I love the passions depiction of faith being the ‘wrap around shield’ (see Ephesians 6:16 TPTbible) . Someone reminded me of this today which has prompted this piece .

Yesterday I was at hospital for treatment . It’s only 10 minutes now instead of 2hours so it’s great . We were in a bay and there was much merriment – we were talking Carribean food, scotch bonnet (pepper) and Ganga …. Two black nurses , myself and a white man who was given ‘ganja’ in Barbados which had blown his head off (so to speak) . He renamed our bay 1 , ‘Caribbean Bay’. We laughed and laughed. There was so much joy and merriment.

He reminded me I had told him I was a Christian as we shared stories of our diagnosis and our feelings . It was my stance (which I believe is faith personified) that he remembered . He said he would have died but for the advancement with his melanoma – something the doctors missed despite a number of physical checks . He had caught this from the sun on his back . We also talked about the scaremongering that had happened with the Covid vaccination and how people had been influenced . I gave him my opinion . I said I hadn’t wanted to take it either but my stance was my faith in God to determine the time and whether this vaccine or virus or cancer or an accident would be the thing that takes me out. I said it is for Him to know and to offer protection as a loving Father, if indeed it would be a premature departure and we pray for protection . I also said I don’t condemn anyone not talking the vaccine either that decision is for them .

He was amazed at my confidence and resolve and it was here he reminded me I had said I was a Christian . The interesting thing is I can’t remember sharing that with him, but I believe the ‘wrap around faith ‘ is evident as we walk , sit, speak , talk and laugh . They know there is something different .

We as Christians are ‘ever ready batteries’ if you like . I walk up the hospital corridor as an ambassador and as a soldier . I feel dressed …🙃. I know who I am. I don’t go to preach but I SPEAK and I know I am here , I am there … for a reason. Our lives are the message people read as Paul has opined in 2 Corinthian 3:2-3

“Do we begin again to commend ourselves? or need we, as some others, epistles of commendation to you, or letters of commendation from you? 2 Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men: 3 Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart.

May the Spirit of the living God work through your circumstance today . Let his wrap around shield of faith sustain you in every decision making in every news in every good or bad report .

God bless You

Evangelist Linda J UK

Where is the place of my rest?

I had this strange dream. It is perhaps a hard one to break but may the Lord help us. The interpretation offered below is not meant to be exhaustive, but it is as the Lord has illumed to me today.

There may be a word or a nugget for someone and may the Lord (as always) direct his work & word in truth. As one author puts it ‘love is always behind everything God does’ and he shows us dreams, thus directing our paths, and to help us to continue to pursuing Him in holiness.


I dreamt I was propping up my Father and taking him out for something to eat. It was late and many of the eateries where he could eat were closed – the dream emphasized that they were ‘no longer open’ . This appeared to be as a result of famine or a pandemic. It was night time. My father was lame and resting heavily on my shoulder. I sensed as I walked that people were wondering at the spectacle – that is: this young woman struggling (almost carrying) , this very old disabled tall elderly ‘black man’ but I wasn’t ashamed, he was my Father.

We approached an eaterie/pub that was open but had large crowds waiting. I knew I could jump the queue if I had asked (given my Fathers state) but I reasoned that he wouldn’t be able to cope with the crowds or the mayhem or what the people might culturally have to offer there. I went out to the back kitchen to see if there was food I could take out , but I saw that those who were serving were binning even the good food and there was nothing available.

That was the dream .


Interpretations belong to God and this dream is very strange. The Lord uses similes and symbols to speak with us and He has taught me all I know about dreams to this point and by his blessed Holy Spirit. It is a word that can be taken individually and a word I believe for the Body.

There are a number of things that jump out for me which is worthy of note. It was a black man that carried Jesus’ cross through the city as he was being taken to his death on Calvary.

The dreams speaks of burden bearing and taking the message of the cross through the streets. Here also is a picture :

For surely ‘He has borne our griefs (sicknesses, weaknesses, and distresses) and carried our sorrows and pains [of punishment ], yet we [ignorantly ] considered Him stricken , smitten, and afflicted by God[as if with leprosy] . But he was wounded for our transgressions , He was bruised for our guilt and iniquities; the chastisement [needful to obtain] peace and well-being for us, was upon Him and with the stripes [that wounded] Him we are healed and made whole’ Isaiah 53:4-5 AMPC

The dream raised the issue of those spectating and embarrassed about what they were seeing – they scorned at his suffering and shame . But I say it was the Apostle Paul who said, I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ , it is the power of God unto salvation. (Romans 1:16 ) .

Jesus was bruised and broken as He navigated those streets to his death. He did this for us. Not many ran to his aid save (we are told) Simon of Cyrene who incidentally was a black man.

The way of the cross is open for all and is not about color but I need not comment on the experience of this group of my forebears in history and our Father will make redress in time.

Significantly, I believe the dream points to the duty of bearing the burden and hear of the day and carrying the cross as He did.

What is the cross?

For sure, it is as Jesus taught . It is about denying yourself, standing in the gap for others, healing the broken hearted and setting captives free – it is about showing mercy to the poor and dejected. It is about giving assistance to the halt, the lame and the blind. This was the symbolism in the dream not necessarily about my earthly Father, who is now at rest. The dream also shows the role females continue to play in bringing the message of the cross. Jesus had and continues to have special compassion for the widow and the fatherless.

The dream reminds me also of Mary and Joseph seeking a place for the Messiah to be born. The Lord continues to look for a place that is worthy, where he can find rest, eat and where his soul can be satisfied.

It was the Lord who implored through the prophet Isaiah , ‘..heaven is my throne and earth is my footstool (but) where is the house that ye build me and where is the place of my rest ?’ Isaiah 66:1.

Elsewhere in the book of Haggai, the Lord rebuked Israel for making and dwelling in cieled houses, when his own house, was left laying to waste. The prophet went on to warn of a time of famine coming, despite the labor and efforts that the people had put in. The prophet admonished that whilst they were working hard (dead works) their substance was being put into ‘a bag with holes’ and there was an urgent need for them to consider their ways. (seeHaggai 1:4 and onwards).

I want to say that God doesnt need our help or our religiosity to build. He wants us to submit and surrender to his ways and walk the road he walked to the cross. He is seeking a place of rest.

