Go Light A fire by Evangelist Linda Clifford-Hayes 

Our life is a metaphor.  Many things we do which seem innocuous, God is speaking. Yet men continue to ask if God speaks. 
I have been revisiting and seeking how to perfect the heart of building a fire. It has become imperative to know how to do so. This is because I have a new house, (see message on the Landlord on this site ) with large rooms, high ceilings, it is winter, it is cold, so needs must..!  

Father has used this simple task to remind me of and teach me things for my spiritual wellbeing.  He speaks!  This is what He said and is saying: 

You can’t build a fresh fire on old ashes. The grate (our hearts) must be cleaned out. One  must have fuel (something to burn) for the fire to take. The fuel must not be dampened or have anything other than the true incendiary source (the anointing) which will help quicken and light the fire. Pray for the anointing.  

Be wary of what you are building on and with..! If you use cheap material, you will get a fire that struggles and one which will eventually go out. 

To keep the fire going, (prayer, supplication, commitment  and dedication), have to be in place.  One has to keep a watch on it  (keeping a watch on the door of our hearts, being watchmen in prayer for our own lives and as servants of God). Knowing when to stir things up a bit (bringing old buried-  things that are dying – to the surface – knowing what to prioritise  and when). One mustn’t cover the fire with soot or too much coal, at anyone time, or the fire will become overladen, flounder and burn out. In essence, we can’t cover everything; Everything needs to be lined up right and balanced. Indeed, Father’s measures are just weights and just balances i.e.  praying with mercy, without judgement or condemnation – knowing who and what to pray for. Let the Lord lead (create the fire within) and pray His heart, through you. 

If one is to benefit through the dark nights, (the wilderness and the cold seasons of life) one has to steadily build to established patterns, (praying the Word, in the spirit and without ceasing) – thus, hitting the mark and enabling a steady and everlasting burn. 

As I sat and watched my fire take, (enjoying the warmth and glow), I realise (present tense) how mighty is our God and how indeed the firmament shows his handiwork. Everything in life has a DNA (a pattern) the coals, the  flames, the fire, the colours (red, orange, white, blue) even prayer. We sometimes try to build our own strange, unholy fires (like the children of Israel). At these times we hear the phut phut of the dying embers and the tut tut of the Lord.  

Everything, has a purpose, leaping and leafing up and out, to cleanse us, to restore us, to energise us, to bring us back to God and to teach us his divine will and way. Creation has a consistent message – a voice, a tongue, a flame of fire that speaks loud and clear.

I see and know that it was no ‘Big Bang’  or no accident that created things, but that Our Father made everything beautiful in time and on time.  There is a purpose for everything under the sun, even the cold winter nights, which draws us closer to him through the fire and the flame. 

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