural and from the Lord, there is a hush and distinct difference, but I can see who has been peeping…. and who has seen the material… God is watching also.

Iron sharpens iron. Often I get an impulse to pray and to cry out, but it is not my burden. It is the burden of the Lord at that time. The burden comes from the spirit. I have seen the value of letting your children hear prayer and so I write to encourage for you to do that.

Sometimes prayer is uncomfortable on the ear and ardent, but it is what I will call ‘the tap being turned’ . Let it come, let it flow. It is what will trigger revival in you and elsewhere. There is much to undo in the spirit realm.

You may feel inadequate to pray, but start in the flesh and with sincerity, you will end up in the spirit. I often know when the Lord has stepped in and taken over when I pray. I am getting adept at discerning the false from the real.

I would recommend anyone involved in prayer to read the late Rees Howells -‘Intercessor’ and any books or articles by again the late Pastor Yonghii Cho (the latter who I have just stumbled on). For things prophetic James Goll has been a blessing. But of course these names are not exhaustive and I have drawn from many sources. Father will direct the menu for the season for you personally , you just need to be available, humble enough to ask and to receive and to do as He bids.

The writings of Watchman Née greatly move me and you can feel the Holy Spirit unction for the ministry that he was given though incarcerated and with his tongue removed by his captors.

Any material by Derek Prince is also worthy of being in your collection and you can now engage in different modes with his ministry ie audio, visual or reading. We all have different learning styles, (some like visual and some like audio) but the Lord already directed us that ‘faith comes by hearing…and hearing by the word of God’. Romans 10:17 . This works powerfully in the avenue of prayer, especially when we use ‘his word’ and allow the power in us to work.

It is also important that after you pray , ‘Do’ …of his good pleasure. That is faith ‘out’ and ‘working’….!!!

I think I will leave it there for today.

God bless you mightily.

Evangelist Linda J Clifford-Hayes

Please always feel free to share.


Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever:

for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons:

He removeth kings, and setteth up kings:

He giveth wisdom unto the wise,

and knowledge to them that know understanding:

He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him. Daniel 2 verses 20-22

I have this scripture on my bedroom wall, seeking always to make the walls of my house salvation and my gates praise. I love the written word of God around me – I love to hear Him.

But this verse has been one that I have considered odd or perhaps hard to grasp at first glance.

It says

He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.

Meaning, he gives to those who already have… !!!! It is this bit that has been very interesting to me. You would think that it should say that he gives to those who have not, but in terms of wisdom and knowledge, it says the opposite.

Of course scripture explains and interprets scripture, and we find in Matthew 13 the consistency of approach with the Lord telling us

For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. Matthew 13:12. This is serious and should galvanize us into wanting to seek Him more.

Further, He thrusts

With all your getting – (ie all your prayer requests and petitions),’ get understanding’

There are generic things for the Children of God (things that are automatically ours by right and as a result of the shed blood of Jesus). There are also specific things ie what you are called to do. Your assignment. But all based should be based /drawn from the foundation of wisdom and there is no need to be bashful.

What did you get?

The Lord has spoken to me over the years through the simile of dreams and revelation. This was a promise of the Father and I know he speaks to many in this way too. He speaks so beautifully. I cannot run or walk or make major decisions without his leading and he often shows me which way through dreams – as I have listened , been disciplined in writing it down…. and searched the scriptures , I have learned the deep and hidden things. The illumination, revelation just jumps out and it has been so wonderful.

It is interesting sometimes when you try to share spiritual things, or warnings that it falls on deaf ears or hard hearts, or people just don’t understand, see, or get it …!!!

This was the case for Jesus – many just didn’t get it or Him. He spoke to the people in parables so that ‘……. they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand. In them , he said was ‘…..fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive:….

Why ?

‘….For their ‘heart(s) (are) waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them. Matthew 13:13-15

It is not that the Lord is playing tricks on us, but (as the last verse 15 says ) it is based on the condition of the heart, why some hear and see, and some do not. Some just don’t want it or Him.

Indeed at times you can see individuals firmly closely their hearts , eyes and ears – they just don’t want it!!! They just don’t want to yield. Their hearts are hard and impenitent (unbending, unrepentant). They prefer darkness to light. They prefer to run the gauntlet and go the way of Cain (as I often say). One of my old pastors used to say ‘wisdom is too high for a fool’ and chuckle after he said it!!! No one wants to consider themselves a fool and there are serious implications should we miss it.

The Lord continues to speak to us in similes , symbols and parables. He wants men saved. For those of us in the Body, He wants us to be knowing and walking in the light. The Bible says it. It says that it is at the entrance of his word which brings the light, it gives understanding unto the simple ‘ Psalms 119:130.

Those of us who find him, ‘…finds life and shall obtain favour’ Psalms 8:33. He has said , because all things that are the Fathers are his made accessible to us by his blessed Holy Spirit . He will show us things (John 16:14-15) – not to heap it upon our lusts, but to protect and safeguard us and to advance kingdom.

