What’s it all about Alfie?

Father has blessed me with the gift of dreams and visions. It comes from revelation knowledge which is one of the gifts inherent in the Holy spirit. Sometimes however I can’t see, or when I see , half of the picture is obscured ( I can see the bottom half of the picture but the top is hidden ) I often wondered why this happens. 

Yesterday after my uncles funeral we were sitting at my aunts  table and having a discussion about the Lord, reading the bible and comparing our own understanding of what we think the scripture says. 

 Some will have noticed in that discussion that I pulled myself out of the conversation because I could sense the jostling for position, and it felt like it was getting more about head knowledge (our interpretations) how we want to do things, when it is first things first :- knowing and obeying God. 

I came across this article late last night and it says it better than I could ever. It will be helpful for those who want spiritual vision, want to truly understand more and want to ‘see’ and clearly. 

Title: The need for continual obedience -by  Watchman Nee*

“God grants us revelation of scriptural teachings according to the measure of obedience we render to Him. The more we obey Him, the more light we will receive. If we continue to obey God we will continue to see. Without consecration, we cannot see. Without continual obedience, we cannot continue to see, if our consecration is not thorough, the shining will not be great. If our obedience is not fine and detailed enough, the light we receive will not be fine and detailed. Therefore the fundamental issue is consecration. If a man does not understand the meaning of consecration, he cannot understand the Bible. 

A consecrated person must not only have an initial, fundamental consecration, but he must sustain an obedience before the Lord all times, only then will he continually see. The amount of light a man receives, depends on the amount of obedience he sustains after his initial consecration. If we are perfect in our obedience, we will be perfect in our seeing”

*watchman nee became a Christian at the age of 17 in mainland china and was imprisoned at the age of 32 for his preaching of the gospel . He died there in 1972 having been denied permission to see his wife or to attend her funeral when she died. He spent his time pouring out his life and writing what the holy spirit revealed to him. His teachings are profound. 

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