It was interesting to see the crowds waiting outside this public house jostling for position and place. It was clearly a time of desperation as we have seen in this generation and our time. I believe it is only a small reflection of what is still yet to come. May the Lord help us and give us to grace to stand. May we never be found wanting or waiting in the wrong queue.

The Bible warns that wide is the way that leads to destruction and many there be that find it , but narrow is the way that leads to life and few there be that find it. (Matthew 7 :13-14) . In the last days many will be running to and fro seeking refuge and rest and the word of God, but cannot find it.

There was a distinct check in the dream not to go into this place, even though it would have given us respite but it wasn’t the Lord’s house and I feared my Father would have again been bruised. Many of us continue to bruise the Lord by the wrong choices that we make.

There have been many creative ideas to extend kingdom in our time, but we must take care that we are not deceived and to be careful where our feet take us ie not to mix or have fellowship with unbelievers. In the dream , there was potential room at this inn, but it was not appropriate to take Father there.

The Bible warns that we ‘….cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of the devils , (we) cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table and the table of devils’. 1 Corinthians 10:2. It is the Holy Spirit that will draw souls and we don’t need to stoop to the dictates of the world or try this or that just to fit in. Our Father will make and give us provision and our meat in due season. Let Him lead us where He will.

It was concerning to see good food being thrown out by those serving . I think simply put, the dream is saying a couple of things , warning us about not giving what is holy to dogs (Matthew 7:6 ; 15:26 and Mark 7:27) , to remember the poor and to be careful how we use what He (our God) blesses us with.

Many are seeking, looking for food and I don’t think this relates to just physical food alone. Many are seeking the unadulterated word of God but there is a dearth and famine as the scriptures had already warned us there would be in the last days.

James 2: 15 tells us ‘if a brother or sister be naked and destitute of daily food and we say ‘depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled, yet we give them nothing needful for the body, what does that profit us ?‘. How often have we seen or experienced this in our time and been guilty too of not going that step further. It is not of God to see the need and just pray or say ‘I will pray’ and not attend to the need when we have it by us. We have to reach out and come out of our ceiled houses and also from behind our screens, to see or meet with our brother or sister and minster to their needs. May the Lord help us as we reflect on how we might have been.

It was the prophet Jeremiah in Lamentations who lamented on the Lord’s inheritance being turned to strangers and the Lord’s house to aliens, leaving many as orphans and fatherless and mothers as widows. Interestingly in the dream the color of my Father was significant to me – ‘a black man’ – I am black also, so the dream was pointing to deeper things and in context.

I have already commented on the man that helped to carry the burden of the cross, above. In Lamentations the color black is used as synonymous with famine which is what I had also picked up in the dream ie this was happening in a time of social distress and unrest.

I quote Jeremiah’s lament here Lamentation 5 verses 1- 18 for ease and as it is also a prayer for restoration

Remember, O LORD, what is come upon us:

consider, and behold our reproach.

Our inheritance is turned to strangers,

our houses to aliens.

We are orphans and fatherless,

our mothers are as widows.

We have drunken our water for money;

our wood is sold unto us.

Our necks are under persecution:

we labour, and have no rest.

We have given the hand to the Egyptians,

and to the Assyrians, to be satisfied with bread.

Our fathers have sinned, and are not;

and we have borne their iniquities.

Servants have ruled over us:

there is none that doth deliver us out of their hand.

We gat our bread with the peril of our lives

because of the sword of the wilderness.

Our skin was black like an oven

because of the terrible famine.

They ravished the women in Zion,

and the maids in the cities of Judah.

Princes are hanged up by their hand:

the faces of elders were not honoured.

They took the young men to grind,

and the children fell under the wood.

The elders have ceased from the gate,

the young men from their musick.

The joy of our heart is ceased;

our dance is turned into mourning.

The crown is fallen from our head:

woe unto us, that we have sinned!

For this our heart is faint;

for these things our eyes are dim.

Because of the mountain of Zion

My own prayer

Father we thank you for your word. At the entrance of your word is light.

Thank you for you desire us to walk as you walked and live as you lived here on earth and without compromise. Thank you that you have chosen us to bear the cross with you and our desire is to do as you would wish us. To go where you send and to not be afraid of the faces of men.

Thank you Lord that through love you were bruised for our iniquities and the chastisement of our peace laid on you and by your stripes we are healed . We declare we are not ashamed of bearing your cross or the gospel which is the power of God , our Father unto salvation, to the Jew first and to the Gentiles.

Lord you seek all those who desire to know you. You are no respecter of persons. Let those that seek you find you.

Lord helps us to use what you have given us well not to throw what is holy to dogs, but to distribute to all fairly.

Lord we see in our time how sin is represented across our society and as Jeremiah prayed above , both princes and politicians are caught up in scandal , children and women in peril, there is much darkness and the crown has fallen from many heads.

Lord as you help us to consider our ways, forgive where we have fallen short of your glory. Where we have paid lip service to others and traded things to fit in with the crowd and the call of this world. Help us in this dark hour to wait on you and not to seek to build our own empires. To shine as your sons and daughters continuing to bear the cross and despising not the shame.

Lord we want to make room for you , to find you a place of rest with us, in our hearts.

Move us out of the way where we cause road blocks and frustrate the gospel, leaving many destitute for your fresh and Holy word.

These and other mercies I ask in your Name

Your daughter


Reviewing Matthew 8

Reviewing Matthew 8
JANUARY 13, 2022

Matthew 8

I wrote this in 2020 (which seems a life time now). The review is not exhaustive .

I write as instructed not necessarily for an audience nor to attract likes…! However, as my daughter is in the book of Matthew, I thought I’d resurrect it, share it with her and cascade wider. The word always locates those God intends it to. It is His word. It is His work.

Oh the beauty and joy of electronic devices – that ‘saves’ materials, ‘keeps’ memories and ‘satisfies’ 🙃It always amazes me to look back on what I wrote in another season and why and whether there is any growth or change to my understanding . Let us use these devices for good and to advance kingdom.

Reviewing Matthew Chapter 8

Matthew 8 touches on the healing ministry of Jesus, but essentially the ability of the individuals to receive what Jesus gives or brings, by faith.