Not only does he wants us knowing. He wants us saved from our destructions. Only He knows what is in the darkness , the traps and pitfalls that the enemy has set for us . Only He knows what is in the light. He wants to help us evade the dangers by saying ‘this is the way , walk ye in it’. We have a good God. He repeatedly sends others to warn us about perils and dangers looming large. He writes the signs clearly in the skies of our times and the whole creation is groaning, again seeking to warn us.

Yesterday , I was so pleased to spend time with my youngest daughter to review all the warnings and words the Lord had given me over the years and where it had led us to now. We can often forget how far we have come and who has led us like the children of Israel, but I urge that you do a review and see how God has spoke or spoken to you. When you do this it is amazing how it is a witness and a testimony; how he has revealed the deep and hidden things; how he has ‘wrong footed the enemy ‘ to bring us to our desired destination and in safety.

Our God wants us believing, healed, hearing , seeing, knowing , victorious and doing of his good pleasure. He has so much more he wants to reveals to us through the spirit of wisdom and understanding.

Today, as I write , I have you (the collective House ) which includes me, on my heart and my thoughts for us and the kingdom , are good thoughts. It is my prayer that in all our prayers and petitions and requests, that we continue to ask the Lord for greater light and deeper understanding.

I know that none of us have arrived to the place of excellency, where we know all things or where we do all things well. We need each other in these dark days and as our common arch enemy, seeks to blind us from Truth. It is however only the humble and penitent heart that is able to see and receive, repent and to continue to grow in grace. May that kind of heart be found in me and in us.


My prayers remain that the Lord continue to order our steps by his light and in the myriad ways that He does. That He (our God ) continues to direct our work and words in truth, that we may win some and ourselves be able to stand.

Lord, peel back the hard skin and the dark places of our hearts and let your light shine in. Increase in us understanding and give us a receptive heart, that we may prove and know what is your good and perfect will in this hour for this, or for that.

We want to see and hear better. Shine your divine light on our dark understanding.

Benevolent God, give us an understanding heart and increase in us your spirit of wisdom. May your spirit of grace and truth and revelation be upon us in increased measure, in this season.

These and other mercies I ask in the precious name of Jesus.

Evangelist Linda J UK


A Horse – A Vain Thing for Safety

A Horse – A Vain Thing For safety

Dream 31/5/22

In this dream , I saw a red door but when I looked behind there was a sheer drop which was unsafe in this house . This house was designated to be for a community or to invite communities or large groups of people. There was an open altar in the middle of the floor in the same room as the dangerous opening .

I asked the builders to ensure there was warning signs put up and a barricade before the house opened and the children and young people come in . It was this group( in particular )that I had on my mind in the dream .

I then saw a grey horse walk into where the altar was and started to peel back the wall paper that had been applied . There was someone with the horse (a female) but I didn’t see their features. Clearly this wasn’t a place for a horse, but it had been allowed to come in.

The wall paper looked embossed or with wood chip . The horse started to peel away the wall paper around the altar . I managed to intervene and stop the horse and said it could be easily repaired, there’s not much damage .

That was the dream

Interpretations belong to God but there are a few warning pointers that are easy to see. Let’s have a look together .

The dream should be considered generic I saw nothing that would point to specific individuals or churches . It is a revelation that can be also applied or reviewed for our own individual, spiritual lives .

But what was clear was that the house is a church – or symbolic of a church house or indeed ‘house church’ .

The house was under reconstruction, but some major safety issues needed to be done before the people/ young people came in. The door was painted red. Red is a good colour in dreams and can signify the blood , but behind that door (in this dream ) was a sheer drop. This speaks to me of cover up or using the things of God to cover up traps set , unsound things and or deception or not following thru. It also speaks of foundational issues , points to poor infrastructure and facades within the house.

The house needs a good overall to check for danger points . All houses need this when under construction or renovation .

The bible says that : An horse is a vain thing for safety: neither shall he deliver any by his great strength. Psalms 33:17. Simply put, get the horses (nay… the donkeys 😳) just got that … !! out of the house .

Grey (as a colour ) – speaks to me of dullness – neither here nor there or between two points . There’s a wonderful scripture in the bible from the book of I Kings . It warned the people :

‘How long halt ye between two opinions? if the LORD be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him . I kings 18:21

It is interesting to see (outside the dream ) how many people are using this grey colour in their personal choice for their homes, front door or community things . It is bland and lifeless .. in my opinion 🙃. I have learned over time that ‘As in the physical so in the spiritual ‘. I say : Bring back the royal colours and hues.

Wood chip / embossed – could mean mixture or added elements to make it look better than it is (?) Outside the dream (and as I am thinking through ) , it is unsafe to have wallpaper laid around the altar, where fire would be lit. This is a man made substance and could easily be burnt up or become discoloured.

