Use it or Lose it..!

Use it or loose it .! You know I was picking apples, after hanging out my washing this morning. I saw an apple still on the branch , shrivelled up rotten to the core ….. !!! I said Lord why did that happen , why is it still hanging there like that ? 

He said because (1) no one picked its fruit . (2) The gifts of God are without repentance i.e. when you have been given a gift a blessing , he doesn’t take it back , but if you don’t use it or if you abuse it, it shrivels up and dies and sometimes you don’t even realise that you have (i) lost your birthright like Esau, (ii) your strength like Samson or worse (iii) that you have been passed over like Queen Vashti, (see book of Esther)because you felt you were too good, but in truth your ‘fruit’ had gone rotten.   

I cried , ‘ Be it far from me Lord’ !!

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