The passage commences with the symbolic message ‘he came down from the mountain ’. A picture to me of Jesus now rolling up his sleeves and getting ready to work… This should have resonance for us ie we have to go up to the mountain to be filled and be connected with God (prayer and fasting) and then come down to do the works of God on the level of the people.

Matthew harmonizes with Romans 10, highlighting that the same faith in us to receive salvation, is the same faith we must exercise to receive or do the works of God. The word of faith is forever close by, even in our mouths and in our hearts as chapter 8 of Matthew exemplifies, by the centurion whose servant was healed and the leper who was cleansed.

With the leper, we see that it was clear that he recognized the inherent power of Jesus and his ability to heal ie ‘you can make me clean’ (emphasis on the ‘can’). He knew it in his heart and he spoke it with his mouth. From the abundant need and belief in his heart , his mouth spoke. He said something. You have to say something… This is the same for salvation and for healing.

With the centurion the delegated authority that he knew Jesus had (akin to the authority he had over his own servants) was sufficient for faith to work on his behalf and from a high level, but he also humbled himself. He said ‘speak the word only’ – ie you dont need to come to my house – Simply put : I understand and accept the anointing on your life, Further, I believe in you and understand chain of commands-let your word now do the work, and it did.

Jesus marveled at the centurion particularly as he had not seen such faith amongst his own people. Elsewhere we see in the scripture he was hampered to do much work amongst his own people, due to their unbelief. Confirming the words in Malachi ‘ from the rising of the sun to the going down the same, my name will be great, amongst the Gentiles’. Malachi 1:11

Thank God for that door that was opened to us to have access to healing and salvation and to become spiritual Israelites.

That said, the Chapter is a salutary reminder of the need to bear fruit worthy of repentance, or the kingdom will be taken away from us and given to those who bring forth (see also later chapter of Matthew 21:43).

What is the message of Matthew 8 ?
Father is seeking personal trust and walk of faith; one that produces submission and obedience . I see this both for the ministered to and the minister.

As can be seen with Jesus and the centurion’s posture .. Jesus came down and did not scorn the leper – the Centurion also humbled himself to receive on behalf of another. He recognized hierarchy even though he too was a man of authority and holding a degree of power. Father is wanting us to bend the knee… and our hearts… he is seeking a positive confession of the acknowledgement of the Lordship of Jesus Christ, not just for ourselves, but to help others.

May God help us. He won’t wait forever – it is very much a whosoever will. Believe it in your heart and confess Him and that thing you desire with your mouth, and it will be yours by faith.
I repeat – it is the same faith and person that you lean on for salvation JESUS -which is the same faith and person that will give you the ‘salve’… salvation…. healing for your body, and address emotional, financial and spiritual issues again for yourself and others .


Father we know that faith without works is dead. We ask that you increase our ability to believe that you came to set the captives free. Healing is our bread and you are just waiting to bestow upon us if we just believe.

Help us to exercise simple faith in what we say and do.
Help us to acknowledge you as Lord and be willing to let you administer your healing power to us and so that we can be free to help and witness to others.

Teach us the good and perfect way to walk in authority and as your ambassadors of the kingdom.

Take not your anointing or your Holy Spirit from us, but empower us to do of your good pleasure.

Help us to trust that you are in control and that we need not be anxious for anything.

Help us to give you a place of rest in our hearts so that you can continue to manifest yourself to us, to the world and to those in need.

With your word (and in our mouths expressed), we know devils, demons , disease and decay will flee, and the sick healed and recover in our churches and the environments you have placed us.

It is time for us to bring forth those precious seeds. Help us to speak the word only.

This I ask in your precious Holy Name

Evangelist Linda J UK

Written 9/1/2020

Edited & Reposted 13/1/22

The savour of life unto life

I dreamt I was ministering to a few people in a house church, but it was like a school room.

I was busy trying to get the video to work to go with the worship but to no avail. The people were waiting for me to begin. I was nervous as I hadn’t anticipated such a gathering, nor that I would preach or lead on this particular occasion, but as I turned round the place was full and filling up. All eyes were on me.

My sister Cherry was there in the audience as were T & T from M24. I was bundling my tools together including my old bible to begin, but I hadn’t prepared a scripture. I knew I should have been prepared to roll at any opportunity but I knew I wasn’t. I felt out of practice.

All of a sudden the word came and started to flow through me . I didn’t begin with ‘Good morning’ but

‘.. thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place’ 2 Corinthians 2:14

I went on using the light of the world and the salt of the earth and seasoning – ie wherever we go we should be emitting a light, a sweet fragrance and also taste good . The audience smiled and there was engagement. I could feel the anointing at work.

I asked the question whether they thought that was true of themselves ie what scent they were giving off /giving to the world – whether they felt they tasted good.

Then I heard me use the link scripture

As He is so are we in this world. 1 John 4:17

I then launched into ‘come taste and see that the Lord is good’ – preparing to catch a soul – but my daughter then closed the front door going out to work early this morning and disturbing my sleep. I woke up from the dream.

What was interesting in the dream was that people were seeking, enthusiastic, needy and expectant – they had (if you like) their hearts open. These people hadn’t been given an invite nor had they been marketed by anyone, but the Holy Spirit had clearly drawn them to this place. I saw three people who were ‘church people’ but the rest were people I didn’t know – they looked like seekers. I got a sense this was current event/era happening in Covid time.

The dream also shows we don’t need props and equipment, but that the word of faith is in us. The anointing is present and at work through the sharing of the word. We must be ready and prepared to do of His good pleasure and to give an answer for the reason of our hope. We must have faith to just ‘ do’ . His word says ‘open our mouths and He will fill it’ Psalms 81:10. People are ready waiting. The dream showed, they are coming in! The Lord is depending on us.

I close today with the key scripture, with extension :

For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish: 16 To the one we are the savour of death unto death; and to the other the savour of life unto life.

2 Corinthians 2: 15-16

There will always be those at different levels of inquisition, knowing and need. Ours is just to speak. He will do the rest.


Father we thank you. We thank you because you are our ever present help in the time of need. Indeed you are the sweet smelling savor ever present and willing to work through us for your purposes here on earth – to catch souls.

