The Landlord 

We have been blessed to be able to move to a bigger house. It is an older property than what we had,   but in beautiful condition.  I fell in love with it the first time I walked through the front door. I said ‘I’ll have it’ without any hesitation – been looking for a while . We were given an agreement right there and then and in principle. 
We saw God’s favour in that the owner gave us permission to move in before paying or even signing the contract…. We needed that !!! that is God and my experience of him to date in my life. The owner simply requested if he could come and go and finish off what he needed to do as we moved in. He seemed a nice man . I agreed. 
I have a teenaged daughter who is lovely, but who needs to be reminded to put things away and tidy up. Over the first weekend (outside of contract), I found myself saying to her remember to do this and remember to do that because ‘the landlord can come at anytime’ …!.
As I said those words I heard the familiar ring in the spirit and saw that three dimensional written word , which the Lord was nudging me to break/write. 

I thought about the five wise and five foolish virgins. (see Matthew 25) some were ready , some were not. I thought about the rich man and Lazarus (see Luke 25)  and King Nebuchanezzar (see Daniel 4:28 ) the former in a state of sumptuous ease and the latter who was boasting about his accomplishments and success, not knowing that within hours , that very night , their soul would be required of them . 
I brought it closer to home. I thought about my elder daughter who died suddenly on Christmas Eve, after telling me that very morning that she won’t come for Christmas as she is just getting ready to go out to do Christmas shopping and to spend the holiday with friends. She didn’t realise the landlord would be calling that very day before noon. 
All these things happen and are written for our learning. And so He asks me to remind you to take thought:- . All we ever have or own , the earth we stand on, even our lives belong to God . He is bridegroom , the landlord, the landowner, the Lord of the harvest. If we are not yet in contract with Him , or if we are out of sink with his laws , we need to acknowledge him, his power and position over us and accept this His word as our notice. 
No one knows how long he or she has. The best part of us is vanity. 

Before there is a demand by virtue of spiritual laws ie – the soul that sins it will die, let him move in , take over and complete a new work in us. Get your spiritual house in order for the landlord may come at any time. Are you ready ?

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