Call time on it

By  Pastor Linda Clifford-Hayes

September 2016 

I hear the heart of the clock in the sunlit room and upper chamber

I hear leaves fall as the wind rushed by

I hear doors opening and slamming , within institutional walls

 I long for the noise and sound of the return of our Lord

Watchman, O watchman
What of hour ?
Watchman , O watchman
will He come today ?

This, my current reality is deafening
Tick tock, tick tock 
Dead, droll, dismal, hum drum
Stifled , muzzled , held down
I long to wake…

I see

Men scurrying, busy, businesses busy bodies , in and out
Overtures, covertures, undercurrents , cross current and contrary winds

I see
The hidden, the sad, the lost ,

Toss, turn , can’t get up 

I see, derision, deception, denial
The black glove of treachery
Veiled and vex responses,
In the Name of children,  or in the Name of the cross

I see , the using of gestures and making of gimmicks
to woo and to whet the soul

I see a fools parody
time wasting , prancing and parading
Nice people  on behalf of children but
Tick tock, tick tock 
missing the point …
of much needed remedy

We need ,
Two tier, three tier , multi dimensional twisting of ‘the sword that pierces’ 

This way, that way, Suture the canker , Let the tears fall , Let  burdens roll,  LoOSe  the prisoner from his pain and despair.

Watchman O watchman
What of the hour?
Watchman O watchman
When shall I Wake ?

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