Lord, we have become complacent and unprepared for the ‘setups’ that you have prepared for us on the way. You want to use every one of us in our small corner. We have delegated our ministries to others, depending on props and equipment to help make you attractive to the world. You are already altogether lovely and nothing can compare. We need add nothing but to speak .

Lord, take us back to basics . Help us use the gift that you have already deposited in us to reach the world – a world that is waiting. We have been in the school room of learning far too long and it is time to rise. It is time for us to run with what you have deposited in us so that other can taste and see that you are good.

Lord, help us to know this is not our work, but your work and you are waiting . It is you who convicts, saves and satisfies. We are simply conduits of your manifold blessings.

Increase our faith to do of your good pleasure. Ever ready willing and waiting to speak the word instant in season and out.

Thank you Blessed Holy Spirit that it is you who draws men. No one can come unless you call. Those who seek will find. You Lord will do great and mighty things if we simply obey and remain available.

Your word says that we should preach the gospel to the whole world and that you will be with us always. You will do your wonders in our time.

Increase our faith in you. Fill us to overflow so that we will be the fragrance of light and life in the dark and essential food for others.

Linda J UK


Come back ..!! Dont be a sample !!

I have been waiting on the Lord for that fresh word that may save someone soul and this is it. My reading this morning took me to the scripture

Hosea 3:1

Then said the LORD unto me, Go yet, love a woman beloved of her friend, yet an adulteress, according to the love of the LORD toward the children of Israel, who look to other gods, and love flagons of wine.

I want to use the scripture to share some of my personal history but more importantly to highlight how much God loves us and the pain we cause in his heart of our rejection of him.

If anyone has experienced strong attachment or ‘love relationships’ with a subsequent break of separation (not of their choosing), they may comprehend a bit of the heart pain, I am talking about. When this happens, some people simply don’t want to go on and make the choice not to.

We think that all our life, future hope is tied up in this one person. There is nothing like them – we think. But of course, they too are just flesh and cannot save us . And… if we can wait , we will see there is so much more.

Sadly some don’t wait around to find out the ‘so much more’ and take their own lives. It’s a tragedy.

I thank God for His blessed Holy Spirit for his redirection, wooing and divine call on my life and that He rescued me ‘just in time’ that I didn’t sink in the pit of no return, just for a man .

I have made a number of mistakes poor choices since then, but His hand remained on me throughout my journey, calling me out with a Abrahamic call in 2004 , when I was at another crossroad.

At this point I was just beginning to hear from the Lord. He told me to pack up and go and leave everything , children, family, house , job … I didn’t know where I was going or what I was walking into, but I walked by faith not by sight and against a lot of negative comments . I couldn’t resist the call . Even up to the day of the move, the removal men came at the time appointed but I was battling two forces , one telling me to stay and another telling me to go. The higher call won the day. Praise be to God. It was the saving of my very soul.

The reason I am sharing this today, is as a result of myself and my adult daughter reminiscing at the tail end of 2021 about our respective and joint lives . Both of us can see God’s hand and how it has moved to bring us to His desired destination. He knows the plans He has for us …

It has not been without pain or suffering , but through it all we have come to know the God of the bible. He directs our work in truth. He alone orders our steps whether to Stay or to Go. We have come to know you can have no confidence in the flesh.

The above verse from Hosea which prompted this write up, highlights the love of God, the pain He also feels when we go ‘a whoring’ (sleeping around), from him. He uses the analogy of a spurned heartbroken husband longing after a wife that has gone after another, in adultery . Despite this, Hosea sticks with and maintains his love for his rebellious wife – becoming a living ‘metaphor’ of God’s love for His people.

God’s love is unconditional and different from the love we have for each other. His love is known as Agape. He first loved us without our works or our affection. It is the highest form of love. Our love for a man or woman (outside the marriage covenant – let me add) the bible terms adultery, as the above scripture also captures or worse, fornication.

The word term Phila can also be used in relation to an abnormal love for a special thing as defined in paedophilia. These kind of ‘love’ aberrations including ‘love’ outside the covenant of marriage, come from a dark place, is demonic and is not of God.

Love for a friend is known as Phila – denoting fondness as used in Luke when Jesus introduced his friends, but you don’t have intimate sexual ‘heart tie’ relationships with friends – although we hear the term ‘friends with benefits ’ blinding minds and flying in the face of what has been constituted and commanded for our good.

When we are ‘in love’ as the world depicts it for us , we think it is everything, but of course when we are in our ‘right mind’…..we know it isn’t . But the attachment//soul tie is so strong, separation hurts. I know that pain. God uses the analogy of painful rebuff and rejection through the life of his prophet Hosea. He wanted to get the message a cross to His people . He knew we would understand this. He uses it to demonstrate the ache He also feels, when we spurn him and look to another but his desire to continue to love us inspite of this.

His word says , He will marry the backslider .

Yes he loves us so much more than our fickle dalliance with a young man or woman who is perhaps just ‘sampling’ as my mother would say bringing up 6 girls : ‘Don’t turn no sample for no man’ .

I am older and wiser now, but as young people of the world and with many barriers down including break down in families and (dare I say) proper spiritual leadership and mentoring in churches, young people are left to their own devices . Back then, we thought we knew it all . We were (some of us still are) blinded by the dark forces which desires us to imbibe on its fancies and then unceremoniously topple us (with a grin) to our spiritual and physical demise, without a hope.

But there is hope in God …

‘For (He) God… so loved the world that He gave His only begotten soon Jesus (ie coped with this awful separation from his own ‘right arm’ His beloved, just for us ) …that we would not perish but have… (the chance – we have to accept it ) …of everlasting life’ ( John 3:16 with my own heartfelt interjections & paraphrase).

I heard it, I believed it and I caught God’s hand and arm. I caught the vision of the eternal, ágape – the highest unconditional , marvellous love, that He has for us and Said “Yes please” and “Thank You” for wanting me and saving me.

I don’t know where you reader are in the scheme of things, but today I ask that you consider your ways and your choices .

Don’t miss it .

Don’t be a sample of this world’s dictates forms and fashions.

Be a child of God .

Be a faithful witness .

