‘Away’  with Him !

I have a word, not sure how to download it but it came from my spirit today (18th jun 2013 ) of the daily devotional by Watchman Nee. 

Pastor Nee was describing what it means to be crucified ‘with Him’. He asks the reader to remember the words the crowd shouted out at Jesus as he stood for crucification . Those words were ‘away with him’. Pastor suggests that to understand what ‘to be crucified with him’ means, is to see that that cry ‘away with him’ was posited at us – when our Lord was scoffed at, we were scoffed at, when judgement was pronounced it was pronounced also on us, when our Lord died, we died, when he arose, we arose. Our Father, stepped in and bore the brunt of that condemnation, that necessary judgement of our sinful state, at that time (and in the flesh) and at the time of our own personal salvation stories. 

It was in 2005 when The Lord gave me the most painful experience of what it might have felt to be publicly ridiculed and condemned for something that you are not guilty of – ‘away with her’ they cried. I am painfully aware that if it had been the 18th century or in our Lord’s time, I would have been sent to the workhouse, been killed or imprisoned for life. 

Reading the words ‘away with him’ today refreshes the memory of the injustice. I cry inwardly often. Sometimes we over spiritualise our understanding of what it means to be a christian, we feel uncomfortable with emotions or expressions of others that jars with our own way of being. We simply don’t know what others have been through or are carrying. We forget that the Lord made loud cries when praying and also had overt emotions and deep feelings of grief and sorrow.   

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