There is much more to be gleaned from the dream . Including not ‘over egging the pudding’ . What do I mean by that ? The blood was on the lintels of the house , ie it is not necessary to go the whole hog … that is to say , to go beyond what God has already instigated for us to introduce excessive outlandish works of the flesh which is essentially a trap , leads many away to a false route and destruction , through its deception.

I will not necessarily exhaust the dream here . May the Lord open our hearts to the things that might be for us individually and collectively .

I think it is always good to end a dream (especially when sharing with a prayer )


Father , we thank you . You are always speaking to us in myriad ways . You give wisdom to the wise and understanding to the simple.

Father, first we ask that you forgive us for the things we do or seek to build without the necessary foundation or application . Where we may have used your blood as a marker to get people in without the necessary foundations or measures in place to continually safeguard and protect the people as they go about their walk.

Lord protect us from entrapment and snares .

We review all our personal and institutional foundations as we reflect on these things and ask that all that would be burned up by your divine inspection , is rooted out.

Lord we know there should be no man made altars nor mixed states or in-betweens, in your house . Station angels at each and every door to protect the flock .

Station your watchmen to warn . Station angels at your altar to protect the precious souls .

Let every offering be with your seasoning and salt – not impure or improper mixtures.

Lord it is a good thing to want to build a house for you , but let that house, that home , that building be founded and established properly in you .

Some trust in horses and chariots, but we want to continue to trust in you and the simplicity (but divine) shed blood, on Calvary’s cross .

May we be humble enough to consider our ways and make application , where necessary and relevant , when you speak .

These and so many other mercies I ask in Jesus’ name .

Evangelist Linda J UK

Dream 2/6/22


Evangelist Linda J UK


I have shared with some of you in one of my hospital video blogs that my current season going in and out of hospital, has been an unusual period of ministry and evangelism, including prayer ministry. Father opened my eyes last year (in the middle of the pandemic) that he needed people on the inside, walking those corridors, praying and bringing his presence.

There were times in 2021 when I could supernaturally feel Father with me on the wards and doing what he does. Indeed, I could feel him from the taxi ride from my home ( so could the drivers -they told me!!!) to the hospital. Those Asian taxi drivers shared much with me, some asked for prayers and received.

I remember one admission when we couldn’t go through the normal entrance, due to the changes that were necessary because of Covid. My daughter couldn’t come in with me and I was dropped by the driver in the middle of the car park to be directed to another new entrance some distance away and to go through necessary Covid screening. I got out of the taxi (with both the driver and my daughter looking on pitifully ). I couldn’t get my slippers on because of the Odema and swelling of my ankles and I had difficulty walking. I had a zimmer…!!! I felt an angel of the Lord stoop down and supernaturally help me push my swollen feet in the slippers until they fit – as if to say, I want you in that hospital and you will go in and you will walk – which I did and with such strength and the absence of any fear.

The new entrance brought me through some places and spaces I had never seen before and as I walked the Lord ministered and showed me his heart for this time. I arrived at the ‘book in’ with such joy, knowing that my help had just come from the Lord.

It has been two long years of going in and out. The anointing draws people and there is the spirit of joy which is often remarked about. I find many (including staff) sharing little snippets and challenges that I then take home and pray about of course in confidence. Some of them don’t know I am praying. What is interesting is that I realize I am one of the elders sitting in my chair (awaiting treatment) as many of the staff group are much younger than I. I often ask myself ‘where have the years gone.. ?’ . I myself was nursing at the age of 18 years and have done many things since then but majoring always on compassionate care , protection of the vulnerable and safeguarding and doing this not only secularly but also in prayer.

There was a particular day in 2021 when I was on a ward when I experienced the ‘holy hush’ many talk about as I was praying in the spirit quietly but audibly (I couldn’t stop it .. !!) The two wards (that I was adjacent to) and the staff , could feel something. I heard a visitor remark, ‘what is that..?’ ‘Can you feel it ? I was singing in the spirit. It was a beautiful moment. The Lord visited. We danced . I was changed.

As a result of insight in what the Lord can do and wants to do in new environments, I go ‘fishing’ each week looking for souls and opportunities to plant and to win some. Sometimes I am successful , at other times I am rejected, am clumsy or I miss the mark. But I persist and am intentional. I continue to want my time on this earth to count and to complete my assignment. He who called me into this ministry will do it!!

Yesterday, I was encouraged to hear of a situation that me and my daughter had been praying about (we have a prayer ministry) and that it had turned out for the better. The individual had been seeking me out of two days to share with me the turn around that they had experienced in this particular matter. I was so excited.

On Thursday, I had another testimony of something I did or said two years ago that had made the difference in someone else’s own spiritual life.

Often what we do we don’t recognize as anything at the time, but it is so encouraging to be contacted later to be told this and see the word unfold in that individual’s life.