Wait on Him. He is Love…! His love is unconditional. Love there for you from the beginning of time .

Forgiveness is there for any sins and acceptance – even when our mother and Father forsakes us , (King David said) He is there to pick you up.

His arms are open wide. He alone knows the plans He has for you. They are good plans . He alone knows the way you should take .

Put all those worldly attractions – love interests to one side and call on Him whilst it is ‘Today’.

‘Today’ if you hear his voice , through a message, or a word ( like this one) or a dream , harden not your heart .

We are praying for You. In particular I am praying that some of our young people will also catch the real love message, before it’s too late.

Evangelist Linda J Uk

At the break of another new day ❤️


Whose Baby Are You ?

A Word

My niece, Tiffany had sent me a row of pictures of Imogen (my 6 month old grandniece). I haven’t seen her much because of the pandemic but how much I love her already and pleased to be called grand aunt and to play a role in her life and be part of her family.

As I looked at the pictures I felt the Holy Spirit turning over my mind, I thought how much, as a species , we love to celebrate our children, be proud about how they relate to us, and put their pictures on our mantel piece, in our albums – even the mantel piece and albums of our hearts.

Straight away as I was thinking this (and this was in the early hours of the morning), the Lord gave me a word in the way He often does and said tell their parents this :

We are born in sin and shapened in iniquity, even the innocent babe. He impressed that until we accept the Lord Jesus Christ, what actually is the reality is that our pictures, our identity and that of our innocent loved ones, sits on the mantle piece of the enemy of soul, Satan – (the god of this world) who currently rules and reign over lives.

Why Aunty Linda they might ask? Why such a serious word ?

Because time is short . Because you need to know that Satan was given authority for all when Adam sinned. Whilst the foolish action of giving up birthright (which Adam and Eve did) is still in process . The reversal process (to right all wrongs) started with the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross now some 2,000 years ago. In the meantime there is something the individual has to do not to fall foul of eternal damnation but to make a choice. I now not only speak to both the parents, but those other individuals inside my own family and for those outside.

Let me explain further by using the imagery Father gave me to use. How He loves to speak to me in pictures and parables..!!

What makes the difference is when someone accepts the Lord Jesus Christ, their identity is in his both in Christ and in Jehovah God and if you like, their photo and their beautiful smiles sits on His mantelpiece. When we have said yes (believed in our hearts , repented of our known sins and confessed with our mouths), we are immediately adopted in Him. We now belong to Him and he owns us. He is proud of us and proud to show us off. He knows our name because we know His and have called on Him.

The life here on earth is the chance we all get to make a choice ie whom will we serve and to firm up identity . God is not wanting any one to perish and without having the opportunity to receive the free gift of salvation and to change identity.

Remember my first word, ‘we are born in sin and ‘shapened in inquity’ but we don’t have to remain framed by the god of this world. None can escape the necessary process. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and be baptised for the remissions (washing away permanently) of your sins (inherited, past and future sins).

Let me be clear, for babies and those not reaching the age of consent or competence or those dying at birth or in the womb, the scriptures are silent, but I believe God will judge sovereignly and will be merciful. However for the mature ie those who have heard and have the opportunity ‘today’ to say where their little image or picture will sit or be framed….. to say to whom they belong , there won’t be a second chance.

Don’t be too smart for your own good either…. thinking that not to choose protects you. By default (and by not choosing), you are in fact choosing to stay in the way of the sin nature in the fallen ‘adamic identity’ in which you/we were all born and with the eternal ie never ending consequences.

Our Father has no desire to see you cut off nor to see you damned. He has no joy in the death of a sinner making provision through the sacrifice of his son, Jesus Christ . For , ‘for this very purpose was the son of man manifested to destroy the works, cunning and plans of the enemy’ (1John 3:8 my emphasis added) . Satan intended for you (from Adam down), to lose identity and the inheritance.

Our Father, by his Blessed Holy Spirit , is speaking expressly and again today. He wants to give you life, assurance and a correct identity, in Him. Ask yourself : Where is my picture sitting? On whose mantlepiece have I been framed ? With whom do I identify ? And even more pressing : Where will I be spending eternity?

Let me say again:

Today, is the day of salvation,
Today is the acceptable time.
If you hear his voice today (and through the voice of one of his servants ) harden not your heart.

God bless you and lead you aright as you contemplate the word.

Please feel free to share.

Evangelist Linda J UK
7th December 2021


So I haven’t been dreaming or having clear night visions for a while but last night was different. This is what I dreamt.


I had been left a massive house in an inheritance but it needed remodeling. You could see the house had been opulent and had a former glory. Some people/foreigners had come in running amok leaving faeces on the floor from where they had trod or been treading. I was trying to mop up and tidy up, but there was much opposition. There was a lot going on in the upper rooms which was destructive and chaotic. There was little supervision .

There were other people in the house who also seemed to have some legitimacy there, (although it was clear in the dream that I was primary benefactor) ie holding a level of responsibility to organise and get things done. The others were mature but didn’t seem organised or interested in working together to do first things first. What was clear is that people were busy be building on the rubble, when the floor needed to be washed first and scrubbed of its muck.

I saw a prominent evangelist come in. He was dressed in outdoor clothing and was passing thru. He could see the dilemma and was concerned. He wasn’t responsible for sorting out the house, but he empathised and wished me well. He was going somewhere. He seemed to indicate that time was of the essence and /or running out.

Some doors that were opened needed to be shut and the whole layout rejiggjng so that there would be proper flow and order. There was a point that some East European children had got in (previously rowdy and unsettled) but now they started to change spiritually, settle and to lay down waiting to be tended to. I was conscious we needed to seize the moment and I was to take responsibility for organising the rooms for the different ministries. There was a lot to do. There were not many people wanting to help. Each having a skill (I could see), but going about their own thing in what the dream showed a laissez faire, superficial way. There was a massive stairwell in the middle of the house leading upwards (like the one at a well known UK ministry that has done much good work in the area of healing). I had a sense the building had been used for many large, grand events, but that that time and season was over.

