Marvellous Provision 

My daughter is growing up. When she turned 16, I began to think of ways to increase her independence.  One idea was to let her open her own current bank account and, instead of giving her pocket money or money in ‘dribs and drabs’, I put it straight into her account, which she can access with her own card, at any time and start taking greater responsibility.

The other day, I saw her face looking crumpled …! What’s the matter?   I asked. She said she needed some money for some items for college.  I said you have your pocket money in your bank , why don’t you use that?   She looked surprised -(She is not really money orientated or a ‘grabber’). She had forgotten I had deposited money into her account and for several months now.!   As soon as she realised she hot footed it down to town. 

I thought, this is what a lot of people are like when it comes to the provision God has already made. We struggle on and struggle on in our pain, forgetting that He  has already made provision. He has given us His Son and we can draw from this marvellous provision at anytime and to meet all our needs – What does the bible say?… He will meet those needs ‘according to his riches in glory’ . 

So today, if you have a need, let this piece remind you. He has already deposited so much – in fact himself ..! All that He is and has, is and can be yours.  ‘Ask’ and it shall be given to you, good measure, pressed down, running over.  Can you see it?  Glory to God! 

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