I have used this scripture many times this week ‘Paul plants, Apollos waters, but it is God that gives the increase. 1 Corinthians 3:6 . We just need to do our bit – let go and let God.

I would always encourage you to share testimony of breakthroughs and healing – it is not bragging. It is how we overcome and of course it is encouraging to those who are praying.

At this moment in time, I am concentrating on prayer and my own prayer life. I am going through my journals. I realise that I have been getting a number of revelations about things happening in our world or going to happen, but just sitting on it. Sadly, I have been in caught up in environments that have stultified and stifled my gifting, as it didn’t fit into the neat little polished program or boxes – I speak of both the church and wider institutions. The understanding of and stewarding of gifts and genuine encouragement is often sadly lacking sometimes as a result of the spirit of competition or jealousy . Often roadblocks have been set up in the House by the enemy and there is, misappropriation mismanagement and much misunderstandings . One sees individuals in positions they ought not to be in. There are false prophets masquerading, but many are blind – remain in darkness and just don’t see.

My responsibility remains one of prayer if the Lord shows me anything. God answers the prayer of his saints and prayer changes things.

Last night I came to bed and expressed in my spirit ‘Lord help me to return to the authenticity of your spirit that I enjoyed so many years ago. Help me to use what you have given me well and know when and how to use it to help, heal and edify others’ . God knows my heart ie whether I am doing it to be seen or that I genuinely care. I genuinely care.

As I lay down on my pillow last night picking up my current reading Prayer Key to Revival by Pastor Cho, my eyes immediately fall on the sentence of a chapter that I am not on …!! It said and says :

‘Neglect not the gift that is within thee which was given thee which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery. Meditate upon thee things give thyself wholly to to them, that thy profiting may appear to all’ 1 Timothy 4:14-15 .

Father just heard the prayer of my heart and is speaking.

My writing and reviewing and sharing is a form of meditation. I share not to brag, but to sharpen irons. I share to warn. I too will be accountable.

I see many jumping on the band wagon of titles doing this and that, but you have to know what gift God has placed in you and run with it. One doesn’t just end up in a ministry office, there is a hard, (often untold) journey and spiritual protocol that precedes and follows. It would be my view that if you are leading others significantly and spiritually, it shouldn’t be the choice of a man or woman to appoint you, (because they like you or your face fits..!!!) but you must be called by God. You must be born again, baptized and filled with his Holy Spirit. First things first.

I know that no man called me into my ministry offices. Father himself spoke to me in 2006 and told me who I was – rather who I am . (See my book on a blessing happening in our time for my personal account available via This calling was subsequently confirmed by others prophetically who didn’t know me and in diverse places. I am called to write and to speak and to say when things are not right. I am called to win souls for the kingdom.

Father is still working His purposes out in me. I make mistakes and stumble along the way, but each day I see and hear of reports that confirm that it is He who called me (I can do nothing of myself ). All my own efforts are dead works without his Holy Spirit – it can lift no one nor save anybody.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that my Father loves me and He knows my name. I hear whispers of his love everyday.

I write this not only to encourage you, but to encourage myself. David encouraged himself in the Lord. 1 Samuel 30:6

God bless you as you run your own race.

Remember ….

‘Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery. Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all’ 1 Timothy 4:14-15

Evangelist Linda J UK ❤️



I promised I would summarise some of Pastor Y Cho’s book to Prayer for Revival – to help us with the subject of prayer. I am drawing from the preface and his introduction , making it clear what are my own thoughts and experience . Direct quotes and any scriptures are indicated accordingly. I close with a prayer.

Essentially revival will stem from a church or person who is given over to fasting and prayer.

In a climate where there is much darkness, throne room prayers are essential to break generational, physical and spiritual yokes.

Pastor Cho admonishes that it is not just physical cancers that are attacking people but there is much ‘spiritual cancers’ in and outside the Body.

Time given over to daily prayer will wrought wonders. The Bible tells he ‘he always hears us when we pray;

Praying in your spiritual language helps when we don’t know what to pray and also is the force that helps us to pray and intercede much longer than using our own minds and as the task is great.

Pastor Cho put his trust in the Holy Spirit to guide admonishing us that ‘The Holy Spirit knows the mind of God and can discern the will of God’ for each individual and situation.

Don’t be overwhelmed, give the issue to God.


There is a pattern to prayer which I have written about before . Pastor Cho gives his own example which is similar to what I have come to know and find beneficial. I can’t pretend I currently pray those long hours punctuated throughout the day, but I want to start again and review where I am loosing quality time.

Pastor Cho starts with praising God for a good hour and then he begins to flow and cover the rest of the issues government , his nation , other nations , ministries and missionaries and then his family .

He opines that ‘ministry to the Lord must come before ministry to people’. Essentially highlighting that many seek to minister and help others, but they are often drawing on depleted tanks and not ministering with the full knowledge of Christ for that day, that person, that individual or that nation.

