Just a little fish in a big pond by Pastor Linda J     Jan 2017 

I just had a prophetic word sent me, all the way from the other side of the world and from Father’s throne. It is good as I am seeking his face for guidance.   It is a personal word, the prophet told me , Father explicitly mentioned me by name .!! but I feel led to share the bits where there may also be ‘meat’ for you. 

The essence of the word and warning is as follows, there is wisdom in being a little fish in a big pond and moving in and out, in Father’s timing. 

The Lord would have a safe place for his own. It may not be with the crowd or the majority, but it will be a place where the temperature, environment is right, where his own , will swim and not sink. 

Stay in the environment he has designed for you.  Don’t  strive to be a ‘big fish’ or come to surface prematurely or the ‘fat cats’ might get hold of you.

Big fish can easily be caught by those who sit on thrones i.e.  principalities and powers of the air, gigantan monstrosities on the left and on the right. 

Small fish who remain hidden and under the rock, can make timely   manoeuvres that make it impossible to be predicted, bashed on the head, manipulated or brought down by dark forces. 

Things may not seem totally clear right now , but that is of Father’s  choosing and for your protection.  The word says: Give respect to the dark places of the earth and that there is a purpose for everything under the sun

Our Father sees the whole picture of what is unfolding and the attempts to crush and sabotage. He is covering you.  His divine protection remains; his timing has (and will continue) to outsmart the enemy. 

He said it before and He says it again ‘He (will) disappoint the devices of the crafty , so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise. He shows that they continue to ‘ meet with darkness in the day time and grope in the noon day and at night, but He saves the poor (His daughter Linda and you) from the sword, from the mouth and from the hand of the Mighty‘.  

We can continue to swim/operate and in safety.   How wonderful is that  …! 

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