I managed to go outside the building into the yard to see where I could create an open door. I was aware there was a landlord. There were two people in the yard (a man and a woman) who worked for the landlord but I didnt recognize these people in the natural. It was clear in the dream that they could have helped and had a key to let me in, but the dream showed that one was two faced- his head spun round on an axle and he had no intention of wanting to help. He was ‘diametrically opposed’ (just got that word as I was writing this up, this morning) to all I was suggesting or sought . I had to physically scale the building to get to the roof and at risk, but survived. It became clear that a barricade had been positioned over what should have been the proper front access into the living room and the barricades had been built on over the years.

I tore the barricades down and lo and behold there was the living room. I was about getting new labels to indicate (in the interim) the front door/entrance, but again was interrupted and undermined by those not working in concert. There was music playing from a music system but it wasn’t of God. I tried to turn it off. The people were from differing churches that I know, not one main church. They were milling about – many in the kitchen, but no one had put their hand to the plough to work to clean up the house.

That was the dream

Evangelist Linda J



Interpretations belong to God but it may be that there is a word for us from such a detailed dream. This is what it says to me.

I feel the Lord is pointing out the need for the foundations to be restored. It is a global word not just for one specific church or house. The word also has personal application. Let him who hears hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

The dream shows that there is a lot of muck that has come in and out of the House and the Body and there have not been many interested or on hand to clean things up or make reparation. We are more interested in our bellies. Each looks after his own and many vying for positions. There are saboteurs who have no intention on helping. They are double minded and hypocritical . The dream showed they prevent others, remain outside, have no inheritance. They will have their reward.

The house belongs to all of us. It is God’s house, a place of healing and recovery, but there are also pivotal people with responsibility to ensure that the harvest comes in, are looked after and that things flow or are in order. The Lord is concerned about what is being purported as altar or church music.

It is not by might nor by our power but by his spirit why we can scale walls and jump over mountains . We are his hands and ears and eyes. He needs us to say and to do the work. He will send various overseers and helpers at different times, but there are different tasks for all. There is work also for the sheep to do on the ground.

I sensed the dream had a local resonance, but also has wider implications. It can no longer be about events or theatres or ever learning and never been able to come to the knowledge of truth. Time is of the essence. We have put a lot in in terms of teaching, but we have not produced much in terms of necessary or lasting changes that moves people ‘to do’. There are significant people groups right under our noses that need our attention . The dream shows that there is a harvest coming in. We must be on hand and ready to teach them the things of God.

The time is now to get things in order and be positioned in the right place. Know your calling and stay in your lane and don’t get in the way of those the Lord sends or is sending.

Doors need to be opened and we need to pay attention to the flow and what comes in and out. The dream showed that there were things happening behind closed doors, without any monitoring and supervision. We need mature spiritual leaders that can discern , watch and nurture.

The dream shows there is hope and a time of rest and restoration coming . It shows that those things which were causing distress will settle.

We pray for the foundations to be restored and for the House , Father’s House to return to its former glory. We pray against the spirit of competition and opposition, self rule and pride. We ask that God will use our gifts, but and for his glory. Everything else is dead works no matter how pretty or what it might look like on the outside or in the natural.

We pray for the people groups that are marginalised and stigmatised due to birth origins or social and political identity. May we be sensitive to their needs. We ask for justice and open access for all , to the House of God.

Lord, we ask you to remove the wicked landlords, those who are double minded and saboteurs. Remove, those who are stiffnecked and diametrically opposed to your will. Reveal what is happening behind closed doors. Reveal your truth in this hour. Help us to clean up the House and open up the way for others to come in.

We ask for your stairway to heaven to be unblocked so that there is a free flow – our praises going up and your glory coming down.

Let any reordering or realignment be of you not of us. Help us not to fear the faces of men, but to stand up and be counted even when things look dire or are against us. Send in more helpers .

These and other mercies we ask in your Name.

Your daughter Linda J

The Last Day of the Feast

We thank God for his blessed Holy Spirit, without which we would not know what to do or what to say. For two days now the Lord has been bringing me the scripture :-

In the last day , that great day of the feast , Jesus stood and cried , saying, if any man thirst , let him come unto me and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water’ St John 7:37-38

Jesus was of course referring to the Holy Spirit which at that point had not been received by men, because He himself had not yet been glorified. You will go onto read in Acts 2 and the fulfillment of the same, when the disciples waited in the upper room and were subsequently filled with the Holy Spirit.

Two things jump out for me from this word which the Lord is currently bringing and the first one is ‘the last day’.

All over the news we are hearing it is the last bugle call to do something about climate change and nations are gathering together to debate in an attempt to fix. All our merchandising and using the land has caused such damage that we are beginning to see and feel the effects. With the eyes of the spirit I see that there is a direct corollary and it is the last call before the door of mercy closes. You don’t necessarily have to be a seer or a watchman to read the sign of the times. We are in the last days. The signs are stark and obvious and staring us right in the face. Ask yourself, what are we going to do for an encore, when we butcher ourselves, butcher the land and butcher each other , is my question. Changing things to suit ourselves and piling sin on top of sin. We have gone too far.

This word is perhaps a salutary one for those who say they know the Lord, but it is not exclusive. May the church hear what the Spirit is saying to it at this time. The time for happy clappy and patting each other on the back for dead works is over. The bugle call has gone out. But is anyone thirsty enough?

The second imperative is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. You can know God but you need to receive of him ie his blessed Holy Spirit. You can do the mechanical works of God and hold onto multiple titles and positions for the rest of your life, but only the anointing will break the yoke and breathe life into others. In the natural, conception does not happen unless there is consummation- so it is in the the things of the spirit. If something gets in the way, if the womb is hard, the sperm cannot reach the egg – it is as simple as that. We need to humble ourselves, leave off the works of the flesh and to run after the things of the Spirit. Allow the Holy Spirit room in our hearts, lives and services – stop manufacturing and merchandising. Let God be God. People are waiting. Listen what the Spirit has said and is saying to the churches. : You are to be born of the water, the spirit and the blood. Leaders, teachers, pastors, evangelists prophets, anything else is dead works, religion or idol worship. Stop, regurgitating and stock piling the dead wood. Give the people fresh food and water to drink. Bring them in.