To react is to allow people and situations to control you, to act is to be in control of the circumstances

Pastor Cho prays for over an hour in the morning without which he knows he would only be functioning on natural resources and would soon deplete. Throughout the day and facing problems he continues to pray before he acts. He covers the poor tendency of Christians to react instead of waiting , praying and then reacting. By waiting on God in this way , he discerns God’s will in a situation and develops the mind of Christ in his walk and interactions.

Pastor Cho’s disciplines were to pray again in the afternoon – to get away from distractions. He spends over an hour prayer before preaching at his church on Sunday and a further 4-5 hours in praying before preaching to an audience across nations.

He highlights the need for ministers to look at how they spend their time. There is much eating, drinking and surfeiting which eats into the time available to God. The pattern for many ministers is that they go out to eat after and ministry event and fellowship with each other, then in the morning for the ministry they are often too tired to spend time praying when they wake to effectively draw from the throne room for themselves and others.

What I have seen in my walk is some ministry settings is much eating and chatting before church or a called for prayer and worship event thus losing much valuable, sensitive time to draw close and preparing the environment. We need to set new patterns of coming in.

Growth for ourselves and breakthrough for revival will come if we spend dedicated times in prayer and fasting before we plan , act, and minister to others.


Let me share some bullet nuggets for you

*’Revival must not only be prayed for them to begin but they must be prayed for to be maintained’

Using the analogy of driving a car Pastor Cho admonishes we must keep up the ‘impetus ’ of prayer not the ‘momentum ‘ – momentum (he shares ) ‘is like having a foot on the pedal but when you remove your foot the momentum is lost ‘ over time and the car will eventually come to a standstill .

*”Momentum does not maintain movement and in time ‘the special visitation from God will end up as a momentum of the past”

Pastor Cho shares the numbers of people converted in his home church as a result of the foundation of prayer that drew them in, in Korea. He encourages that we too in our nation and churches, can have the same success if we have discipline in prayer and fasting –

We must draw away from the crowd and develop an effective prayer life. We must pray without ceasing. We must be filled with God’s spirit when we pray – let the Holy Spirit pray through you…leave your own thoughts and niceties , your own language and understanding to one side. Pray in the spirit and be filled. We must seek to know the mind of our God, on any matter before we preach, minister or reach out to others.

To summarise further and before I close in prayer

🔹 Prayer is done by first praising God to get into His presence and asking for cleansing and confidence and boldness knowing that he will now hear – follow on with covering the rest of issues: government, surrounding nation, other nations, ministries and missionaries and then ones family.

🔹 ‘Ministry to the Lord must come before ministry to the people. There should be a continuous flow for true revival. This takes discipline. Separate oneself to never stopping to pray with fasting. Essentially an overflow of the holy spirit in our lives is needed to avoid drawing on exhausted vessels and those not ministering with the full knowledge of Christ…

🔹 “To react is to allow people and situations to control you, to act is to be in control of the circumstances.”_

🔹 Pray before you act. ~ wait, pray then take action to discern God’s will in a situation and develop the mind of Christ in one’s walk and interactions. Morning then afternoon and evening ie continual seamless prayer – to pull away from distractions.

🔹 Pray before ministering with more devotion to people , an unknown audience or unknown circumstances.

🔹Ministers must look at how they spend their time. There is much eating, drinking and surfeiting which cuts into the time available to God.

🔹 Growth and breakthrough comes from dedicated time in prayer and fasting for revival BEFORE making plans, acting and serving.

🔹Maintenance of revival is necessary and needed .


Father help us as we review our individual prayer lives to start again if we have missed it. Help us to secret away to you to find your will for us and others in this unprecedented time of our living history .

Help us to look at ways to draw away to you and to sit at your feet. Help us to be sensitive when you are pulling us away from the worlds gaze and much activity to time with you in prayer.

We need you Lord more than ever before. We repent for trying to do things in your name without proper consultation with you. We had good intentions, but we want God’s intention Holy Spirit. Draw closer to us and help us to have and understand the mind of the Father in all our affairs. Help us to develop the mind of Christ on a foundation of prayer.

Help us Lord to keep in step with you not to seek to minister to others without our cups being full.

We have nothing to give anyone but our sin , shame and disgrace and we need perpetual washing each day .

Wash us, cleanse us , take away our infirmities. Forgive us when we have failed you. Help us to forgive others so that we may minister with a free and unadulterated heart and do great things in your name.

Our lives, our families, our nations , the kingdom is depending on us to play a pivotal, ground breaking part, starting with prayer in the throne room and developing a daily audience with you.

Evangelist Linda J UK



My blog write reminder has been screaming at me for two weeks, that I haven’t written anything…

The truth is , I gifted my young grand nephew with my old working very good nick , iPad . I was going to trade then I thought someone might use it even for games. The very day I gave it away (I had had it four years) the new one conked out ….. yes completely conked out on the same day. Thank God I had insurance and took it twice back to Curry’s. In the end they had to give me a complete new one as the one I had , had, for just a year had a fault. Hence, the delay in writing and sharing what God has laid on my heart.

