Revive Thy Works in The Midst of the Years

5th Day of the Church fast , Glory to God.

It has been great to see the army of God turn out to stand and unite in prayer together and I believe much was accomplished in the heavenlies, for our nations and for our communities. Indeed we prayed for a number of nations and those stationed there who are with us Mozambique, Nigeria, Venezuela, Spain, Kosovo, India amongst others – all belong to God.

We prayed for local missions and ministries and those far flung, for our leaders, our prime ministers, our local and national councils, the health service, the police and our politicians. For strength; for wisdom knowledge and understanding to be their portion and for Fathers right rule to come in and to govern our land. There was such a great sense of harmony and I heard a new sound rising in intercession and in the spirit. There was a sense of togetherness and even laughter. We had a child sharing in the leading of worship – confirming the word that a seed shall serve him and it shall be counted unto him for a generation.

The backlash of what we are achieving (as we set time apart to pray) can be felt in places over the week. I am sure we each have a story to tell…but we are overcomers in the Name of Jesus. The Name of the Lord is a strong Tower and we run into it when we are under attack, scared, feeling weak, and we will be saved. This is the Name we make known to the world.

Many years ago I heard in the spirit ‘God came from Teman and the Holy one from Mount Paran’, (Habakkuk 3:3). Father reminded me of it this morning by His Holy Spirit. It was a word beautiful then as it is now. Our God lives and reigns in Mount Zion, the side of the North, the city of the great King.

May you be encouraged in your walk with him today.

For those of you on this week’s journey with us as a church, keep fighting on. The Lord has said that if we humble ourselves and pray and seek his face, then he would hear from heaven and heal our land. Our land needs healing, our hearts need healing, our families need healing. So many broken relationships, discord, hatred and animosity. So much sickness and disease.

As we continue to supplicate for the rest of this week and beyond, may our spirits cry out in unison : Father, Revive the works in the midst of the years, in the midst of the years make known, in wrath remember mercy.

It is up to us as the light of the world to show a different way of being. We can’t be like the world. We are indeed in the world, but not of the world.

Let us be brave soldiers of the cross – contend for our families, our nation, our loved ones, let us stand tall be strong and contend for the faith.

Avante. We are going to a new level. I heard it and see the glory and joy on many faces.

As one author says ‘pray responsibly, prophetically, biblically, particularly those prophetic prayers related to revival’* If you cant say it write it… if you cant write it, sing it..!! But make some noise and contend for the faith. ‘Prophetic promises fuel the work of our intercession and is more effective in our outreach to others’.*

The world needs us.

Let us be strong and continue to march in unison, one voice, one accord. Lifting each other up. In terms of opposition , let us be hard faced and hard nose and set our faces like flints. God is in the midst of us . We will not be shaken. We will not be moved.

Today is another day and we are alive to give our Father the praise and the glory for great things He has done.

We will see revival in the midst of our years as we call out for it and make known our Saviour and King.

Linda J


In the Year of Our Lord 2019

*quoted from Growing in Prayer by Mike Bickle

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  1. Sister Linda
    I thank the Almighty heavenly Father God for creating within you a prophetic, uplifting word from God. This time round fasting opting for the Daniel fast has certainly enabled me to approach my health condition & on going pain at times in a more positive way. I’ve seen the works of the Lord for others take place over these past few fasting days praise God. I stand in Faith that God has a specific plan & purpose for His church during & at the end of our fast journey. There will be a heavenly release like no other that will take place. A change is coming, a renewing of hearts & minds, a transformation in faith, an increase in salvation, children leading adults, a determination in drawing closer & allowing God’s Holy Spirit to take us onto a new level reaching the heavenly realm. An increase in reading God’s word, praying, putting God into action, serving others, giving & ministering into new areas.
    In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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