As I think about St John 7:37 , I see my savior standing up with arms wide with the invitation on the last day of the feast. Oh how wide are his everlasting arms. This was a foretelling of things to come and what to do . In his mercy he cried out and gave warning. He is still crying out . He is still imploring.

You may feel that you have been a sincere Christian for over 20 years. I was in the same boat – attending church faithfully, but I didn’t know the Lord. I had a theoretical knowledge of God and wanted to be good, but I didn’t know the God of the Bible until I challenged him to show me himself. What I can tell you is that the scriptures do not lie, because when we do ask and come , believing, rivers of living water does flow out of your inner most being.

It is that river that sustains, feeds and washes and moves one throughout their Christian life. It is that river that i draw from today for you and it keeps us in and under the tabernacle of the Most High.

The Bible says unless you have the stamp, the seal, the spirit of God, you are none of His. The urgent call is “Come”, our feasting days are over. It is getting late.

Let us put down all our stuff , all that we think we know and humble ourselves under his mighty hand. Many are depending on us. It is at that time He will exalt us and we will see the true sustainable works of God.

He wants to know you.

The promise of the Father is for us and our children.

Written in His Name

Evangelist Linda J UK



Father, we thank you for the gift of your Blessed Holy Spirit, without which we would be dead men,

Lord, we want to always be open to hear from you and what you are saying in this hour to the churches. Lord , none of us are above your word and we all come short of your glory. Our flesh nature gets in the way of us hearing and seeing and we often harden our hearts to our own peril.

Lord, you keep sending your sons and daughters even coming yourself to warn. You are warning us by the unfolding of events to which you are allowing time. You are sovereign Lord and you will step in according to your divine rule and principle for righteousness and justice. Lord . It is not your will that any one of us should perish or stay in darkness and we ask today that you take away the scale from our eyes and remove the darkness. Remove the things that keep us ensconced with sinful practices . The things that we think ‘look like’ but are not You at all. Lord remove every thing that usurps itself against and above the knowledge of you. It is in you we move and have our being not in a man, machine or ministry.

Lord the flock have been bruised and mishandled for so many years. People trampled over for the advancement of man made ideologies and practices. We have put time limits and brakes on your free flow and we have fed the people with stale milk and rancid food.

Lord our desire is for the holy offering that you offered , once and for all . Position those who know you and are called by your name in this hour. Remove cliques, clubs and gatherings that have no stamp, seal or identity in you or with you. Let the people have a chance and a hope in meeting the true living God.

Lord , we want the serious engrafted word that is able to save our souls. Away with titivating, the rap, rhymes, drums, sounds and hums that emanate from the pit of hell.

Let every thing be bathe in you and the anointing that break yokes. Remove the imposters Lord. Remove the evil midwives , mothers and fathers which abort, stymy and nullify the righteous seed.

Lord , let the church hear your voice , loud and clear. Speak to us in the night , in our dreams. Arrest our very thoughts. Give us no peace until we see truth.

Let mercy triumph over judgment in all our undertaking. Give us time and space to repent and to be filled with your Holy Spirit.

Lord, if the thirsty soul cries: Fill. Meet us at the point of our need. Often we don’t know how far we have fallen, but show us in this hour before it is too late.

These and other mercies we ask in your Name



Daughters of Jerusalem

I cannot begin to tell you how much my own mother’s audible prayers have meant to me and particularly over this season*

I woke in the middle of the night with ‘godliness with content is great gain’ and it is ..!! Waking in my own bed and with the life of God still in my body. I got up in my bedroom and I danced and praised with my arms lifted up. I giggled like a young child, knowing that our God reigns and that he hasn’t lost a battle yet..!!!

You know the most important thing for me is that my family and my dear friends come to know the God of Israel that I have met. The God that moved Abraham to leave all for righteousness sake. The God that moved him to rescue his brother Lot when the enemy had taken them captive. That is what I do and we do as Christians; We are moved with compassion, knowing that a day is coming when it will be too late. It would be good if we could push it on the back burner, but alas the signs are here and staring us right in the face … and we can’t say God hasn’t been merciful and has not been warning us.

Our jobs and positions even in church structures won’t save us… and we have missed it along the way.

Physical sickness and disease isn’t the issue – those things can be remedied, but spiritual sickness and disease, is the issue. The Lord is a gentleman and will not force himself on us, if we want to stay unconsummated, or stuck in whatever it is that keeps us in ‘spiritual eygpt’.

I have been through the valley and shadow of death. I have seen things and again my responsibility is to warn. I am also taking note myself. None of us are above the word.

Don’t take this time for granted. A time is coming when men and women are going to be so desperate to hear the word of God and to have His blessed Holy Spirit, but his covering (I believe) will be removed and we will be left to our own devices and then the draconian orders will come in. It’s at the door ..!!

“Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children. For behold , the days are coming , in the which they shall say, Blessed are the barren and the wombs that never bare and the paps that never gave suck, then shall they begin to say to the mountains, Fall on us and to the hills cover us. For if they do these things in a green tree (when Jesus was going about doing good and we didnt have the atrocities and ideologies, we have now..) what shall be done in the dry. “ Luke 23: 29-31

For goodness sake, if you don’t do anything else today make it right with God. Don’t pussy foot with love ones either or those who you come into contact with, you are not doing them any favors. They need to know the seriousness of the hour.

Thanks for your prayers for me and my household . My daughter and I have been encouraged and are blessed to have you in our lives at this time.

We thank God for his Blessed Holy Spirit

Linda J UK


* my mum is 86 lives in Jamaica but washes us with her own fresh prayers every morning by whatsappp …!!!

I also wanted to put a footnote.

I am aware not all daughters have their birth mothers alive and not all mothers have had natural children . But daughters of Zion, now is the time to review who God has placed under your care as spiritual children. Not all mothers can mother for sure ….. the breast hard and unforgiving …. but God has blessed us with ‘spiritual mothers’ mothers who build (not scatter) , mothers who genuinely care and love and who will give you their last morsel to keep you alive. Mothers who first have an intimate relationship with the Lord. Mother’s with a holy assignment to break yokes – and that you can partake of.