Before it broke , I wrote a strong word about prayer cafes I was woken in the night to consider it. I haven’t yet posted it. That one is not for the faint hearted.

Today’s write up is about prayer – I haven’t rehearsed it, it is just finger to keyboard and as the Lord leads. I hope it encourages you.


There are different intensities of prayers and different seasons. There is prayer and intercession – two different types and unction. The spirit of prayer (which the Father gives is the enabler, particularly in the prayer of intercession ) – much of which takes place behind closed doors. However, sometime the Lord will ‘jump on you’ and the urgency comes anyway and you find yourself flying or crying with no previous intention to do so.

I learnt about the spirit of intercession through direct teaching of the Holy Spirit. For years I didn’t know why I would pray with the urgency or the pain that sometimes comes. In the natural I would be feeling okay, not grieving for anything and then the breaking of the waters and the feelings deep within that didn’t come from me. I have been blessed with the gift of diverse tongues – I get one word that I can understand cross culturally but I wouldn’t say that I can always understand the utterance. For me, in the rohee gift, (see James Goll and others for explanation of the different prophetic gifts. ), father often gives one word.

Prayer is work . Prayer is caught not taught. I always say pray as you can not as you can’t. Just start.

During the pandemic, many have been called to pray and I believe there has been an increase in the unction. We thank God for his grace.

I first heard prayer when I was a little girl and when my mum would pray. My mother prays very different from how I pray but you learn scripture when you hear someone praying the Word.

As I said, I was taught by the Holy Spirit in 2005 when I was living in Reading and when I experienced a number of supernatural encounters -bringing me out of religion and into relationship and intimacy giving me my call. I ruffled a few feathers. Here is a Jamaican divorcee, (we get short thrift) praying like an African but in Hebrew… sometimes …. and the queens English… !!!

I have been blessed to spend time with prayer warriors over the years. Those at the fellowship in Reading, Prayer Mountain with Apostle John Mulinde in Uganda. Prayer Storm with James Aladarin and many others . I thank God for their lives, sacrifice and selflessness. My joy has been combining prayer with worship which is how King David prayed. For me don’t pray until you twang the string of the guitar or press the keyboard. Let the Lord dance. There is a process of ushering in which many miss or cut too short.

I know I am not where I should be at the moment in prayer. But God knows my heart and I pray through the night in my spirit when I am asleep.. !!! But I miss the discipline of all night prayers with a fellowship and regularly weekly prayers. I find churches cut prayers but major on other things when it should be about prayers. We don’t need another sermon, with three points and a poem.. thank you very much. We need to pray and to teach people to pray and to intercede . People need to hear prayers and be part of prayers both the pretty prayers and the ‘ugly urgent prayers’ not prayers siphoned off for a select few nor prayers which are perfunctory .

God has been good and I have been blessed to have a mother that continues to pray each day for us audibly (she sends it via WhatsApp from Jamaica… early doors..!!!). and also a daughter that now prays and urgently.


Prayer is the Key to Revival – and this week I am reviewing a book by the same title by Paul Y Cho – in writing ,

Pastor Cho shares 27 years of experience of how God moved mightily in his life. He also draws from the experience of what made Finney, Moody , Winfield and Wesley, so effective. Pastor Cho was writing at a time when his church was ‘growing at a rate of 12,000 converts a month’ (and reader that is not numerical typo… ). Coupled with the importance of combining fasting and prayer and making space for the reader to stop and pray through, this is a gift . I would highly recommend a review of this book – that is, if you are serious about prayer and want to continue to grow – none of us have arrived yet!!!! – Of course there are other good prayer books, but this one is rather special.

I will do a precise with citation and acknowledgements over the next few days , just give me chance to digest and regurgitate… !!!

God bless you richly in your renewed, refreshed prayer journey – and ‘No’. you can’t borrow this book !!! I’m a bit like that with my gems… 🙂

Evangelist Linda J UK

Writing as prayer minister



The slap

And the high priest Ananias commanded them that stood by him to smite him on the mouth. 3 Then said Paul unto him, God shall smite thee, thou whited wall: for sittest thou to judge me after the law, and commandest me to be smitten contrary to the law?

Acts 23:3

I have been sitting on this word for about 10 days. Trying oh so carefully not to jump on the band wagon or to put my ‘sized 10’s ‘ in.

The inspiration to write on the subject matter captured came from the incident between Mr Smith and Mr Rock . I waited, as for me it is always important to wait on the leading of Holy Spirit and to ensure that what I minister might bring life and edify.

I have my own personal views of whether offence was caused . I turned it over and over and in the context of what is usually used in amusement and to titivate the masses , I can’t see any offence.

