The Landlord  Part  II 

Some weeks ago I wrote about the landlord and how Father used this to remind us of his role and power in and over our lives and essentially how he might come/call at any time and check how we are keeping house ….!!!
Well, the landlord in the physical realm has been busy…. and aren’t I blessed?

He has been ensuring the house is safe in terms of health and safety standards and also ensuring there is a bright beam light sensor at the front of the house. This, not only gives off marvellous blue white light , (power) but will deter ‘bandits’…… (my own earth father’s favourite word) …and burglars.

As I pondered my landlord’s care and vigilance, the Lord spoke to me about the metaphors in life which he uses to speak to us. He has asked me once again to share with you and to remind you that He is always speaking.

He impresses today,  that some don’t hear or can’t hear (as the children of Israel failed to hear and see, even after 40 years of tough wilderness times) even after they had gained status as a nation and people. (See Deuteronomy 29:2–4).

Father wants to remind us that he is the husbandman, he has gone to prepare a place for us. Like our earthly landlords and landowners, He too is concerned about the state of our house and about our welfare.

He has placed his mark (his light) on us and in us and so that we shine as the light of the  world. We can rest in his love knowing that He will deter attacks, reveal dangers and men’s cunning in advance. He will reign down power from in high, whenever we are in need. 

We can rejoice and be exceedingly glad.  We are fully protected on all sides. People and situations can only come so far .

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