The Landlord III

By Pastor Linda J

The landlord is no longer communicating with me directly but going through the agent – the agent as many know  in housing matters is an intermediary who has the landlord’s interest at heart and as the main priority .
It started well, but as a 1st time landlord, I think he was warned by the agents that is not how to do things. Agents naturally become worried that if tenant and landlord speak, they are cut out and will loose their monthly fee. So I do understand.

I am however sad and feel let down, as I see it as a breach of trust. He had shook hands with me and given me his word to come back and do the lawn and garden in October. He hasn’t showed nor has answered my calls. There are a few things that now need doing.

I still love the house , see it as a blessing from God and will cherish it like my own, but I sense I am being stonewalled. 

I will write another word on ‘stonewalling’ as it is deep and I am picking up something three dimensional in the spirit. For now (and this morning),  I am led to compare the earthly landlord to the landlord of the whole earth, Our Father. I hear rhythms and begin to flow and start with:

Our Father’s promises are Yes and Amen. He is no respecter of persons. He is faithful and true. What he says He will do. Our Father sent Jesus to break the curse and remove the wall of partition, so we can go straight to him in prayer. We have an intermediary, (Blessed Holy Spirit) given freely without money or price and acting on our behalf and  at all times.

There are times we feel stonewalled, but it is often as a result of our own sins, or inability or unwillingness to hear the last instruction from our Lord.

What we can be sure about is that Father’s love never fails even at these times. He has given us his Word and through his Son, Jesus Christ. Through the agent of the Holy Spirit, (the manifest presence of the Godhead, now here on earth )His hands of protection is ever with us, on us and around us.

The landlord of the whole earth, will meet every need. He has made provision and will continue to make provision for us. He has given us everything pertaining to godliness and instructions with regards to laying a foundation, building and keeping house.


Father I thank you because in each situation, area of disappointment you are teaching me and showing me your heart.

I know I can cleave to you , to call on you at anytime and you will give me an answer of peace. Your word to me is to fear not as it is your will to give not just a house or a patch of land , but the kingdom.

You will honour your contract , visit my garden, nurture and water the good seeds that I have sown. You will continue to show me the paths of life, with you is wisdom and knowledge and treasures forevermore.

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