Change your position 

This Christmas , I decided to change my bedroom round. I had ordered a new memory foam mattress and as I was hauling it up and on … I thought why don’t I give the bedroom a make over and change things around. So I did.

This morning, I woke up, opened the curtain and saw things I had never seen before. A beautiful vista, the arc and curves of the lovely,  naked tree in the front garden, a nestling pigeon therein and the iced tops of my neighbours houses. I thought to myself , I have been here a while, but I hadn’t seen such a beautiful view. How come?   Then the thought came to me: It came about by ‘ a change of position’ . 

So, here it comes …. this is the word from our Father today :
If you can’t see clearly , change your position.
If there are things and obstructions in your way , change your position.
If where you are sitting or seated is uncomfortable, get off that high horse….. and change your position.
Don’t let pride get in the way of a blessing. Don’t see every situation as something that you have to put up with or force through; sometimes a thing won’t give because God hasn’t given it….!!! sometimes God is wanting to elevate us, to give us new vistas , new experiences and new opportunities. If we just turn. If we just change our position.
Don’t be hell bent on destruction. Turn, turn, turn. Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, so that in his own good time, he will exalt you.
Today, I pray as we nestle under the shadow of his wings, and listen… we will have fresh inspiration, new hope in Him ; I pray, that whatever it is , or has been, you will get a new vision; that you will see things afresh and differently. I pray, that as God speaks and shows …that you will hear and be moved to a much higher plane far above the roof tops.
With much love
Pastor Linda
December 2016 

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