What I heard was an attempt at giving a compliment attached to what would be perceived as a well known iconic symbol of a strong fighting woman that Moore depicted in G I Jane . I reserve more comment however as it does seem that something else was there brewing much before the Oscars and much deeper than what we saw.

I say this because we see this explained in our scriptures when the Lord told King David that the adultery he committed against Bathsheba had already been formed a long time ago in his heart . The manifestation of that heinous act which subsequently followed (including the killing of Uriah) was the result of that seed.

What I also want to say that the reaction from

Mr Smith, was completely unacceptable .

In a society where we are fighting against physical and sexual abuse and domination or oppression or the shaming of others for any perceived weakness, the observer may see or hear . It (as an action and has already been said ) fed into the narrative about uncontrolled black aggression and worse blacks attacking their own – not that it would have been acceptable had the races been different, but I don’t think Mr Smith would have reacted in the same overt way (marching up to the stage and attacking in public) had the comedian been white – at least I don’t think so.

Had Mr Smith been white, slapping black Mr Rock, I think we could safely say World War III would have ‘bruk out’ there in that room.

Regardless of the colour of the individuals, it was wrong. Social codes and laws were clearly broken. It is clear that a spirit was also at work – just look at the fall out from that one act ..!!

What message does it give to our young people in a world where we are already fighting against knife crime and the responses our young people are making in relation to minor differences and turf wars…. ? Young people cut off in their prime . What does this display teach?

Many look up to Mr Smith and his achievements to date. Won’t they now continue to think ‘this is the way’ ‘give it to him’ ‘slap him down’ ‘shut him up’ , but with a knife…

I believe Mr Smith’s own son was purported to say of the event ‘this is how we do it !!! ‘

Not good.

I fear much damage has been done not to mention to the children of the respective families and other children who happened to be watching . I’m sorry but I will never accept foul language as what came out of Me Smith’s mouth, as acceptable.

For his part, Mr Rock stood up to his name and though shaken, responded in the right and proper way . He did not retaliate.

The right and proper way for Mr Smith ( in my estimation) was to wait until Mr Rock had finished , then to meet with him in private and to then air his angst . Mr Rock could then use another public opportunity to apologise if any offence was caused and many faces would have be saved.

If you have worked with domestic and emotional abuse you will know that just hearing and seeing it happen, is traumatic and can scar . That is why social care and police professionals should move quickly when they hear or see instances of abuse between adults in a home.

Back to the main scripture . As Christian’s we will experience many slaps for what we say or who we are many under the cover of darkness . May those attacks not come as a result of us being evil . Above in the scripture , we see that the high priest asked that Paul be slapped in the mouth , despite the good work Paul was doing . As Paul said then , God will smite back our accusers whatever covering they come with and there are many whites sepulchres in operation in this very hour.

Yes, there are many conflicts on the world stage including the church ‘stage age’ …. (That word just came…) God help us !!

Some smite because they are warring against the things of the Spirit , whilst they continue in the flesh . It’s not the actual physical manifestation that we should take note of (that is the end result including spiritual or physical death) but what is happening at heart level.

I recall being invited to a meeting a couple of years ago , but all through I could feel in the spirit this convener ‘slapping me’ but their words were smoother than butter.

Mr Smith (and there are many out there) had clearly left a gate open for violence to occur. He will forever be judged in that light ‘someone who might loose it’. This is very sad.

We can only pray for the individuals concerned, specifically for our young people against violence – particularly knife crime.

We pray specifically for our black men … God knows and understands that for them the experience ie how to vent and express hurt, can be very different and their needs responded to harshly and very differently.

May we stand like a rock …. when offence comes and woe to the one who causes it.

Evangelist Linda J UK


The Trespasser

By Jaeger V Collins


In my spare time, I often watch videos on YouTube and in particular videos related to the animal kingdom. It is amazing how these creatures behave in their surroundings, each animal with their uniqueness in how God created them.

I came across a video that interestingly was set in Israel. Israel has many bird boxes in which different species can take up habitat. In this video, a family of owls had made a home in one of the boxes and created a nest with new owlets inside. The pair of owls (mother and father) had gone out in the day to get food for these chicks, this meant the owlets were left on their own in this box. Whilst the mother and father were out, an intruder (pigeon) came inside disregarding these owlets and the nest already formed in the box. This trespasser came in along with a mate to make its own nest and lay its eggs inside the owl’s home. During this time the female pigeon in her new nest started behaving territorial and began pecking the poor owlets.

The end of the video resulted in the parents of the owlets returning and the mother owl fighting the pigeon to get it out, as well as causing the pigeon’s egg to crack.

I believe that the Lord often shows us what is happening in the natural world is manifesting in the spiritual. The ‘trespasser’ was seeking to sabotage and to take up territory which was not belonging to them. Like the mother owl defending her home, we should not be subjected to invasion. We have to stand up against the usurper to protect not only our homes but also our loved ones.


