A Time of Waiting 

By Pastor Linda J Clifford-Hayes
written 4.00 am 28th November 2014

You’ve stripped me back
You’ve laid me bare
Now I wait at the empty chair
Waiting for you to join me
To console me, To show me you always remain True

As I wait….

Take away the bark from my heart
The bark from my lips
Give me a quiet spirit of sincerity
A genuine love and compassion for all

Lord? …..I feel the months of battering
Have taken their toll
That I have become callous , hard hearted and cold
Lord I fear that I have put on the cloak of religiosity
Preferring the adulation, dictate and doctrines of men
than depending and believing on your quiet, unadulterated Word

Lord, I want to return to the road map you gave me
the way you have shown me to walk
Teach me again, your will and your way
Give me divine wisdom and understanding
Only you have the power to navigate the traps which have been laid for me
Only you have the power to break the chains that hold me

Open the door of my prison Lord,
Set me free

Lord, i yearn for you …..
I will wait,
for as I wait, i know you will show
You will bring light and love and laughter -for this Life
I will see and feel your glory
I shall know you, as surely I am known

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