Father’s heavyweights by Evangelist Linda J

I had a dream about 8-10 years ago about maille  -maille is a type of armour consisting of small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh.  It is not something I had on my mind, but  I saw what it looked like and felt the weight of it  , in my dream and in the spirit.   Father showed me from this revelation, that it depicts the anointing, the covering, the armour of God.  It is what rests on a man or woman when God’s own hand is upon that person. It is tangible, but something which cannot be lifted or manipulated by human strength or human nature –  not even by the wearer.  God chooses to place this covering, this weight, on whom he will and only He can lift it off. 

Today, awaiting election results of 2016, I am led to read ‘Gods unfolding Battle plan’ by Chuck Pierce.  I am immediately taken back to the memory of the dream. Chuck shares  a metaphor of harvest and war  i.e. the winnowing, shaking and threshing that goes with same.  He explains that during harvesting, grain is winnowed and tossed into the air .  The wind separates and blows away the chaff from the heavier kernels (the good stuff) . The good stuff (what is needed and remains) can be stored -to bring sustenance for all and at will. Chuck explains beautifully, that ‘the key to a good harvest, is the weight of His glory’. This quickened me. 

We are on a precipice and a Trump card has been played..!   I say : Let Father’s  will be done. It is the heavy stuff , the things ordained by God which will remain and not be shaken. It is the light weights, the shallow things, which the wind will blow off and separate.

My prayer today is that we be Father’s heavy weights in the spiritual realm.  That it is His exceeding weight of glory which rests on us , who are called by His name. Praying that the oft fickle, and insignificant things, are not allowed to trump, threaten, remain on or rest on us.  Praying that nothing will mar or eat away our substance, resulting in empty, shallow kernels, able to be tossed by contrary winds. 

In this difficult season of rumours of war and ongoing spiritual battles, praying that we stand strong and hold firm, knowing that our Jehovah God is in control.  Knowing that He already knew the end from the beginning and that it is His counsel which will stand.   Praying for increased knowledge and a greater knowing and awareness, that our Father opens and no man shuts. He sets one up and puts another down.  Recollecting that He chose Pharaoh, Herod, Potiphar and Caesar, at an earlier point, to bring about his divine will.  Trump, Obama, Clinton, Bush – all belong to Him. 

Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His (maille) might.  At times of shifting and sifting, be planted and hold ground; May God find us , His elect …worthy of being harvested and becoming harvesters, of his own righteous seed. 

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