‘….and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations’

Extract from my reflective journal  Day 1 of 5 – November 2021

So this is day 1 of my return to hospital during my journeying with ‘the big C’. What a crass term eh? I was sitting in the medical bay a couple of weeks ago( amongst a group of patients) when an old pastor walked in. He (looking worst for wear) recognized me and said loudly ‘oh so you have the big C too?” …..The nurses were horrified. I didn’t answer but did a black woman’s – eyes up to Calvary grimace…. and thought ‘what the …. ?”

Of course he didn’t intend any hurt and he looked so ill, but if he had pulled up my blouse and revealed my bare brown boobies.. (yes i said boobies) in this public arena, I could not have been more uncomfortable and embarrassed , like you are now..!!! In any event, before today, me and he…. had not had such an interpersonal intimate conversation, – me being only clergy, Holy Ghost filled, single, divorced, black female, to boot. He being old school, Anglican lead, but just coming into Pentecostalism and all things new and happy clappy. Praise the Lord!! I didnt know there were so many labels or ways of being in Christendom.

I first learned about what was ailing me in March 2021. Right up to this point in the bay, I had not yet owned or given my illness a name, preferring to call it ‘poorly bones’ , because that is where it is and as far as I was concerned, staying, in my bones ; -It doesn’t engulf me nor define me and after all (I reasoned in my mind ) its not one of the other horrible types of ‘C’s’ you hear about. It’s not the ‘C’ that took my brother Charlie out.

But this thing is real. I now hear one in two of the population will have a diagnosis in their lifetime. Every person I speak to seem to have a story or a connection with someone who had it and that they are just itching to share with me ….including all the gory details ……It is as if they believe it will make me feel better.


I am trying to adjust myself and navigate how I get from A to Z.  

So many questions and positions to review.   

Is it okay for instance to continue to wear my lippy, dance and have hope?  Or should I just lie down and die?  

Is it okay to write a blog or anything, when you are certified as ‘off sick’?

How much and with whom should I share and where? Will my sensitive delicate bits be protected?

Are those who have held grudges to date, now laughing at my calamity? Is it the venom under their tongue (the spiritual wickedness in high places the bible talks about) which has caused this nasty ailment?

How can I safeguard and protect my private bits, whilst remaining transparent and open and whilst seeking to bring about positive change and learning for others. You know if you complain or point out… people close down..

At the time of writing, I waited over 12 hours for medication, despite my admission being a planned one and despite me having a care plan. There is no staff handover, no one reads the electronic medical notes. They want your hospital number, but it is just to fill in a box, no one does anything with it… I find.

“Pain…? (They ask incredulously)……What pain? They move from checking your teeth like a horse, to the regular blood pressure and weigh in. Are you male or female? Or are you in transition… 🙃Can you wash and wipe your own bottom? But pain? What pain? Who sent you?

If you cant shout out or up , it is not hard to see how many people die from hospital admission and/or cancer… but it is not always the illness that kills, rather the system and neglect.

I write with many hats on and sad to say neglect is both in the medical, social and familial field and within the spiritual faith structures. I am still waiting to get a get well card (or some cursory or social sentiment) from those I served with over 5 years and before lock down. But it is well.

This is my personal experience at a particular time and space and I too will have to give an answer.

Cancer …(there I said it …. ) is not ‘one illness but a malfunction of cells’, affecting people in different parts of their body and uniquely over time. The whole reason for my sharing is to seek to impact on service delivery and safeguards across the board and from the porch to the altar. I am a Christian so I speak and minister from that resource pool. May the leaves from this tree, contribute to physical, spiritual and emotional healing.

I want to acknowledge those who have shown me genuine compassion, care and practical Christianity over the last 3 years including my current employers. One couple drove 5 hours to donate a car to me … during the height of my illness. Ms Piggy (the car) now takes my zimmer… and me to and from my appointments and I will never forget this kindness. My lead nurse team (specialist outpatients) have also been exemplary, including a visit at my bedside when I was most in emotional need.

May those who care for others one day hear ‘ well done my good and faithful servant’. As you were doing it for me you were doing it for our savior. (Matthew Chapter 25: 33-40).

Some do’s and don’ts

I dont need an emoji handwave to show me you care, pick up the phone.

Don’t tell me you are praying by a WhatsApp message, ring me and pray with me.  

Don’t add me to your prayer list by name without first consulting me or checking in with me.

More to follow this piece including

  (i) the clumsy language used around the diagnosis

(ii) the personal and professional face of cancer,

(iii) loosing face, internalization and mindsets ie stinking thinking – life and death being in the power of the tongue

(iv) what to tell the world when the healers themselves get sick, or are hung out to dry by their own….

I hear the voice of the spirit . Let me end with the prayer that is playing on my heart.


Have you not known?

Have you not heard?

The everlasting God, the LORD

The Creator of ends of the earth

Neither faints nor is weary

There is no searching of His understanding

He gives power to the weak

And to those who have no might, he increases strength

Even the youths shall faint and be weary

And the young men shall utterly fall

But those who wait on the Lord

Shall renew their strength

They shall mount up with wings like eagerly

They shall run and not be early

They shall walk and not faint

Isaiah 40:28-31

Father we thank you for in you is strength and power. We wait on you Lord because we know as we wait you are working out your purposes in our individual and collective lives. We know we are but feeble vessels and we stumble at times and fall, but we know it is your desire to lift us up and for us to increase in strength.

Lord in our darkest hours you are there. You are the light that shines and you bring clarity to our situation.

You are changing things right now for our benefit and we can say in respect of all eternal and righteous things, that they are working out for our good. You are both judge and jury and you will measure to every man his due when the time comes. You hold the scales and balances in your hands and when you rule, it is just. You never shut down a city without a warning. You sacrificed your own son for your purposes ie to restore order and to bring peace. You laid the original foundations of the world and you will bring in the new, when all things have been accomplished according to your will. All things were finished on the cross and we wait now to wit the redemption of our bodies.

Come quickly Lord.

We long for you.

We wait for you.

We wait for a time when sickness, death and disease will be completely eradicated and the earth will be filled with your glory. We bring every known situation to you and ask for remedy and release.

Your order is for obedience, humility and service done from a place of love and compassion. You lift the beggar from the dunghill and you set him amongst princes, time and time again. Do it again Lord. Show them your steadfast love for me.

Your daughter

Linda J UK