Thank you Lord for opening our eyes and giving us wisdom, often what we see happening in the natural realm is occurring in the spiritual.
You reign supreme in both.

Thank you Lord for your provisions,
Protect our homes, our families and loved ones,
Lord let peace reign.

Lord, we pray against any usurper and trespasser.
Protect the younger generation,
Cover our children , Lord
For the seed to not be sabotaged.

Help our physical and spiritual houses not to be infiltrated.
Let us turn to you, Lord
We know our help comest from you Lord

Give us wisdom to stand and fight our battles.
We pray with you on our side, we will not be used or taken advantage of.

Jaeger. V Collins


I couldnt sleep the other night due to what is happening in Ukraine . I took up my iPad and turned over my thoughts on my bed and this came

Do something special in Ukraine Lord
Do Something special in Ukraine
We have heard your fame of old of how you drowned out the enemy
By the parting of the sea
Do it again Lord
Do it for Ukraine

We need your intervention NOW Lord
Innocent babies, women men and children are being slaughtered
Threats have been made to ‘show us things the world has never seen before’
Let these threats return onto the head of the one who dares to threaten your heritage

Do something special in Ukraine Lord
Circumvent the bombs, the mitres, the weapons of destruction
Let them not even scorch the ground, but be returned to sender

It’s not too late to do something special in Ukraine Lord
The people are depending on you
All other help has had its limitations
There is no time, no will or resources to even bury the dead
We hear that bodies are left out in the gaping wilderness ,
just abandoned on the ground
The last state of a man, worst than the first ?
we have seen this with our own eyes in this siege

There is something strange happening in Ukraine Lord
Something is out of control and the world watches
Truth is being smashed down to the ground
Fake news and reports circle on both sides
One nation is being kept in the dark
Whilst another is having its lights put out

Fear mongering
Scare mongering
Imprisonment, death and destruction
Are the order of each new day

Day and night
Day and night
The bombing , the air raid, the noise,
Fained commitment to cease fires
The deliberate recking of safe spaces and shelter
There is no where to hide, nowhere to run

We are depending on you to do something special in Ukraine Lord
We are looking to you, for we are told that is where help comes from

The world is praying, the world is waiting to see if you are …
and if you are, a covenant keeping God

Did you not say , if my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and call on you in prayer that you would hear from heaven and heal their land ?
We are praying, we are waiting on you to honor your word Lord
Do something special in Ukraine

Linda J UK
Prayer Evangelist


Prayer, Declaration & Word of the Lord
for Ukraine

Linda J UK
Praying & Writing as prayer evangelist 18/3/22

God is ‘present tense continuous’ in Ukraine , in Russia and in Poland .

God is ‘present tense continuous’
all over the world and in every nation

Blessed be the name of the Lord forever and ever to whom belongs all wisdom and might .

He changes times and seasons
He removes kings and sets up kings
He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding

He reveals deep and hidden things (thru his servants and thru dreams )

Summary from Daniel 2:20-22

He knows what is in the darkness (what is happening around round tables, long tables, closed doors and behind screens . He says give respect to the dark places of the earth . Our God knows what is in the light (he is the Light) and he is the author and finisher.

The day belongs to Him , as does the night . He prepared the light and the sun and has set the borders and boundaries of the earth, including those which separated Ukraine and Russia . The night also belongs to Him.

He prepared the seasons , the cold and the warmth , out of his divine wisdom and so that everything works together for our good ie those who love Him and are called according to His purposes .

Today, we declare these scriptures for the nation of Ukraine from Isaiah 60:18-22

We declare this also for all nations , individuals and people groups, under tyranny and abuse :-

‘Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates Praise.

The sun shall be no more thy light by day; neither for brightness shall the moon give light unto thee: but the LORD shall be unto thee an everlasting light, and thy God thy glory.

Thy sun shall no more go down; neither shall thy moon withdraw itself: for the LORD shall be thine everlasting light, and the days of thy mourning shall be ended.

Thy people also shall be all righteous:
they shall inherit the land for ever,
the branch of my planting, the work of my hands, that I may be glorified.

A little one shall become a thousand,
and a small one a strong nation:

I the LORD will hasten it in time.’

Isaiah 60: 18-22

Thank you Lord for your promises are eternal.
You are an ever present help in our time of need.

You are the Alpha , the Omega, the beginning and the end .

Thank you for equipping the Polish nation (in particular) with compassion and care and for putting themselves forward EARLY … as an oasis , place of refuge and anchor of rest .

Thank you for all the individuals elsewhere, who have been prompted to do of your good pleasure and to offer assistance to those in desperate need .

Give wisdom to the wise and equip your leaders here on earth , with understanding .

Let your kingdom come .
Let your will be done right down here as it is in heaven .

Prayer Evangelist Linda J UK

All scripture quoted drawn from or summarised from KJV