I almost forgot who I Am

Pastor Linda Hayes
January 2017
Written under the unction of Scribe & Prophet

I let you define me by your prejudice and assumptions, your lies.

I almost forgot, I was born with a mandate, to make a difference, to stand with my head (sometimes natty), but high.

I came from a dynasty of prophets, priests and kings – with the rule and sceptre already in hand.

I let your cruel jibing, your dissing and disrespect, crush and dismember me,
I gave you too much space to try and define me,
You turned me this way and that
Trying to analyse me
until….. I remembered why I came!

I came to set a standard
To make a difference
To speak on behalf of the oppressed
I came to say ‘do you know what it/that feels like?’
Do you know who you are?Whose I am? 

Step in my/their shoes before you jump on that hobby horse and pontificate about the things YOU hold dear
The things you hang onto that choke me, silence me,
The things that brought me to tears.

I came to stand in the gap, to turn my back, my cheek to everything that you do and say against me

If my words, my prose, my poise disturb you,
If they touch deep down and hurt,
Ask yourself why, and Here is an answer: The spirit searches the deep things yea, the deep things of the heart .

“When? you say…. when have I.?

By your silent rejection, your scorning and scoffing
By your stiff-necked, head held high,
Pretending not to see me or greet me
But googling me, watching me, monitoring my each and every move

Hugging me with your cold hearted, hard hearted, self
touching, but not feeling, nothing there real
A religious, impersonal, Facebook, texting, parody.
A peeper, a watcher, operating in a spiritual deviant void.

Devoid  of flesh and blood  God-purposed connections. 

Eyes that don’t see, hearts that cant feel, mouths that don’t speak truth.

Tittilated by anything otherworldly. Passing it on, passing it on, but burying the Truth. 

Did you know, I am somebody’s mother, somebody’s daughter? The child of a king?
I came (nay was sent)bearing seeds and bringing good gifts, but these you rejected.

Your house shall remain desolate. You are without excuse.

You  quelled the spirit of joy and the spirit of laughter.
You gave  grey days, heartache and much sadness.

Be careful when you turn tail,
turn coat, against me….
There are others with me – an army fighting for and on, my behalf

Do you know? I almost forgot who I am…!
Then I remembered
I came to forgive …..

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  1. Awesome Words of Great Wisdom, very Inspiring and spiritually nourishing to soul. God continue to richly bless you with Supernatural Divine Wisdom and be Highly Favoured Woman of God. Thank You Pastor Linda for Sharing.

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