Running the gauntlet by Evangelist Linda J

Life is like running a gauntlet. The apostle Paul spoke about running your race. Each man or woman has been given a part of position on the track if you like, but in this particular race there is a vicious opponent on the right and on the left; there are obstacles on the way and someone, somebodeee(sic) wants to see you down and out or to trip you up, or that is how it seems to me anyway, as I take some time out from my formal work to recharge my batteries, to reflect.

So many choices for the man or woman of God to make. Do I turn right or do I go left? Do I stand up or kneel down. One scripture tells you to be still and know that I am God, where another will tell you to fight the good fight and lay hold of.

As an individual, I am more of the fight the good fight brigade. There are many days when I could ‘lay hold of ‘….’ then I remember that ‘the laying hold of’ is of eternal life, not that difficult character’s scraggy neck ..!

Who can one trust in this very dark hour? How shall one express oneself and be understood? Each time I lift my head above the parapet, take a peep, reach out a hand, show a sense of belonging or care .. then wham, bang the critters are still there, I get a blank frosty stare ie don’t come here or don’t come too near!!

There is so much sleight and strife. There is no real love or understanding . There is no soundness in the bones. The joints are out and there is no lubricating oil.

All work for a price and sell their soul for a morsel of bread – leaving the bigger picture undone, unable to divide the word of truth.

But Thank God for the Word, this will never lose its power or run out.

After a week of hearing of bereavement and loss amongst those still young , seeing the imposition of those aged, bedridden sick and weak, I say also : Thank God for a new day, for another opportunity to run, not be struck down or to be bound in shackles. Thank God for the grace.

If not for the grace we would have stumbled and fallen. If not for the hope (even beyond the grave), we would be men and women most miserable.

But we hold our heads up; we get up and look up. We put on the armour the whole armour of God and we once again run the gauntlet. You coming?

LJC Nov 2017

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